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Spaceballs: The Mafia Player
Jul 12, 2011
Spaceball 1
10:11 PM <Linkdude74> I didn't even notice that
10:11 PM <Terminus> [ noise]
10:11 PM <mandym287> and now I'm scared
10:11 PM <mandym287> "Tingles Train"
10:11 PM * Terminus goes to mope
10:11 PM <mandym287> So I thought
10:11 PM <mandym287> -ingles Train
10:11 PM <mandym287> There was a window in the way of your shout, Sonic. And all I saw was
10:11 PM <Big Octo> if gannondwarf was in ocerina of time
10:10 PM <Ventus> <Linkdude74> just because things are going good, don't think I won't be in her after next week talking about how bad things are going <-- "I won't be in her"
10:10 PM <BeastModeMan97> if im counting right ive had 9 girls that i know of want to date me
10:10 PM <Linkdude74> why ven
Xyphon Answered in thread : Sexuality
10:10 PM <Sonic> Matter of fact.l, I've recently departed the Singles Train.
10:10 PM <Ventus> <Wolf Sage> @Libk: lewd <-- I laughed
10:11 PM <Linkdude74> I didn't even notice that
10:11 PM <Terminus> [ noise]
10:11 PM <mandym287> and now I'm scared
10:11 PM <mandym287> "Tingles Train"
10:11 PM * Terminus goes to mope
10:11 PM <mandym287> So I thought
10:11 PM <mandym287> -ingles Train
10:11 PM <mandym287> There was a window in the way of your shout, Sonic. And all I saw was
10:11 PM <Big Octo> if gannondwarf was in ocerina of time
10:10 PM <Ventus> <Linkdude74> just because things are going good, don't think I won't be in her after next week talking about how bad things are going <-- "I won't be in her"
10:10 PM <BeastModeMan97> if im counting right ive had 9 girls that i know of want to date me
10:10 PM <Linkdude74> why ven
Xyphon Answered in thread : Sexuality
10:10 PM <Sonic> Matter of fact.l, I've recently departed the Singles Train.
10:10 PM <Ventus> <Wolf Sage> @Libk: lewd <-- I laughed

Now I know why I missed the typo! I was too focused on Tingles Train!

