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Funny or Memorable IM or Shoutbox Conversations.


The Good Samaritan
Mar 20, 2012
Canberra, Australia
[12:14:49 AM] Scribblenaut Dramallama: Your mom.
[12:14:55 AM] Goat: MY MOM...IS NOT A GIF.
[12:15:00 AM] Goat: SHE"S A FREAKIN PNG
[12:15:03 AM] Waifu: :O
[12:15:05 AM] Goat: BECAUSE SH"ES FINE.
[12:15:09 AM] Goat: BAM
[12:15:11 AM] Waifu: It's going down.
[12:15:11 AM] Scribblenaut Dramallama: Ew she ugly then
[12:15:36 AM] Waifu: WAIT WAIT WAIT

I really have no idea what they're talking about...


Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male
Good ol Eric. He loves me. :)

[19:32:39] The Doctor: You see one of the most famous figures in history
[19:32:43] The Doctor: A good man
[19:32:48] Dan: thanks
[19:32:50] The Doctor: With a dark and dangerous past
[19:32:59] Dan: well i stole some pic n mix once
[19:33:14] The Doctor: (facepalm)
[19:33:17] Dan: ;)


Jan 10, 2011
On the midnight Spirit Train going anywhere
I've heard of losing track of time, but this is ridiculous!
10:41 PM <GaroXicon> My god I have lost track of the days. I'll read it tonight - I hadn't realized it went up!
10:41 PM <JuicieJ> ...Yes
10:41 PM <GaroXicon> It went up last week? IT'S ALREADY MONDAY?
10:41 PM <JuicieJ> (yes, teh)
10:41 PM <JuicieJ> On teh main site
10:40 PM <GaroXicon> The version up there after Axle's comments?
10:39 PM <JuicieJ> You didn't answer me when I asked if you read my article in its final form


Spaceballs: The Mafia Player
Jul 12, 2011
Spaceball 1
3:43 PM <JuicieJ> looooooooool
3:43 PM <Linkdude74> Xbox One. When Sony and Nintendo spend a lonely night together, this is born

Azure Sage

March onward forever...
Staff member
ZD Legend
Comm. Coordinator
8:08 PM <Azure Sage> lmfao sudoku
8:08 PM <Ventus> seppuku*
8:08 PM * Xyphon commits sudoku
8:08 PM * Xyphon cuts
8:08 PM <Azure Sage> Hurry and notice him before he turns into a yandere :eek:
8:08 PM * Ventus is married to Lucina
8:08 PM * Ventus turns Xyphon down
8:08 PM <Azure Sage> Xy is at the "please notice me, senpai" stage
8:08 PM * Ventus acknowledges Xyphon's love
8:07 PM * Xyphon wants ventus to acknowledge his love
Many lols were lawled today.


The Good Samaritan
Mar 20, 2012
Canberra, Australia

[10:55:25 PM] Scribblenaut Dramallama: Home Furnishings | Home Page | Home Office Furniture - By Hooker Furniture
[10:55:32 PM] Mr.WISEguy/Michjeal/Nora: o_O
[10:55:36 PM] Mr.WISEguy/Michjeal/Nora: not clicking that
[10:55:45 PM] Scribblenaut Dramallama: It's a home furnishing company. :/
[10:56:05 PM] Scribblenaut Dramallama: Like ***** Furniture or whatever it is called.
[10:56:24 PM] Waifu: Dick's Sporting Goods.
[10:56:26 PM] Sarah Vondliz: *****.. sporting goods

Azure Sage

March onward forever...
Staff member
ZD Legend
Comm. Coordinator
7:53 AM <Cfrock> 'And that was when I realised; Nurse Joy had been keeping injured Pokémon in a cellar beneath the Poké Centre. She'd been using them as organ farms to heal the Pokémon who she could save, all the while draining what life was left from the others. I slapped her in the mouth and she fell down. Then I took out my Colt, put it against her head and simply said... "Pika."
7:50 AM <Spirit of Rutela> dammit C, i'm really wanting pokemon noir mysteries now :P
7:49 AM <Spirit of Rutela> can pokemon even go 'hmmm' ?
7:49 AM <Spirit of Rutela> it'd be mad. "pika chuuuuu.... pika pika... hmmmm.... pika..."
7:48 AM <Spirit of Rutela> i can really see a surly pikachu in a fedora and a trench coat standing in a doorway with his shadow stretching over a corpse
7:48 AM <Spirit of Rutela> i'd love a noir pokemon game
7:47 AM <Cfrock> Imagine if it was a a proper mystery. The game begins with a rainy motel, a young woman is dead on her dead. Pikachu, wereing a trench coat and fedora observes the scene. "Pi pika. Pikachu. Pika pika, pi, pikachu." Then a voice over says "It was another one of those nights. The kind of night that reminds you mankind is still just as barabaric as it always was. Well, not me. I wasn't going to stand for such barbarism. Not in my town."
7:46 AM <Spirit of Rutela> ive never playd a mystery dungeon game before and its gotten bad reviews but hey, its free
Pikachu might even be the next Sherlock Holmes :O

