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Feb 23, 2011
24/10/2012 01:05 <Destiny> wooo

24/10/2012 01:05 <Destiny> mm yeah booty bacon

24/10/2012 01:05 <Destiny> bacon

24/10/2012 01:05 <Destiny> thug lyfe

24/10/2012 01:05 <Destiny> see my moni im a gangsta$$$$$$

24/10/2012 01:04 <Destiny> shh wolf sage im too pimp 4 dis $$

24/10/2012 00:51 <Destiny> no wxplorarion, i felt trapped, it was predictable

24/10/2012 00:51 <Destiny> ew laake florwia
<Destiny> stop smoking crack, gosh, youre hurting your family ):

24/10/2012 00:58 <A Link In Time> lol

24/10/2012 00:58 <Destiny> no tmc = too much crack

24/10/2012 00:58 <Lord Vain> The Minish Cap in my favorite handheld Zelda game, no doubt there.

24/10/2012 00:58 <Wolf Sage> Handhelda.

24/10/2012 00:58 <Lord Vain> Tmc...

24/10/2012 00:57 <Lord Vain> Minish Cap...?

24/10/2012 00:57 <Destiny> you know whats cool? asasssins creeeedds

24/10/2012 00:57 <Destiny> tmc is cool

24/10/2012 00:57 <GaroXicon> Which is interesting but likely just a marketing ploy

24/10/2012 00:57 <JuicieJ> lolActions
24/10/2012 00:57 <GaroXicon> BlOps 2 is apparently written by David S. Goyer

24/10/2012 01:01 <Destiny> sorry guys being off zd made me a druggy

^ ...explains a lot. ;p


If I was a wizard this wouldn't be happening to me
May 20, 2012
Sub-Orbital Trajectory
3:48 PM <Wolf Sage> Everyone avoid saying anything that makes sense, because it'll only get lost in the effluvium of nonsense and sentence fragments...

3:48 PM <Terminus> FEZZES

3:48 PM <Terminus> BOW TIES

3:48 PM <Azure Sage> FREE HAY RIDES

3:48 PM <RegalBryant> I do the same, dork.

3:48 PM <JuicieJ> Ganny, the link borked

3:48 PM <Terminus> TARDIS BOXES

3:48 PM <Thareous> MARIO LIKES PASTA

3:48 PM <RegalBryant> SONIC SPINBALL

3:48 PM <Ganondork> Am I the only one who handwrites all of my tags

3:48 PM <JuicieJ> THAT THEY DO

3:48 PM <Azure Sage> lol politics



3:47 PM <RegalBryant> I LIEK MUDKIPZ

3:47 PM <NESpowerhouse> But I don't get as much into Facebook as some other people

3:47 PM <Azure Sage> I LIKE TURTLES

3:47 PM <RegalBryant> CHIBI ROBOS

3:47 PM <Azure Sage> Let's make the convo go in even more strange directions

3:47 PM <Wolf Sage> et

3:47 PM <Terminus> Now its wierder


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Jan 31, 2010
Yahtzee, Supernatural
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LOL!!! Joy stated it clearly as it is! :xd:

M 3:12 PM<Violet> LOOOL :X
3:12 PM <Vanessa28> True true!
3:12 PM <TheBlueReptile> That Giraffe doesn't have a reptile on it's head
3:12 PM <Violet> waht
3:11 PM <Violet>
3:11 PM <TheBlueReptile> There's one big difference though
3:11 PM <PancakeSamurai> yoJ lol
3:11 PM <Vanessa28>
3:11 PM <TheBlueReptile> lol Joy
3:11 PM <Vanessa28> LOL JOY!!!!!!
3:10 PM <Violet> Cicak means Lizard in malay
3:10 PM * TheBlueReptile presents badly doctored pictures of Vee abusing him
3:10 PM <Joy> http://i.imgur.com/WR05B.gif the bird is turo and the giraffe is Vee
3:10 PM <Vanessa28> I like that name!
3:10 PM <TheBlueReptile> Yeah you did Vee, I have pictures!


Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male
1:37 AM <mandym287> lmao
1:37 AM <Wolf Sage> A bruise?!
1:37 AM <Wolf Sage> XD
1:37 AM <Axle the Beast> Yeah it does
1:37 AM <Axle the Beast> lol
1:37 AM <Locke> the SB looks like a bruise.
1:37 AM <Locke> yep
1:37 AM <Axle the Beast> I presume... end turn, use them to capture some buildings, and build more next turn?
1:36 AM <Locke> I'll trade my Software Usability paper for your math homework
1:36 AM <Axle the Beast> Okay so I built two guys and it doesn't look like it'll let me do anything else.
1:36 AM <Terminus> I'm drowning in Blue and Purple!
I love you, Holmium.
2:35 PM <Hero of Time> I meet the stereotypes of a black male
2:35 PM <Ventus> HoT, you ain't no rapper and u ain't no womanizer
2:36 PM <Hero of Time> I am a raper...
2:36 PM <Thareous> :O
2:36 PM <Hero of Time> I meant rapper
2:36 PM <Hero of Time> lolololol
2:36 PM <Ventus> lol
2:36 PM <mandym287> :right:
2:36 PM <Hero of Time> But I guess the former is a black stereotype too
2:36 PM <Hero of Time> :right:
2:36 PM <mandym287> LMAO
2:37 PM <Ventus> xD
2:37 PM <TheRizardon> :xd:
2:37 PM <Thareous> 0_______________Q