Also, brace yourselves.
11/07/2013 02:38 <Sonic> I can't live forever, and that's how long it'll take for you to become admin.
11/07/2013 02:37 <TSter The Great> 11:34 PM <TSter The Great> Around the 2 minute mark
11/07/2013 02:37 <TSter The Great> 11:34 PM <TSter The Great> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgAlQuqzl8o
11/07/2013 02:37 <Dracomajora> Just wait.
11/07/2013 02:37 <Sonic> You will never be admin, though. Ever.
11/07/2013 02:36 <Big Octo> Epona should be the name of Link's car in Zelda U
11/07/2013 02:36 <Sonic> The Legend of Zelda: Epona does Sick Burnoutz
11/07/2013 02:36 <Dracomajora> When I'm admin you're the first one I'll ban.
11/07/2013 02:35 <Big Octo> tbh I think it'd be pretty sick to hear some Zelda tunes on a bagpipe
11/07/2013 02:35 <Sonic> The Legend of Draco: Why is he still here.
11/07/2013 02:35 <mandym287> YESSSSSSS
11/07/2013 02:35 <mandym287> VVV
11/07/2013 02:35 <Big Octo> Makar should have been carrying around a bagpipe
11/07/2013 02:35 <mandym287> pagpipe what
11/07/2013 02:35 <mandym287> he looks like the kind of person who would like to bagpipe
11/07/2013 02:34 <Dracomajora> GAYWARDSOWRD
11/07/2013 02:34 <Big Octo> Yes
11/07/2013 02:34 <mandym287> Fado from WW should have pagpiped
11/07/2013 02:34 <Kitsu> Legend of Grammar: Typo of Time.
11/07/2013 02:34 <Dracomajora> skiwurd sord
11/07/2013 02:34 <TSter The Great> Around the 2 minute mark
11/07/2013 02:34 <Sonic> Legand uf Zleda: Skywurd Bagpiep
11/07/2013 02:34 <mandym287> solely
11/07/2013 02:34 <TSter The Great> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgAlQuqzl8o
11/07/2013 02:34 <mandym287> Pig Ganon for Wii U
11/07/2013 02:33 <mandym287> <3
11/07/2013 02:33 <mandym287> xD
11/07/2013 02:33 <Big Octo> Pig Ganon in OoT already wore a kilt
11/07/2013 02:33 <Kitsu> Legend of Zelda: Polka Party.
11/07/2013 02:33 <Big Octo> Ganon should be a grumbly old Scottish man in Zelda U
11/07/2013 02:33 <TSter The Great> I'm serious
11/07/2013 02:33 <TSter The Great> Darth Vader plays accordion
11/07/2013 02:33 <mandym287> You mean steal Ganondorf's organ before he kills his tower again/?
11/07/2013 02:33 <Sonic> I actually like bagpipes and accordians.
11/07/2013 02:33 <Big Octo> Oh yeah, Forgot
11/07/2013 02:32 <mandym287> When I was younger, I thought Ganon was Irish.
11/07/2013 02:32 <Kitsu> Nah, Link can just put that organ in his inventory.
11/07/2013 02:32 <mandym287> Yes
11/07/2013 02:32 <Sonic> A ZD fan game must be made.
11/07/2013 02:32 <TSter The Great> #darthvaderplayinganaccordian
11/07/2013 02:32 <Big Octo> bagpips are Scottish, though
11/07/2013 02:32 <mandym287> no Ganon is the irish one he should whip out bagpipes before the final battle and start river dancing
11/07/2013 02:32 <Big Octo> We should introduce a party system so Link and co can cary around an entire traditional organ
11/07/2013 02:31 <TSter The Great> Close enough
11/07/2013 02:31 <TSter The Great> He had the Deku Pipes
11/07/2013 02:31 <Sonic> Zelda U: Bubsy the Bobcat DLC
11/07/2013 02:31 <Kitsu> Zelda Wii U will be produced by Bethesda.
11/07/2013 02:31 <Big Octo> Link should totes have a bagpipe in Zelda U
11/07/2013 02:30 <mandym287> Ganon already has the piano teeth joke in http://triumphforks.webs.com/datface.png
11/07/2013 02:30 <Sonic> Zelda U needs Deathmatch Multiplayer as an XBox One exlusive.
11/07/2013 02:30 <Kitsu> Obviously it would be a concert grand, though.
11/07/2013 02:30 <TSter The Great> Ganondorf: "I got stabbed in the head by a piano "
11/07/2013 02:30 <mandym287> Link drops piano on Ganon
11/07/2013 02:30 <TSter The Great> "Eat my Baby Grand, Ganondorf"
11/07/2013 02:30 <mandym287> Zelda + Looney Toons = Link has a piano
11/07/2013 02:30 <Big Octo> Also bye att bby
11/07/2013 02:30 <mandym287> Zelda Will Die
11/07/2013 02:30 <mandym287> I read that as
11/07/2013 02:30 <TSter The Great> Legendary weapon
11/07/2013 02:29 <Big Octo> Both pl0x
11/07/2013 02:29 * mandym287 created thread : if link had a piano would you want it to be the instrument or the legendary weapon to kill villain
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Snow Queen

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Mar 14, 2013
Grand Rapids, MI
Transwoman (she/her)
Every dang thing I say in sb is ******** and nonsensical until I burn draco.

3:15 AM <mandym287 > "Ganondorf is standing over me, holding a tray of nachos. "May I sit here?" he asks. I just kind of gape at him and nod, unsure of what to make of it. He seats himself next to me, and then offers me his nachos."
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If I was a wizard this wouldn't be happening to me
May 20, 2012
Sub-Orbital Trajectory
[12:23:46 PM] Vee: but it was worth it though
[12:48:37 PM] Vee: and done. The longest episode in history of Dr Who :P
[12:49:34 PM] Mr. Clever: (clap) Bravo!
[12:50:22 PM] Vee: :D Thank you! It was a good episode but also a sad one as well as three companions (very briefly companions though) died
[12:50:53 PM] Mr. Clever: Awesome
[12:50:57 PM] Mr. Clever: *aww
[12:51:07 PM] Mr. Clever: Bloody autocorrect
[12:52:03 PM] Vee: hahahahahahahaha! Yeah that's annoying. Well the story is good though

Clearly the Auto Correct on my phone likes death a lot... :O

Wolf Sage> Shat~
4:21 PM * Terminus flushes the Shoutbox
4:21 PM * Curmudgeon wins
4:21 PM <Curmudgeon> that was the idea
4:21 PM <Big Octo> groose af
4:21 PM * Terminus shats out Octo
4:21 PM <Curmudgeon> quickly, octo. To the colon!
4:20 PM * Big Octo is eaten
4:20 PM * Terminus goes back to despondent staring
4:20 PM * Terminus eats Big Octo
4:20 PM * Terminus does not appreciate lasers
4:19 PM * Big Octo fires eye lasers
4:19 PM * Big Octo stares back
4:18 PM * Terminus stares straight ahead
4:18 PM <Terminus> Excuse me while i go stare at a wall
4:17 PM <Terminus> That is my contribution to society
4:17 PM <Terminus> Looking through old Facebook pictures do not ease depressive moods
4:16 PM <Terminus> Study results:

The SB has now become a literal toilet.

