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Funny or Memorable IM or Shoutbox Conversations.

Azure Sage

March onward forever...
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3:38 AM <Violet> lol
3:38 AM <Chameleon> oh wait you meant ban
3:38 AM <Chameleon> oh I like gray where do I get it
3:38 AM <Azure Sage> ;)
3:37 AM <Azure Sage> It's a nice, gray username
3:37 AM <Azure Sage> There is
3:37 AM <Chameleon> there should be an award for "most broken rules"
He's a little slow on the uptake... :xd:


Sep 19, 2011
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Get back to skype and see this...
[22:35:34] Dan 7:11: back
[22:35:39] The Doctor: W
[22:35:41] The Doctor: B
[22:36:23] Dan 7:11: thanks :)
[22:36:56] The Doctor: Do you really sleep with your grandfather /


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Jan 31, 2010
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Termy oh Termy.....
[23:37:43] The Doctor: Someone copy pasta the convo
[23:41:23] The Doctor: Its my phone
[23:41:38] The Doctor: Auticorrect
[23:42:02] Vanessa: auticorrect
[23:42:11] Vanessa: pasta the convo and auticorrect :P
[23:42:20] Vanessa: What phone do you have??????????
[23:42:22] The Doctor: I never said it was GOOD at it
[23:42:30] The Doctor: Galaxy S
[23:42:38] Robert Stewack: A very tasty phone.

I agree... this phone must be made of spaghetti :lol:


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Dec 17, 2012
5:54 PM <Azure Sage> I am so confused
5:54 PM <Violet> New Award lolwat
5:54 PM <Azure Sage> I thought it was a category lol
5:54 PM <Azure Sage> Wait New Award is a member?

The rapid change in Delaware's summer climate often leaves Az bewildered and out of sorts.


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Aug 1, 2012
The End
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8:51 PM <ILU> You mean a *******?
8:51 PM <PancakeSamurai> I'm a smartass btw
8:51 PM <PancakeSamurai> ILU
8:51 PM <ILU> quiet youuu
8:50 PM * ILU cooks pancake.
8:50 PM <PancakeSamurai> CLAYLESS
(Bottom to top)

I feel the love ILU. :P

12:25 AM <LittleGumball> SHE GOT IT
Submit 12:25 AM <Raindrop14> i got i t
Submit 12:25 AM <Raindrop14> rum cake
Submit 12:25 AM <Raindrop14> ru mcake
Submit 12:25 AM <Raindrop14> ru mcake
Submit 12:25 AM <Raindrop14> rumj cake
Submit 12:25 AM <LittleGumball> SO CLOSE
Submit 12:25 AM <Raindrop14> rucm ake
Submit 12:25 AM <LittleGumball> XD
Submit 12:25 AM <Raindrop14> ru mcake
Submit 12:25 AM <Raindrop14> run nmacke
Submit 12:25 AM <Raindrop14> fast
Submit 12:25 AM <Raindrop14> i lll tyrpe it dats
Submit 12:25 AM <Raindrop14> rurn ckae
Submit 12:25 AM <Raindrop14> cake
Submit 12:25 AM <PancakeSamurai> omg
Submit 12:24 AM <Raindrop14> rum cane

Rainy <3
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Burning Beast

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Dec 6, 2012
Zelda Dungeon
[8:17:54 PM] Terminus: The only variable is Vee
[8:18:24 PM] Terminus: Inb4 she comes in right noe
[8:18:26 PM] Terminus: Now
[8:18:40 PM] BeastModeMan97: xD
[8:21:28 PM] Terminus: Maybe she's just Sarah enough to not talk about that in here
[8:21:33 PM] Terminus: ????????
[8:21:40 PM] Terminus: Goddonut phone
[8:21:45 PM] Terminus: SMART
[8:22:04 PM] Terminus: I type Sarah too much:/
[8:22:16 PM] Terminus: Proof

Skype chat, and Term's Typo Woes xD

Azure Sage

March onward forever...
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7:51 AM * Azure Sage quits
7:51 AM <Mercedes>

7:51 AM <Azure Sage> SRSLY
7:51 AM <Azure Sage> GUYS
7:51 AM <Azure Sage> guys srsly
7:51 AM <Azure Sage> srsly guys
7:50 AM <Mercedes>

7:50 AM <Krazy4Krash> ugh, i know right
7:50 AM <Azure Sage>
<- are you freaking kidding me
These emotes are just getting more and more ridiculous...

