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Funny or Memorable IM or Shoutbox Conversations.

Night Owl

Oct 3, 2011
Skybound Coil Tree, Noctilum
SB said:
1:54 PM * Night Owl tucks in the SB
1:53 PM <Night Owl>
1:53 PM <Night Owl> It was sleeping soundly, you guyz are terrible
1:53 PM <Vanessa28> yes I'm fine I just talked a bit loud
1:52 PM <Raindrop14> Are you okay Vee? Bad SB! Go back to bed!
1:52 PM <Night Owl>
1:52 PM * Vanessa28 gets whacked by the SB

1:52 PM <Raindrop14> Zzzzzzzzz
1:52 PM <Night Owl> Shhh no It's sleeping
1:51 PM <Vanessa28> SB has died.......R.I.P

1:49 PM * Night Owl uses hypnosis on SB. SB fell asleep

Not even the SB gets to sleep round here ;)


If I was a wizard this wouldn't be happening to me
May 20, 2012
Sub-Orbital Trajectory
12:47 PM <A Link In Time> @_@
12:47 PM <A Link In Time> ...
12:47 PM <TheRizardon> What if it peed on you?
A Link In Time Answered in thread : Should It Be Ganondorf or Demise?
12:45 PM <Locke> I'd never let go.
HEY! LISTEN! Answered in thread : Should It Be Ganondorf or Demise?
12:44 PM <A Link In Time> xD
12:44 PM <Locke> Who wouldn't?
12:44 PM <TheRizardon> Would you hug an eevee?

Valid question, though...


Soldier for Christ!
Jan 29, 2011
9:31 PM <PancakeSamurai> Pancake genocide
9:30 PM <zelda_geek> oh dear glob peanut butter on banana pancakes
9:30 PM <Lord Vain> Also peanut butter as well sometimes, but I'm odd like that.
9:30 PM <Raindrop14> Oh yeah, syrup
9:29 PM <Lord Vain> I can't eat pancakes without syrup myself...
9:29 PM <PancakeSamurai> what if did eat me?
9:29 PM <zelda_geek> I can't eat pancakes without feeling like I'm eating Pan's uncle or something..
9:28 PM <Lord Vain> That reminds me, tomorrow at breakfast I shall eat some pancakes.

Oct 26, 2012
[11:02:43 AM] Dan: you will be a ginger!?
[11:03:06 AM] Mandi: I am naturally.
[11:03:12 AM] Dan: really? :O
[11:03:16 AM] Dan: I would of never known
[11:03:46 AM] Dan: you appear to have a soul afterall (chuckle)
[11:04:24 AM] Mandi: It's more like a strawberry blonde. Maybe that's what saved me. :P
[11:04:51 AM] Dan: day walkers ;p
[11:05:23 AM] Mandi: ;(
[11:09:36 AM] Mandi: (picture)
[11:09:46 AM] Mandi: ^ginger Mandi!
[11:10:14 AM] Dan: OMG!!!!!!
[11:10:25 AM] Dan: you even photoshopped the freckles out!
[11:10:49 AM] Mandi: They're there
[11:10:56 AM] Mandi: makeup :P
[11:11:14 AM] Mandi: but my eyes are glowing red like the satan spawn i am
[11:11:22 AM] Mandi: (devil)
[11:13:30 AM] Dan: oh right xD
[11:13:54 AM] Mandi: stare at that picture long enough and i'll steal your soul.
[11:14:03 AM] Mandi: mwahaha
[11:15:18 AM] Dan: too late, I felt my soul sucked out of me
[11:15:59 AM] Mandi: Mandi tries to capture Dan's soul in a bottle but all of hers are filled with Lon Lon Milk
[11:16:18 AM] Dan: xD
[11:16:39 AM] Dan: girl dat aint lon lon milk (smirk)
[11:17:03 AM] Mandi: I gave up the Chateau Romani
[11:17:32 AM] Mandi: Every time I drank it, I kept accidentally giving people masks of my face.