The Joker

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Nov 24, 2011
At Amusement Mile
Topic interaction without interacting with the topic :lol:

5:17 PM <Locke> Nice strawman laz

lazarusryu Answered in thread :
If There Was a Perfect President but They Were Homosexual, Would You Vote for Them?

The Joker

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Nov 24, 2011
At Amusement Mile
I just gotta be me:

6:33 PM <mandym287> :silent:
6:33 PM <Vanessa28> ^^
6:33 PM <JuicieJ> Azure would be proud, Vio
6:33 PM <Spirit of Rutela> Mewtwo Strikes Back - Tears of Life - YouTube
6:32 PM * Violet continues watching SAO
6:32 PM <JuicieJ> D:
6:32 PM <mandym287> I'm not getting married
6:32 PM <lazarusryu> :D
6:32 PM * lazarusryu takes away Mandy's innocence
6:32 PM <JuicieJ> Wait until marriage!
6:32 PM <Violet> aww :<
6:32 PM <mandym287> being on the internet, that's kind of a fact
6:32 PM <mandym287> pffft
6:32 PM <mandym287> I'm going to lose my innocence sooner or later
6:32 PM <mandym287> I'm trying to accept the fact that I can't do anything about it


Sep 21, 2011
Under a freeway.
9:58 PM <MonkeyFightSquad> Sooory
9:58 PM <Locke> Monty Python - Lemon Curry?? - YouTube
9:58 PM <TheRizardon> how
9:58 PM <Atticus> can't handle all this sexiness
9:58 PM <Turo602> Eh, I'd sell it for a penny and a half.
9:58 PM <Atticus> gtfo MFS
9:58 PM <Locke> I should capture the entire transition in a gif...
9:58 PM <Dan> just sent her one
9:58 PM <Seth> Now there is an Anime song
9:58 PM <Locke> ikr
9:58 PM <A Link In Time> That face is priceless, Locke.
9:58 PM <Seth> South Park - Let's Fighting Love - YouTube
9:58 PM <MonkeyFightSquad> *Atticus
9:58 PM <A Link In Time> lol
9:58 PM * MonkeyFightSquad is sexier than mom.
9:58 PM <Locke> http://www.se.rit.edu/~dmw9070/Richa...orum-Drama.png
9:57 PM <Hero of Time> The Amazing Sulli-Van
9:57 PM <MonkeyFightSquad> Hey.
9:57 PM <TheRizardon>
9:57 PM * Thareous is Batman Beyond
9:56 PM * Hero of Time is Spider-Man
9:56 PM * Atticus is Sexy


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Jan 31, 2010
Yahtzee, Supernatural
Angel of Darkness
Ehm I'm talking about FRIES Turo...really :P

7:51 PM <Vanessa28> Oh so turo knows I'm stuffed???
7:51 PM <Turo602> Yeah, "french fries", but I ain't no small fry.
7:51 PM <Ventus> i wish i didn't have school Monday or Tuesday
7:50 PM <Ventus> you see Vee? Turo gives you french fries! he is a good person, he cares about you :>
7:50 PM <Turo602> Nerd
7:50 PM <Nicole> that's upsetting
7:50 PM <Nicole> nooo apparently I have no school Monday and Tuesday
7:50 PM <Ventus> lol TURO
7:49 PM <octorok74> Is that all you ate was French Fries?
7:49 PM <Turo602> I know you're STUFFED, you don't need to tell me.
7:49 PM <Vanessa28> I'm really stuffed. My brother ate the most
7:49 PM <bspurka> Im like 10 min away from the deleware river/bay fml
Koosholts Answered in thread : Which Song Are You Currently Listening To?
7:48 PM <octorok74> Nice Vanessa


Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male
Wow wow wee wa, log in a next I hear about mandy shaving her legs.
11:14 PM <mandym287> actually, I do get a bit lazier when it comes to shaving my legs in winter, but I still shave. Sometimes :rolleyes:
11:14 PM <Dan> I've taught you well
11:14 PM <Dan> neat threads guys
11:14 PM <mandym287> i wont :right:
univpark Answered in thread : Do You Feel the Pokémon Anime Has Had Its Decline?
lazarusryu Created thread : The Political Compass: Where Are You At?
11:14 PM <Ganondork> I'll be shaving next month anyway
11:13 PM <mandym287> so, apparently next month is "no shave month"?
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Mad haters lmao
May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
7:34 PM * Lord Vain sips tea
7:34 PM <Thareous> No prob.
7:34 PM <Dan> life = beyblade
7:34 PM <A Link In Time> lol
7:34 PM <Dan> sorry, I didn't see that
7:34 PM <Ventus> because life = happy
7:34 PM <Majora's Cat> if you can't life you must die
7:34 PM <Thareous> I addressed it to him, Dan.
7:34 PM <mandym287> when that derecho hit, I could have ZD from my phone
7:34 PM <Ventus> if you can't happy you can't life
7:34 PM <Thareous> <Thareous> New Link, friendly word of advice.
7:34 PM <A Link In Time> But still a ton.
7:34 PM <Majora's Cat> if you can't ZD you can't happy
7:34 PM <A Link In Time> Not enough people online right now to break the record.
7:34 PM <mandym287> you can with your phone service, Carbon
7:33 PM <Ventus> if you can't internet you can't ZD :/
7:33 PM <Dan> not us
7:33 PM <Dan> tell him that thar
7:33 PM <Ventus> if the power is out you can't internet
7:33 PM <Majora's Cat> charge everything sirs, charge everythinggggg
7:33 PM <Thareous> When you want to make topics like that, they're more appropriate for the blog section.
7:33 PM <A Link In Time> But whatever.
7:33 PM <Dan> no
7:33 PM <mandym287> so you can ZD from them

If you can't internet, you cannot ZD! xD
I'm Saraph Palin and Jenn is Girlwithafairy. The topic? Peeing of course.

[9:51:53 PM] Jenn Menzies: Its life
[9:51:58 PM] Sarah Palin: But I'll never be pregnant.
[9:51:59 PM] Sarah Palin: :P
[9:52:01 PM] Jenn Menzies: Ya
[9:52:06 PM] Jenn Menzies: Lucky men
[9:52:10 PM] Jenn Menzies: With their *****es and all....
[9:52:37 PM] Sarah Palin: lol
[9:52:42 PM] Sarah Palin: We can pee standing.
[9:52:44 PM] Sarah Palin: ;)
[9:52:51 PM] Jenn Menzies: I know right
[9:52:54 PM] Jenn Menzies: Lucky *******s
[9:53:02 PM] Jenn Menzies: Just whip it out whenever
[9:53:40 PM] Sarah Palin: lmao
[9:53:46 PM] Sarah Palin: You are hilarious.
[9:53:50 PM] Jenn Menzies: Serious
[9:53:55 PM] Jenn Menzies: Thats how I taught my kid
[9:54:01 PM] Jenn Menzies: Dont pee in the house or in your clothes
[9:54:05 PM] Jenn Menzies: Pee anywhere else
[9:54:21 PM] Jenn Menzies: Kid would wake up in the morn, step out the front door and pee of the porch
[9:54:24 PM] Jenn Menzies: Atta boy!
[9:54:54 PM] Sarah Palin: lol
[9:55:21 PM] Sarah Palin: But luckily when you need to pee, you can sit on it.
[9:55:23 PM] Sarah Palin: Guys can't.
[9:55:24 PM] Sarah Palin: :P
[9:55:29 PM] Sarah Palin: You can hold it in longer.
[9:55:45 PM] Jenn Menzies: That is a fallacy
[9:56:03 PM] Jenn Menzies: I wish it was true
[9:56:07 PM] Jenn Menzies: Holding is takes training
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Azure Sage

March onward forever...
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Discussing the flow of water from Lake Floria...
4:40 PM <Wolf Sage> o____________O
4:40 PM <Locke> Think about that next time you're hunting Tadtones
4:39 PM <Wolf Sage> Zelda games are notorious for leaving us guessing in regards to geography, etc... :/
4:39 PM <JuicieJ> Psh
4:39 PM <Locke> I KNOW
4:39 PM <Locke> WAIT
4:39 PM <Locke> Faron has a TARDIS stomach.
4:39 PM <Azure Sage> So it all goes into her stomach
4:38 PM <Azure Sage> Maybe Faron drinks it
4:38 PM <Locke> but that would flow /into/ Faron's chamber
4:38 PM <Wolf Sage> If there are, they're invisible...
4:38 PM <Locke> there's a waterfall by Cistern
4:38 PM <Azure Sage> lol JJ
4:38 PM <Wolf Sage> Who knows...
4:38 PM <Locke> Are there any outlets from Faron's chamber?
4:38 PM <Azure Sage> Or Faron's hall
4:38 PM <JuicieJ> Oh, wait...
4:38 PM <JuicieJ> Through King Zora's butt
4:38 PM <Azure Sage> To the ancient cistern area
4:38 PM <Locke> where does that water go, anyway?

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