[5:20:18 PM] Rob: I plan on it. I think it's about time people say nice things about me in public.
[5:20:24 PM] Mr. Clever: xD
[5:22:16 PM] Rob: I would like to see that happen for once. Cause you can't see people talk nice about you at your funeral.
[5:22:24 PM] Rob: I'm making my own coffin by the way.
[5:22:33 PM] Mr. Clever: Nicely morbid
[5:22:50 PM] Mr. Clever: Say
[5:23:13 PM] Vee: [5:21 PM] Rob:

<<< Cause you can't see people talk nice about you at your funeral.
I'm making my own coffin by the way. (rofl)(y)

How morbid... :P
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Mellow Ezlo

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Dec 2, 2012
12:26 AM <TSter The Great> I need a life... Like, a lot
12:26 AM <TSter The Great> Oh gawd why...
12:26 AM <TSter The Great> Thanks for asking
12:26 AM <TSter The Great> Oh, I'm good!
12:26 AM <TSter The Great> Great, and yourself?
12:26 AM <TSter The Great> Uhh... How you doin?
12:26 AM <TSter The Great> Yes, that sounds like a great plan!
12:26 AM <TSter The Great> So I should just talk to myself in the SB
12:25 AM <TSter The Great> But I don't want to
12:25 AM <TSter The Great> I should go to bed
12:25 AM <TSter The Great> And tired
12:25 AM <TSter The Great> I'm bored
12:25 AM <TSter The Great> Ladeedeedadoodada this is such a fun fun place

What the hell is wrong with me?? XD

Then Xy's response...

12:37 AM <Xyphon> TSter The Gay

Thanks dude, appreciate it :kawaii:
Feb 23, 2011
So it's been a while since I've been able to post in here due to the fact that my tablet's copypaste method has a hard time keeping up with a fast-paced chat in time for me to...well...copy and paste a funny and/or memorable conversation in here. Fortuitously, a wondrous thing has occurred during which the chat box stopped moving long enough for me to copy and paste this serendipitous conversation between Trio and I.

Bottom to top, because lazy, good-for-nothing mutt...

Mi boyfran y yo said:
2:16 AM <Trio the Punch> Well, Imma go read Batman until I fall asleep. Boob bye. :I
Kitsu Answered in thread : Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?
2:14 AM <Wolf Sage> lewd
2:13 AM <Trio the Punch> That's because you have a tongue of SILVER
2:13 AM <Trio the Punch> Mt. Word...
2:13 AM <Wolf Sage> And he totes believed me...
2:13 AM <Trio the Punch> Oh mt word
2:13 AM <Trio the Punch> XD XD XD
2:13 AM <Wolf Sage> XD
2:13 AM <Wolf Sage> ...under the name "saggy t*ts Taki."
2:12 AM <Wolf Sage> I once convinced my brother that Taki was going to be available as DLC in Soul Calibur V...
2:11 AM <Trio the Punch> Oh okee Wolfy poo...
2:11 AM <Wolf Sage> teehee
Azure Sage Answered in thread : Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?
2:11 AM <Wolf Sage> Trio, ur my boyfran....
2:11 AM <Trio the Punch> I'm not into matures. Older girls are fine, but there's a definite limit and that limit is when their bewbs look like grandfather clocks.
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So, I'm just chilling and watering my flowers in Animal Crossing New Leaf and I return to Huey after he finished downloading some stuff and find this:
7:25 AM <JuicieJ> I died from the kyootness
7:25 AM <JuicieJ> We've been over this before, Vio DX
7:25 AM <JuicieJ> YES
7:25 AM <JuicieJ> sdsjofadsjufojdsfioaj ack
7:25 AM <Violet> i.. i... i make text look cute?
7:25 AM <Violet> wat
7:24 AM <JuicieJ> Your adorableness spreads out to your typing! =O
7:24 AM <JuicieJ> HOW DO YOU DO IT
7:23 AM <JuicieJ> XD XD XD
7:23 AM <Violet> x3
7:23 AM <JuicieJ> :hug:
7:23 AM <JuicieJ> N'awwwwwww
7:23 AM <JuicieJ> XD
7:23 AM <JuicieJ> D:
7:23 AM * Violet huggles JJ and meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeps
7:23 AM <Violet> There was a few second black out
7:22 AM <Violet> Black ou
7:22 AM <Krazy4Krash> oh dear
7:21 AM <JuicieJ> :<
7:20 AM <JuicieJ> Vio?
7:19 AM * JuicieJ squeeze-huggles
7:19 AM <JuicieJ> =D
7:19 AM <Violet> JJ~
7:17 AM <JuicieJ> Viooooooooo
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If I was a wizard this wouldn't be happening to me
May 20, 2012
Sub-Orbital Trajectory
[9:31:57 AM] Dan: wow Vanessa never knew you collected
[9:32:12 AM] Dan: but that's a lot!
[9:36:14 AM] Vee: Hehehehehehe I have a lot more in my garage and I also have a huge lot of posters
[9:42:01 AM] Dan: I always knew you were a LOTR fan but I didn't know how much :P
[9:45:27 AM] Vee: hahahahahahaha I got the whole collection almost complete now
[10:05:19 AM] Mr. Clever: Hot dan Vee
[10:05:22 AM] Mr. Clever: *DAMN
[10:05:37 AM] Dan: haha
[10:05:37 AM] Vee: heheheheheheheheheh