Night Owl

Oct 3, 2011
Skybound Coil Tree, Noctilum
SB said:
8:15 PM <blackice_cc> I was homeschooled.
8:15 PM <mandym287> even though it carries canoes and flashlights and pot
8:15 PM <Night Owl> It gets exercise
Linknerd09 Answered in thread : Linknerd09's Shop
Dragoncat Answered in thread : A More Personal Narrative-Future Friends?
8:15 PM <mandym287> Dora's bookbag surprisingly has a normal weight
8:15 PM <Night Owl> or you'll have to be homeschooled
PK Flash Answered in thread : Hey
8:14 PM <blackice_cc> Why thank you, good sir! Most splendiferous to see you as well!
8:14 PM <blackice_cc> If we lose all of our book bags, then what? School will go downhill.
8:14 PM <Ventus> Don't usually see blackice around, nice to see you now.
8:14 PM <blackice_cc> Very important topic in modern health.
8:13 PM <mandym287> R.I.P.
8:13 PM <blackice_cc> Yeah, tell them about the national health concerns of weight gain in book bags.
8:13 PM <Night Owl> true story
8:13 PM <Night Owl> The bookbag will die of obesity
8:13 PM <Night Owl> Tell them to stahp, because health problems
8:13 PM <blackice_cc> They do that.
8:12 PM <mandym287> My teachers keep feeding my bookbag homework
Ventus Answered in thread : Breakable Items
8:12 PM <Night Owl> Put the bookbag on a diet
8:12 PM <mandym287> Plumm doesn't talk to humans
8:12 PM <blackice_cc> Exactly.
8:12 PM <Night Owl> Prunes are dried plums

Bookbag Obeseity, is an issue requiring immediate attention. ;)

Lord Vain

Dawn of a New Day
Nov 29, 2011
Not really IM or Skype, but this just happened in the "Another Alphabet Game" thread and I found it quite humorous.

TSter The Great said:
Gosh, don't you hate ninjas?

Hylian_Monolith said:
Heck yes, I do[although I am one at times]!

Go_Skyward said:
I don't like ninja's... unless I'm the ninja.

Lord Vain said:
Just so happens that I'm a ninja.

Hylian_Monolith said:
Joking about what I said earlier, I find ninjas troublesome but I can work around them easily and it's actually quite funny.

...Knowing Vain, I should ahve seen it coming that he ninja'd with a post about him being a ninja...

TSter The Great said:
King Ninja is Lord Vain

Go_Skyward said:
LUL. Vain is awesome like that.

Lord Vain said:
My ninja way is winning.