22:17 <Ventus> LOL
22:17 <justac00lguy> Love bites
22:17 <abichandesu> IT BURNS
22:17 <abichandesu> oh my gosh guys stop making me laugh
22:17 * Ventus err...hugs
22:17 * Ventus means heckles
22:16 * Ventus hickies Az
22:16 <Ventus> heckle
22:16 <abichandesu> AZ OMG xDD
22:16 <Azure Sage> and was like wtf
22:16 <TheRizardon> wtf
22:16 <Atticus> dr. heckle and mr. hyde
22:16 <abichandesu> lol wow xD
22:16 <Azure Sage> I read that as hickie at first
22:16 <Atticus> wtf is a heckle
22:16 <Azure Sage> wtf is a heckle
22:16 <abichandesu> omg and it didn't get the front of my nose either
22:16 * Ventus I mean hugs
22:16 <abichandesu> it didn't get around my nose, so it looks really weird
22:16 * Ventus heckles Abi
22:16 <Azure Sage> sunburn + contact = owie
22:16 <justac00lguy> A lobster
22:16 <Azure Sage> I'd huggle you, but...
22:15 <Ventus> lucky you Abi
22:15 <abichandesu> and I look like.... I don't even know. xD
22:15 <abichandesu> my face is shiny
22:15 <Azure Sage> :< poor you
22:15 <abichandesu> :I
22:15 <abichandesu> it's like 5% better
22:15 <abichandesu> for hours now
22:15 <abichandesu> I have been putting aloe on it
22:14 <musicfan> put some aloe leaf on it.
22:14 <abichandesu> xD
22:14 <abichandesu> yeah att
22:14 <Azure Sage> lmao atty <#
22:14 <abichandesu> really bad sun burn
22:14 <Atticus> sorry, i'll leave, i'm just really hot today :<
22:14 <Azure Sage> aw
22:14 <abichandesu> I have sun burn
So what I gathered from this was that sunburn gives hickies to aloe lobsters for hours and that Atty is hot.
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Azure Sage

March onward forever...
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3:18 PM <Linkdude74> brpught to you by the letter, ~
3:18 PM <Azure Sage> we hope you join us next week
3:18 PM <Linkdude74> this has been another episode of stereotyping on ZD
3:18 PM <Azure Sage> Or "OH LAAAAAAAAWD"
3:17 PM <Azure Sage> Or saying "Aw heeeeeeeal naw"
3:17 PM <JuicieJ> No, that would require me threatening to cut you
3:17 PM <JuicieJ> ...
3:17 PM <Azure Sage> :eek:
3:17 PM <Azure Sage> he turned into a sassy black woman
3:17 PM <Azure Sage> oh snap it worked
3:17 PM <JuicieJ> ***** please
3:16 PM * Azure Sage smacks JJ into another nationality
3:16 PM * JuicieJ smacks Azure into next week
3:16 PM <Azure Sage> hurhurhur
3:16 PM <Azure Sage> so boop off
3:16 PM <Azure Sage> boop is my thing
3:16 PM <JuicieJ> DX
3:16 PM <JuicieJ> I SAID BOOP
3:15 PM <JuicieJ> boop
The Shoutbox has turned into BET! :O


Swag Master General
Aug 1, 2012
The End
Apache Helicopter
[5:50:13 PM] Sully: On a scale of 1-10
[5:50:14 PM] Keith: Sully
[5:50:16 PM] Keith: 0
[5:50:18 PM] Sully: How old is your girlfriend?
[5:50:21 PM] Keith: Oh
[5:50:22 PM] Keith: Yeah
[5:50:23 PM] Keith: 0
[5:50:25 PM] Ven: the **** lmfao