Burning Beast

Go to Hell 4 Heavens Sake
Dec 6, 2012
Zelda Dungeon
[4:20:49 PM] Dan 7:11: FOUND YOU BEAST
[4:21:00 PM] BeastModeMan97: What up?
[4:21:01 PM] Dan 7:11: i recived a pm from rob about you ;)
[4:21:10 PM] Robert Stewack: What?
[4:21:23 PM] Dan 7:11: a very tasty pm!
[4:21:40 PM] Dan 7:11: Rob said you were a...
[4:21:54 PM] BeastModeMan97: :^)
[4:21:56 PM] Dan 7:11: keyboard
[4:22:02 PM] BeastModeMan97: :O
[4:22:08 PM] BeastModeMan97: MY SECRET IS OUT!!!
[4:22:13 PM] BeastModeMan97: ROB HOW COULD YOU???
[4:22:45 PM] Robert Stewack: Sorry.
[4:22:53 PM] BeastModeMan97: (angry)
[4:23:59 PM] Robert Stewack: But it was such an interesting secret. I mean, a keyboard.

[4:35:22 PM] Terminus: Dual monitors? Awesome!
[4:35:42 PM] Dan 7:11: Normally on dual screen when in fullscreen mode for a game you cannot move your cursor to the second moniter
[4:35:53 PM] Dan 7:11: which sucks if you want to take advantage of two moniters ;p
[4:36:07 PM] Dan 7:11: like use skype, a web browser etc
[4:36:14 PM] Dan 7:11: but with this nifty program i came!
[4:36:49 PM] Terminus: *can
[4:36:55 PM] Terminus: I HOPE
[4:37:38 PM] BeastModeMan97: xD
[4:37:39 PM] Dan 7:11: yeah... what eric said xD
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If I was a wizard this wouldn't be happening to me
May 20, 2012
Sub-Orbital Trajectory
[Dan 8:18 PM says]: Nobody knows how much Adobe® Photoshop® costs or how Adobe® can still make money because nobody has ever actually purchased a copy of it before. Every copy of Adobe® Photoshop® in use today is actually the same pirated copy that has been in circulation for several years.


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Nov 24, 2009
Redmond, Washington
[9:33:35 PM] Cameron Smith: Out of curiosity, on the homepage for Zelda Dungeon, and we have the game listing at the top, why is The Wind Waker before Four Swords? It's even said in the Zelda Dungeon wiki that The Wind Waker is the 10th Zelda game released, after Four Swords, which, in most places, was released before The Wind Waker?
[9:35:43 PM] Cameron Smith: And I pointed this out in my editorial on art styles, that Four Swords first utilised the 'Cat-Eye' Link design, but in a 2D world, and The Wind Waker brought that design into 3D.
[9:36:58 PM] Davis Rojas: Because it fourbode the celda style.
[9:37:08 PM] Cameron Smith: Oop, but I'm going to be late for work if I stay and chat, but I'll be back on later. See ya!
[9:38:16 PM] Davis Rojas: Oh come on, not even a threat before you go?
[9:53:46 PM] Locke: FS was placed there simply to be adjacent to FSA.
[9:54:10 PM] Davis Rojas: You could say it was fourtold.
[9:54:11 PM] Locke: this way we have FS, FSA, and MC all in succession.
[9:54:33 PM] Locke: All 5 games in the 4-game trilogy.
[9:54:47 PM] Locke: while we're making bad jokes/puns/references
[9:55:18 PM] Davis Rojas: I can't fourgive you for that.
[9:55:35 PM] Davis Rojas: Maybe befour, but not now.
[9:55:49 PM] Locke: You'll hate me fourever? :(
[9:56:19 PM] Davis Rojas: So much so, that you're fourbidden.
[9:56:52 PM] Locke: What four?!?
[9:57:38 PM] Davis Rojas: Being fourthcoming.
[9:57:59 PM] Locke: Well I never was one for being fourmal...
[9:58:11 PM] Davis Rojas: You also lack foursight.
[9:59:27 PM] Locke: Hey, I knew FOURTRAN was going to die off long befour C was developed!
[10:01:01 PM] Davis Rojas: But you fourgot the most unfourtunate problem of fourcing the prediction.
[10:01:48 PM] Locke: You're starting to sound a bit fourced...
[10:02:08 PM] Davis Rojas: Sorry, fource of habit.
[10:02:59 PM] Davis Rojas: I want to fourgo my problems too much.
[10:05:10 PM] Locke: Could you affourd to give me that again in semafour?
[10:07:22 PM] Davis Rojas: Sheesh, so fourward.
[10:09:57 PM] Locke: I can't help the affourdances of such a discussion.
[10:11:45 PM] Davis Rojas: Such was never afourmentioned.
[10:17:52 PM] Locke: Well I see no reason to confourm to your expectations. This was a lovely game of tit-four-tat, but now please go fourth and may you hencefourth have good fourtune.
[10:21:56 PM] Davis Rojas: I am fourgone. My fourtitude of thought has been fourced to comprehend your fortune of wit. I must say I am fourever humbled to have combat your fourtress of cunning.
Notice how much we slowed down about halfway through! xD