#winning #vainrocks
Feb 23, 2011
Don't ask...
[3/7/2013 7:44:46 PM] Daniel: Can we now talk about our secret crushes on zd
[3/7/2013 7:44:51 PM] PK Flash: yes
[3/7/2013 7:44:54 PM] Gay Black Mexican Islamo-atheist Communist: Sure
[3/7/2013 7:44:56 PM] PK Flash: first
[3/7/2013 7:44:57 PM] Gay Black Mexican Islamo-atheist Communist: Let's have a sleep over
[3/7/2013 7:44:58 PM] Daniel: I sort of find quite cute
[3/7/2013 7:45:03 PM] PK Flash: let me start brading your hair, dan
[3/7/2013 7:45:03 PM] Daniel: YEY SLEEPOVER
[3/7/2013 7:45:08 PM] Ventus: i have a crush on :dalek:
[3/7/2013 7:45:14 PM] Daniel: YEY LUKE BRADING MY HAIR
[3/7/2013 7:45:15 PM] Ventus: she is so cute and <3
[3/7/2013 7:45:21 PM] PK Flash: well
[3/7/2013 7:45:24 PM] Daniel: LIKE oh my gawd
[3/7/2013 7:45:27 PM] PK Flash: i've never told anybody this <3
[3/7/2013 7:45:27 PM] Daniel: so do I
[3/7/2013 7:45:31 PM] Daniel: sister
[3/7/2013 7:45:35 PM] PK Flash: b-b-but
[3/7/2013 7:45:46 PM] PK Flash: i kinda/sorta think...
[3/7/2013 7:45:52 PM] PK Flash: oh it's stupid!
[3/7/2013 7:45:52 PM] Ventus: spit it out man
[3/7/2013 7:45:55 PM] Daniel: go on girl!
[3/7/2013 7:45:58 PM] Daniel: you can do it!
[3/7/2013 7:45:59 PM] PK Flash: PK Flash sigh
[3/7/2013 7:46:01 PM] PK Flash: alright
[3/7/2013 7:46:10 PM] PK Flash: juts make sure you don't tell anybody~!
[3/7/2013 7:46:25 PM] Daniel: I won't tell anyone, ****** kiss kiss swears
[3/7/2013 7:46:28 PM] PK Flash: okok
[3/7/2013 7:46:37 PM] PK Flash: :cat:
[3/7/2013 7:46:40 PM] PK Flash: is cute
[3/7/2013 7:46:40 PM] PK Flash: as
[3/7/2013 7:46:41 PM] PK Flash: ****
[3/7/2013 7:46:42 PM] Gay Black Mexican Islamo-atheist Communist: :O
[3/7/2013 7:46:45 PM] Gay Black Mexican Islamo-atheist Communist: He really is.
[3/7/2013 7:46:55 PM] Gay Black Mexican Islamo-atheist Communist: I've got :cat: fever too, Luke.
[3/7/2013 7:46:58 PM] Daniel: oh my gaaaawd the little korean boy
[3/7/2013 7:46:59 PM] Daniel: no waaaaaaaaaay!
[3/7/2013 7:47:07 PM] Daniel: oh my gaaaaaaaaaaaaaawd
[3/7/2013 7:47:16 PM] PK Flash: :$
[3/7/2013 7:47:29 PM] Gay Black Mexican Islamo-atheist Communist: I would totally suck :cat:'s :cucco:.
[3/7/2013 7:47:58 PM] PK Flash: me too!
[3/7/2013 7:48:35 PM] Gay Black Mexican Islamo-atheist Communist: And dat name
[3/7/2013 7:48:37 PM] Gay Black Mexican Islamo-atheist Communist: :cat:
[3/7/2013 7:48:38 PM] Gay Black Mexican Islamo-atheist Communist: is
[3/7/2013 7:48:39 PM] Gay Black Mexican Islamo-atheist Communist: epic
[3/7/2013 7:48:40 PM] PK Flash: chillin
[3/7/2013 7:48:50 PM] Daniel: oh
[3/7/2013 7:48:53 PM] Daniel: I thought
[3/7/2013 7:49:01 PM] Daniel: omg xD
[3/7/2013 7:49:10 PM] PK Flash: oh
[3/7/2013 7:49:11 PM] PK Flash: mah gawd
[3/7/2013 7:49:16 PM] PK Flash: what are you thinking?
[3/7/2013 7:49:36 PM] PK Flash: we're probably thinking the same thing!
[3/7/2013 7:51:17 PM] Daniel: I was thinking he has the cutest hands!
[3/7/2013 7:51:28 PM] PK Flash: me too~!
[3/7/2013 7:51:33 PM] PK Flash: the way he holds his clarinet
[3/7/2013 7:51:35 PM] Daniel: OH MY GAWD!
[3/7/2013 7:51:36 PM] PK Flash: <3
[3/7/2013 7:51:40 PM] Daniel: <3
[3/7/2013 8:43:04 PM] Kurt: yall :cucco:s is gay
...unless, of course, you'd actually LIKE to hear a long-winded, complex explanation.


Feb 24, 2010
[1:28:03 AM] Zenox: our team is entirely white except for one armenian
[1:28:11 AM] Austin: Armenians are white...
[1:28:14 AM] Zenox: what
[1:28:21 AM] Keith: lmfao
[1:28:24 AM] Austin: Armenians are white.
[1:28:25 AM] Zenox: he's like mases color
[1:28:31 AM] Austin: Mases being white.
[1:28:34 AM] Keith: Mases is white
[1:28:35 AM] Zenox: Mases is not white
[1:28:40 AM] Austin: Mases is most definitely white.
[1:28:41 AM] Keith: Yeah bro
[1:28:42 AM] Zenox: he's definitely got a pigment

Mases' ethnicity is not one of the things I thought I'd find myself debating tonight.


Man... the ****???
Oct 25, 2012
F***ing LaLa Land!!!
[6:01:33 PM] Jenn13: Hes cool
[6:01:35 PM] Jenn13: I love him
[6:02:17 PM] Axle the Beast: [6:01 PM] Jenn13:

<<< hes way cooler
[6:02:20 PM] Axle the Beast: [6:01 PM] Jenn13:

<<< cooler
[6:02:25 PM] Axle the Beast: [6:01 PM] Jenn13:

<<< cool:)
[6:02:25 PM] Keith: Oho
[6:02:35 PM] Axle the Beast: You think I'm cool. (heart)
[6:02:39 PM] Jenn13: Wait wut?
[6:09:16 PM] λ: Jenn, what have I told you about feeding Axle's ego?
[6:09:38 PM] Keith: Don't feed the ego
[6:11:20 PM] Axle the Beast: It cannot be stopped.
[6:12:42 PM] A Link In Time: http://zeldadungeon.net/forum/f16/why-isnt-axle-hylian-noble-40412.html
[6:12:45 PM] A Link In Time: Ha, ha, Axle.
[6:12:54 PM] Jenn13: I wasnt feeding his ego!
[6:13:00 PM] Jenn13: He took it out of context!
[6:13:15 PM] Axle the Beast: Sigh.
[6:13:22 PM] λ: You're saying he was looking for love in all the wrong places.
[6:13:26 PM] λ: Like the beast he is.
[6:13:43 PM] λ: (happy)
[6:13:43 PM] Axle the Beast: Who said I was looking for love?
[6:13:47 PM] Axle the Beast: I was looking for cool.
[6:13:53 PM] λ: Love is cool.
[6:13:54 PM] Axle the Beast: Also god, what is that smiley
[6:13:56 PM] λ: Love is hot.
[6:14:03 PM] λ: Love is fluffy.
[6:14:12 PM] λ: Love is burly.
[6:14:16 PM] Axle the Beast: Are you saying I'm easy to love?
[6:14:35 PM] λ: No.
[6:14:39 PM] Jenn13: You want me to love you wut?!?!
[6:14:39 PM] λ: I am saying you are none of the above.
[6:14:48 PM] λ: :P
[6:14:53 PM] Keith: Oh snap
[6:15:58 PM] Axle the Beast: A legion would disagree with you.
[6:16:32 PM] λ: So they would.
[6:16:35 PM] λ: (happy)
[6:16:53 PM] Jenn13: Should I get popcorn?
[6:17:06 PM] λ: Only if it has extra butter and you share it with me.
[6:17:20 PM] Jenn13: Jenn13 shares popcorn with Lamb
[6:17:24 PM] λ: λ noms
[6:17:38 PM] Axle the Beast: See
[6:17:51 PM] Axle the Beast: The mistake you make is thinking I need you to affirm whether or not I am hot to know I am hot. :)
[6:18:42 PM] λ: I think the mistake you make is taking me seriously right now.
[6:18:48 PM] λ: :P
[6:19:13 PM] λ: λ goes back to sleep under her bridge
[6:19:54 PM] Jenn13: [6:17 PM] Axle the Beast:

<<< The mistake you make is thinking I need you to affirm whether or not I am hot to know I am hot. :)
Do you know youre hot?
[6:20:01 PM] Jenn13: Are you sexy and you know it?
[6:20:11 PM] λ: Clap your hands!
[6:20:13 PM] λ: (clap)
[6:20:27 PM] Jenn13: XD

OMG I cant believe you posted this here XD This is the best part of the convo tho

[6:20:01 PM] Jenn13: Are you sexy and you know it?
[6:20:11 PM] λ: Clap your hands!
[6:20:13 PM] λ: (clap)
[6:20:27 PM] Jenn13: XD
Jun 3, 2011
OMG I cant believe you posted this here XD This is the best part of the convo tho

[6:20:01 PM] Jenn13: Are you sexy and you know it?
[6:20:11 PM] λ: Clap your hands!
[6:20:13 PM] λ: (clap)
[6:20:27 PM] Jenn13: XD

I do try. ;3

[4:45:20 PM] λ: I just got WW last night, and my jungling skills are still pretty sucky right now.
[4:45:29 PM] Axle the Beast: Just practice at it
[4:45:33 PM] Axle the Beast: WW is basically the easiest jungler.
[4:45:38 PM] Axle the Beast: Definitely a good entry point into jungling.
[4:45:44 PM] λ: It was either him or Taric.
[4:46:00 PM] λ: Just to try something different from my 'sins for a while.
[4:46:09 PM] Djinn: I've had people tell me to begin jungling with Amumu
[4:46:19 PM] hailet2486: Amumu is super easy too
[4:46:26 PM] Axle the Beast: Amumu stinks
[4:46:27 PM] hailet2486: but WW is the easiest because of lifesteal
[4:46:39 PM] Axle the Beast: WW is the easiest for anyone who isn't getting runes
[4:46:45 PM] Djinn: I've seen some good Amumu junglers before
[4:46:50 PM] λ: I can't get runes right now because of my level.
[4:46:57 PM] Axle the Beast: [4:46 PM] Djinn:

<<< I've seen some good Amumu junglers beforeAmumu stinks
[4:47:00 PM] Axle the Beast: So borrrrinnnngggg
[4:47:01 PM] Axle the Beast: dghsgfidgj
[4:47:01 PM] Axle the Beast: gfdibdjgdf
[4:47:03 PM] Djinn: Yi seems like a good jungler too
[4:47:13 PM] λ: Yeah, that is something I like about WW- he's got really good sustain.
[4:47:27 PM] 瑶瑶: amumu has amazing initiation though
[4:47:27 PM] λ: And he can tank the **** out of you if he wants.
[4:47:54 PM] Axle the Beast: He's so boring to play
[4:47:55 PM] Axle the Beast: @_@
[4:48:01 PM] Travis Haile-Awesome: only to you Axle
[4:48:09 PM] λ: In the last game I played, there was a Jarvan jungling.
[4:48:13 PM] λ: :|
[4:48:21 PM] Jenn: Ouch
[4:48:22 PM] 瑶瑶: Jarvan is a pretty scary ganker
[4:48:27 PM] Jenn: Want some aloe for that burn?
[4:48:28 PM] Travis Haile-Awesome: I need to try Jarvan out....
[4:48:29 PM] Axle the Beast: [4:48 PM] Travis Haile-Awesome:

<<< only to you AxleNo to everyone
[4:48:32 PM] Axle the Beast: You're just lying
[4:48:49 PM] Travis Haile-Awesome: LIES!
[4:48:54 PM] Axle the Beast: LIES ABOUT LIES
[4:48:58 PM] Axle the Beast: ON TOP OF LIES
[4:49:00 PM] Axle the Beast: ON THE BACKS OF MORE LIES
[4:49:15 PM] giovanna.alexa: Jar van masked me owe
[4:49:19 PM] Axle the Beast: And hardworking Americans!
[4:49:34 PM] Travis Haile-Awesome: I have no idea what I'm saying
[4:49:36 PM] Travis Haile-Awesome: :P
[4:49:38 PM] Axle the Beast: Crackpot
[4:49:43 PM] Axle the Beast: Clearly whatever you say is wrong
[4:49:44 PM] Axle the Beast: Therefore
[4:49:46 PM] Axle the Beast: AMUMU SUCKS
[4:49:49 PM] Travis Haile-Awesome: Axle is the best
[4:49:50 PM] Travis Haile-Awesome: :P
[4:49:54 PM] Axle the Beast: Yes
[4:49:56 PM] Axle the Beast: Sh-
[4:49:57 PM] Axle the Beast: snfjsdhgfs
[4:50:06 PM] Travis Haile-Awesome: therefore....
[4:50:09 PM] λ: ...what have you done, Travis?
[4:50:10 PM] λ: What
[4:50:11 PM] λ: have
[4:50:12 PM] λ: you
[4:50:13 PM] λ: done?
[4:50:27 PM] Jenn: The hell are you guys arguing about?
[4:50:48 PM] Axle the Beast: Travis is being a sad, sad mummy


Destroyer of Destruction
Sep 28, 2011
Probably in my room.
Start at bottom and read ^.

5:53 PM <mandym287> Oh.
5:53 PM <Draymorath> ...
5:53 PM <mandym287> ...
5:53 PM <Draymorath> GIC's weird obsession with being hurt....
5:53 PM <Violet> ..?
5:52 PM <mandym287> *is multitasking*
5:52 PM <mandym287> What are we even talking about?
5:52 PM <Draymorath> I don't understand it to be honest....
5:52 PM <Lord Vain> She's hits herself and states she likes it and has requested that people beat her up or kidnap her...
5:52 PM <octorok74> Doesn't mean she wants it to happen. Oh well though. What do I know.
5:52 PM <Draymorath> And sometimes outright says that she wants to be attacked.
5:51 PM <BeastModeMan97> I must not be around when you see it.
5:51 PM <Draymorath> She literally goes /me is standing where anyone could attack her
5:51 PM <octorok74> Not when I see it happening.
5:51 PM <BeastModeMan97> News to me.
5:51 PM <Draymorath> Yeah she does.
5:51 PM <BeastModeMan97> She doesn't?
5:51 PM <BeastModeMan97> I'm around when it happens (usaully) were all just having fun
5:51 PM <octorok74> Either way, she doesn't like it.
5:50 PM <Draymorath> it's completely different.
5:50 PM <Draymorath> I'm just slaughtering her over and over.
5:50 PM <octorok74> Really?
5:50 PM <Draymorath> I'm not really making fun of her....