I hate my keyboard...


If I was a wizard this wouldn't be happening to me
May 20, 2012
Sub-Orbital Trajectory
[4:34:39 PM] *** Group call ***
[4:34:49 PM] Vee: I did it
[4:35:13 PM] Vee: But I typing too
[4:35:23 PM] Mr. Clever: As soon as my mom leaves Ill join
[4:35:40 PM] BeastModeMan97: I will join after I shower
[4:35:58 PM] BeastModeMan97: Unless of course you want me to join during :P
[4:36:05 PM] Mr. Clever: x'D
[4:36:15 PM] Rob: As long as we can't see you.
[4:36:32 PM] BeastModeMan97: But only if it's a vid chat ;)
[4:36:50 PM] Mr. Clever: OMG
[4:36:52 PM] Mr. Clever: Dieing
[4:37:06 PM] Mr. Clever: beast you saw the pic I linked right?
[4:37:15 PM] BeastModeMan97: Pic?
[4:37:23 PM] Mr. Clever: http://puu.sh/3EBKO.jpg
[4:37:29 PM] Mr. Clever: Your sig in progress
[4:37:46 PM] BeastModeMan97: Oh nice dude that looks awesome! ^^
[4:38:01 PM] Mr. Clever: Still got more text and effects to add
[5:03:21 PM] Vee: termy you should join :P
[5:03:34 PM] Mr. Clever: Very soon
[5:03:41 PM] Mr. Clever: Moms leaving in like 7 minutes
[5:10:24 PM] Vee: 7 minutes are over
[5:22:45 PM] Laz: The next Doctor: http://www.shooting-stars.eu/images/download/shst_11/portraits/domhnall_gleeson_2_c_markus_nass.jpg
[5:22:50 PM] Laz: http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20111210173717/harrypotter/pl/images/6/67/DomhnallGleeson4.jpg
[5:27:59 PM] Laz: New "Doctor Who" Spoilers Revealed | News | Dark Horizons
[5:30:43 PM] Mr. Clever: ***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
[5:30:53 PM] Mr. Clever: http://i.imgur.com/kxS0Fhy.jpg
[5:34:13 PM] Rob: Going to bed. Nicing speaking with you all.
[5:34:21 PM] Mr. Clever: See ya mate
[5:41:23 PM] Mr. Clever: http://puu.sh/3EGDo.jpg
[5:41:29 PM] Mr. Clever: SUCH a good use of time
[5:50:13 PM] Vee: atsuma
[6:01:12 PM] Mr. Clever: gobli
[6:01:12 PM] Vee: Gobli
[6:21:00 PM] Laz: The Mystery Of Jarly - General Discussion - Fire Emblem Empire Forums
[6:21:32 PM] Laz: Maly Montoya's Books and Publications Spotlight
[6:21:46 PM] Laz: Maly Montoya
[6:29:24 PM] Mr. Clever: https://fbcdn-sphotos-e-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/164934_143277479205361_867723561_n.jpg
[6:41:40 PM] Mr. Clever: BeastModeman97 for Admin! - Dungeon Gaming Network
[7:04:20 PM] Mr. Clever: http://fc04.deviantart.net/fs70/f/2013/196/e/1/fighting_oneself_by_terminian-d6dks8p.png
[7:05:43 PM] Mr. Clever: Fighting Oneself by ~Terminian on deviantART
[7:06:42 PM] Mr. Clever: http://i.imgur.com/gZBen8w.png
[7:06:55 PM] Laz: Nice
[7:07:00 PM] Mr. Clever: Danke
[7:30:39 PM] Mr. Clever: http://i.imgur.com/Q4UiNqN.gif?1?3599
[7:34:19 PM] Mr. Clever: 30/10/2012 23:21 <Azure Sage> You didn't mean Little Terminus, right?
30/10/2012 23:21 <PancakeSamurai> 3:20 PM <Terminus> I meant my Sonic Screwdriver, not.. you know... <--- okay
30/10/2012 11:20 PM <Terminus> I meant my Sonic Screwdriver, not.. you know...
30/10/2012 23:19 <Vanessa28> Dr Who Cakepan
30/10/2012 23:19 <Vanessa28> Sonic Screwdriver
30/10/2012 23:19 <PancakeSamurai> what do you mean by screwdriver?
[7:44:37 PM] Mr. Clever: http://puu.sh/3EL4U.jpg
[7:48:50 PM] *** Call ended, duration 3:13:58 ***
[7:48:57 PM] Mr. Clever: That was fun
[7:49:04 PM] Vee: awesome chat! We should do it more often
[7:49:09 PM] Mr. Clever: Hell yeah!
[7:49:20 PM] Vee: And then we must drag laz into it :P
[7:49:28 PM] Mr. Clever: xD