Azure Sage

March onward forever...
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1:51 AM <Azure Sage> like, wth
1:51 AM <Azure Sage> as if bleeding from an eye is more likely than crying
1:51 AM <Thareous> Supposed to be sweat. ;P
1:51 AM <abichandesu> I was just thinking that, az
1:50 AM <Azure Sage> and why did i think of bleeding before i thought of crying
1:50 AM <Thareous> Paranoia, mayhaps.
1:50 AM <Azure Sage> looks like its eye is bleeding
1:50 AM <Thareous> Uh... Nervousness?
1:50 AM <Azure Sage> is that like a bleeding eye or something
1:50 AM <Azure Sage> wtf is a >;;_<
1:49 AM <Thareous> Last time. >;;_<
It becomes apparent that I need sleep...
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Soldier for Christ!
Jan 29, 2011
10:02 PM <Dracomajora> lol narb
10:02 PM <Raindrop14> :kawaii:
10:02 PM <Xyphon> rainy youre a narb and dont knowanime gtfo my house
10:02 PM <Raindrop14> I like the Clannad dub :<
10:02 PM <Xyphon> And I'll be really sad if you watch the clannad dub. I was able to stomach and watch kanon dubbed but clannad the voices are just.. bad
10:02 PM <Xyphon> butchered it
10:01 PM <Xyphon> They BUTCHERED the Clannad dub

I'm a narb.


Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male
ALIT is still a complete weird lil man

5:56 PM <Dracomajora> Why are you talking to yourself bro
5:56 PM <A Link In Time> True.
5:55 PM <A Link In Time> Hey, JC.
5:55 PM <A Link In Time> I still post ocassionally.
5:55 PM <A Link In Time> mhm
A Link In Time Answered in thread : My Little Mafia: Friendship is Treacherous - Game Thread
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Dan Answered in thread : Microsoft Execs Thought They Owned Donkey Kong (lel)
Thareous Answered in thread : Microsoft Execs Thought They Owned Donkey Kong (lel)
5:52 PM <Ventus> be safe
5:50 PM <Gobli> And now I go to eat.


Angel of Darkness
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Jan 31, 2010
Yahtzee, Supernatural
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Xyphon...poor poor Xyphon :kawaii:

6:20 PM <Xyphon> Ven you shouldnt eat his swag sandwich so fast
6:19 PM <Ventus> <Xyphon> I got your girlfriend at my house eating my SWAG SANDWICH <-- I don't care what anyone says, that made me almost choke for laughter
6:19 PM <Xyphon> ohhhh wait a minute you met wiz? yeah we was at wal greens picking up some pepto bismol
6:19 PM <Xyphon> guess who i met last week though? WIZ KHALIFA!!
6:19 PM <Xyphon> im about to slice you up... like a slice of pizza
ihateghirahim Created thread : WW or TP?
6:19 PM * Vanessa28 immidiatly runs back inside the :tardis:
6:18 PM <Xyphon> Rap battle parody vanessa
Ventus Answered in thread : OoT Vs MM
6:18 PM <Vanessa28> o_O
6:18 PM <Xyphon> I got your girlfriend at my house eating my SWAG SANDWICH
6:18 PM <Xyphon> Imma hit you so hard, you gonna need a bandage
6:18 PM <Xyphon> see its chunk dirty, thats dirty chunk in spanish.
6:17 PM <Dracomajora> inb4 ven responds in 20 seconds
6:17 PM <Xyphon> "he's asleep, he is asleep!"
6:17 PM <Xyphon> "he
6:17 PM <Xyphon> I TAKE THAT!!
6:17 PM <Xyphon> after a win... naps..
6:16 PM <Xyphon> the weather... i check that
6:16 PM <Xyphon> debit cards.. i swipe that
ihateghirahim Created thread : OoT Vs MM
6:16 PM <Xyphon> now thats the WRONG NUMBER
6:16 PM <Xyphon> two eyes. one nose. mute spittah, zero loses, against supah hot?

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