Jun 19, 2010
16/03/2013 20:26 <Dracomajora> me
16/03/2013 20:26 <Dracomajora> need
16/03/2013 20:26 <Dracomajora> you
16/03/2013 20:26 <Dracomajora> if
16/03/2013 20:26 <justac00lguy> Holla
16/03/2013 20:26 <Dracomajora> v
16/03/2013 20:25 <PK Flash> drum has nothing on the great jarl ballin
16/03/2013 20:25 <justac00lguy> More
16/03/2013 20:25 <Dracomajora> Zenox inspires me.
16/03/2013 20:25 <PK Flash> more
16/03/2013 20:25 <PancakeSamurai> Legend like Drum...or more?
16/03/2013 20:25 <justac00lguy> Wat PK said
16/03/2013 20:25 <Dracomajora> Nobody has managed to come close to reaching his record.
16/03/2013 20:25 <PK Flash> zenox is my hero
16/03/2013 20:25 <Lord Vain> Infamous legend...
16/03/2013 20:24 <Dracomajora> Zenox is a legend.
16/03/2013 20:24 <PancakeSamurai> no
16/03/2013 20:24 <Dracomajora> You don't know who Zenox is?



Swag Master General
Aug 1, 2012
The End
Apache Helicopter
[3:18:22 PM] Ben!: okay I'll stfu I'll leave you wondering
[3:18:28 PM] Ben!: and pancake emo-ing
[3:18:46 PM] Mathias Smith: I'm not emoing (emo)
[3:19:11 PM] Joy: No Ben stay
[3:20:00 PM] Joy: Ben stay
[3:20:01 PM] Mathias Smith: Wait I might have 7 friends...I don't know if she is or not
[3:20:09 PM] Ben!: BWAHAHAH
[3:20:13 PM] Joy: Hahahaha
[3:20:17 PM] Mathias Smith: stfu
[3:20:21 PM] Ben!: oh my god
[3:20:25 PM] Ben!: it was the perfect nightmare
[3:20:26 PM] Joy: OMG
[3:20:26 PM] Mathias Smith: It's Amber so I have an excuse
[3:20:27 PM] Ben!: :P
[3:20:28 PM] Joy: Dead
[3:20:39 PM] Ben!: oh my
[3:20:47 PM] Ben!: :P
[3:21:05 PM] Mathias Smith: What?
[3:21:10 PM] Mathias Smith: I don't understand
[3:21:20 PM] Ben!: it was funny
[3:21:31 PM] Mathias Smith: what was?
[3:21:45 PM] Joy: You were funny
[3:21:49 PM] Mathias Smith: how?
[3:22:04 PM] Mathias Smith: was it the fact it went dead and then I said that?
[3:22:18 PM] Ben!: forget it
[3:22:26 PM] Ben!: it got boring now


Swag Master General
Aug 1, 2012
The End
Apache Helicopter
2:04 PM <musicfan> Even you panckae
2:04 PM <Joy> Say it say it
2:04 PM <Lord Vain> So in turn you saying that in itself is racist, your living a lie.
2:04 PM <Locke> cabbage crates coming over the briny?
2:04 PM <PancakeSamurai> Everything is racist
2:04 PM <Locke> I have something great to say here
2:04 PM <Locke> wait
2:04 PM <Dracomajora> briny
2:03 PM <Lord Vain> You failed to explain how in detail, I'm disappointed in you, Mathias.
2:03 PM <Joy> Locke is totally a brony
2:03 PM <justac00lguy> I'm on my tablet so not sure
2:03 PM <PancakeSamurai> Dude, that's racist
2:03 PM <Lord Vain> Brown skin is useful for no adds...
2:03 PM <Locke> pony ad? sounds interesting.
2:03 PM <Cfrock> Can you not get AdBlock?
2:03 PM <justac00lguy> Might write a formal letter of complaint,
2:02 PM * Lord Vain gets popcorn
2:02 PM <Lord Vain> Care to explain how in detail?
2:02 PM <justac00lguy> It's just this stupid pony ad blocking everything
2:02 PM <PancakeSamurai> Dude, that's racist
2:02 PM <Dracomajora> I like default. Others are too dark
2:02 PM <PancakeSamurai> typos
2:02 PM <Lord Vain> Ddue...
2:01 PM <justac00lguy> Actually gen game
2:01 PM <PancakeSamurai> Dude, that's racist
2:01 PM <Lord Vain> swatg...
2:01 PM <justac00lguy> Ew
2:01 PM <Dracomajora> No, Brown sucks.
2:01 PM <PancakeSamurai> Brown is sw@g
Nothing I say makes sense

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