Inb4 that MD thread


default setting: sarcastic prick
Dec 17, 2012
Fun with Cleverbot
1:33 AM <Curmudgeon> pessimistic cleverbot http://puu.sh/31kPj.png
1:32 AM <Linkdude74> off to bed for real this time. i feel high reading these
1:30 AM <Curmudgeon> cartisian cleverbot http://puu.sh/31kLq.png
1:29 AM <Atticus> http://puu.sh/31kK6.png
aoeder Answered in thread : ZeldaDungeon Marathon 2013?
1:29 AM <Dracomajora> "Every last word in this sentence is a grotesque misspelling of 'towmatow'."
1:29 AM <Atticus> says your cat
1:28 AM <Curmudgeon> I am a pretty lousy boyfriend...
1:28 AM <Atticus> Kermit x CB http://puu.sh/31kHl.png
1:28 AM <Curmudgeon> Stoic cleverbot http://puu.sh/31kHa.png
1:27 AM <Curmudgeon> minimalist cleverbot http://puu.sh/31kGz.png
1:26 AM <Atticus>
1:26 AM <Curmudgeon> existentialist cleverbot http://puu.sh/31kF9.png
1:26 AM <Atticus> http://puu.sh/31kF2.png
1:26 AM <Atticus> LOL
1:26 AM <Curmudgeon> http://puu.sh/31kEo.png
1:26 AM <Curmudgeon> literalist cleverbot
1:25 AM <Atticus> http://puu.sh/31kDH.png
1:25 AM <Linkdude74> no im not
1:25 AM <Curmudgeon> dadaist cleverbot
1:24 AM <Dracomajora> Cleverbot is high
1:24 AM <Lord Vain> derp
1:23 AM <Atticus> I lol'd
1:23 AM <Atticus> http://puu.sh/31kAo.png

Azure Sage

March onward forever...
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11:33 PM <Azure Sage> lol that sounds so god damn lewd
11:33 PM <Atticus> lewd
11:33 PM <Atticus> obby
11:33 PM * Azure Sage gives atty mouth
11:32 PM <Atticus> :*
11:32 PM <Atticus> gimmie mouth
11:32 PM <Atticus> i always need mouth-mouth
11:32 PM <Azure Sage> what is it
11:32 PM <Azure Sage> u need mouth-to-mouth
11:32 PM <Azure Sage> you need a band-aid
11:32 PM <Azure Sage> atty you okay there
11:32 PM <Atticus> van stop pls omg im dying help

1:33 PM <Azure Sage> xDD
1:33 PM <Terminus> gdi
1:33 PM <Azure Sage> omai
1:32 PM <Azure Sage> you're a biter? :eek:
1:32 PM <Terminus> BITTER
1:32 PM <Terminus> Dont mind me im biter
1:32 PM <Azure Sage> Well forget you guys, I'm gonna have fun >:I
1:32 PM <Azure Sage> :c
1:32 PM <Terminus> What hilarity
1:31 PM <Terminus> Hah, going to prom

A few things from the other day that I forgot to post.

Violet Link

takumi was a mistake and so are the S supports
Feb 18, 2012
insert fictional world
2:11 PM <Violet> lol
2:10 PM <JuicieJ> Vio always manages to make a 20 year-old man act like a little kid XD
2:10 PM <Krazy4Krash> ?3
2:10 PM <Violet> x3
2:09 PM <JuicieJ> :3
2:09 PM * JuicieJ huggles back
2:09 PM <Violet> Feel better? =D
2:08 PM <JuicieJ> :'>
2:08 PM * Violet huggles JJ
2:08 PM <JuicieJ> :'<
2:08 PM <Violet> Oh, internet borked :/
2:08 PM <Violet> Locke, I noticed that you added something beside your username
2:08 PM <JuicieJ> Vio, y u no respond to me earlier


2:38 PM <Locke> that I'll never be able to listen to
2:38 PM <Locke> I just found yet another new album
2:38 PM <Locke> I can't this village of beauty website is too exciting
2:38 PM <A Link In Time> GO TO BED
2:37 PM <A Link In Time> oh Locke
2:37 PM <A Link In Time> wat
a fusion of hypnotism and hitomi
locke just had one
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Smash is Life
Sep 23, 2012
Beijing, China
9:46 AM <Wolf Sage> ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew
ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew
ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew
ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew ew

Wolf must be a homophobe... hatin on all that Volf action... :right:

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