Go on, just try and fill in the blanks. I dare you :P
hepl wins everything
also HoT lost the game

17/07/2013 21:51 <Big Octo> mandy wins
17/07/2013 21:51 <Hero of Time> lost the game
17/07/2013 21:51 <mandym287> muahaha
17/07/2013 21:51 <Big Octo> Game Over
17/07/2013 21:51 <mandym287> hepl
17/07/2013 21:50 <Big Octo> hell
17/07/2013 21:50 <mandym287> bell
17/07/2013 21:50 <Big Octo> bill
17/07/2013 21:50 <mandym287> kill
17/07/2013 21:50 <Big Octo> jill
17/07/2013 21:50 <mandym287> pill
17/07/2013 21:50 <Big Octo> fill
17/07/2013 21:50 <mandym287> file
17/07/2013 21:50 <Big Octo> tile
17/07/2013 21:49 <Hero of Time> Tire
17/07/2013 21:49 <Big Octo> mire
17/07/2013 21:49 <Hero of Time> Pire
17/07/2013 21:49 <Big Octo> fire
17/07/2013 21:49 <mandym287> hire
17/07/2013 21:48 <Big Octo> hike
17/07/2013 21:48 <mandym287> bike
17/07/2013 21:48 <Hero of Time> Mike
17/07/2013 21:48 <Big Octo> make
17/07/2013 21:48 <Majora's Cat> Bake
17/07/2013 21:48 <Big Octo> Rake
17/07/2013 21:48 <Hero of Time> Jake
17/07/2013 21:48 <Big Octo> joke
17/07/2013 21:47 <TSter The Great> Coke
17/07/2013 21:47 <Big Octo> Cake

Azure Sage

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3:27 PM <Big Octo> Next day: "Famed Nintendo game designer Eji Aonuma has been murdered."
3:27 PM <LittleGumball> Attack her at night. I dare you.
3:27 PM <LittleGumball> And Zelda is a werechicken
3:26 PM <Big Octo> Aonuma "I really enjoyed Wolf Link in Twilight Princess, so I decided to have him present most of the time. No worries, human Link will be present, but only for brief segments. This was my vision all along for Zelda."
3:26 PM <Azure Sage> And he has to defeat Ganon the werepig
3:26 PM <Azure Sage> The wolf is bitten and becomes a wereman; Link
3:25 PM <Big Octo> That should be what the next Zelda game is about
3:25 PM <LittleGumball> Human at the new moon.
3:25 PM <LittleGumball> It'll become a wereman.
3:24 PM <Sroa Link> what will happen if a werewolf bites a wolf?

Zelda U theories.


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Jan 31, 2010
Yahtzee, Supernatural
Angel of Darkness
In VC things are different but it goes like this:
BeastModeMan97: Are you guys really married?
Vanessa: Yes we are
Lazarusryu: Since last year
BeastModeMan97: You guys are confusing me. Are you really?
Vanessa: Yes we are
Lazarusryu: Oh yes
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