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Jun 15, 2010
9:13 PM <Spiritofzant> hahahahha indeed quick make the petition =]
9:12 PM <Krazy4Krash> :lol:
9:12 PM <Krazy4Krash> operation windfall
9:12 PM <Krazy4Krash> that would be freaking awesome
9:11 PM <Spiritofzant> kind of wish wind waker was on 3ds

Kinda sad I'm the one posting this, isn't it?

Azure Sage

March onward forever...
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1:07 PM * octorok74 stops being creepy and just sits down.
1:07 PM <Ghirahimiscool> Thank you octo.
1:07 PM <Azure Sage> :lol:
1:07 PM <Azure Sage> lol Rok you're starting to get a little creepy
1:06 PM * Azure Sage hugs Spirit to see for himself
1:06 PM <octorok74> And both of you have nice smelling hair.
1:06 PM <Azure Sage> Spirit is soft?
1:06 PM <octorok74> You and Spirit both are.
1:06 PM <Ghirahimiscool> Me?
1:05 PM <octorok74> You are very soft.
1:05 PM * Spiritofzant hugs Octo back =]
1:05 PM <octorok74> I just felt like hugging you.
1:05 PM * octorok74 hugs Spirit.

Well well, what do we have here. :right:


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Jan 31, 2010
Yahtzee, Supernatural
Angel of Darkness
Freaking hilarious :xd:
2:45 PM <Vanessa28> Good thing for the next time I have to remind that!
2:44 PM <Spiritofzant> you should have trolled him and said yes and that it was where you met Laz =]
2:44 PM <Vanessa28> Yeah and we are in the same timezone
2:44 PM <Spiritofzant> lol dem timezones
2:44 PM <Vanessa28> LOL!! yeah Trio thought it was midnight and I had to leave to work in a nightclub or something
2:43 PM <Spiritofzant> And yeah still no Dan Vanessa =[
2:43 PM <Azure Sage> Dayum gurl
2:43 PM <Spiritofzant> I came in a bit too late earlier Vanessa, you had just left and all i saw were the words handcuffs and whip =3 now Trio has my reply in his siggy
This is from March 11, 2012. A little late to post it, but I was reminded of it last night, and oh my gawsh... it is just so hilarious to go unposted in this thread. Late-night conversations about poop are the best, you know. <3 Read bottom to top, as always.

Warning: the following conversation is an intense discussion about pee and poop and might be found disturbing for some viewers. Reader discretion is advised.
00:52 <Turo602> They say abortion is wrong but yet people flush their **** down the toilet...
00:52 <Hero of Time> loloing
00:52 <mandym287> Apparently, the girl's mom thought it was the Nurse's name who delivered her baby
00:52 <Ganondork> doing*
00:52 <Ganondork> what exactly am I already oing?
00:52 <Ganondork> you said I was doing something
00:52 <Ganondork> and Destiny
00:52 <Turo602> lol
00:52 <SixPortsofVain> Hackedon: What the **** is wrong with some people......
00:52 <mandym287> My sister's teacher had taught someone named Placenta once
00:52 <Ganondork> so I gave them what they wanted
00:52 <Hero of Time> At first I thought you were saying d***
00:52 <Ganondork> they said abortion was wrong
00:52 <mandym287> zora butt water is still better though
00:51 <Ganondork> I threw my fetus at my neighbors once
00:51 <Hero of Time> Turo
00:51 <Turo602> I'm awesome!
00:51 <mandym287> This is like human butt air
00:51 <Turo602> LOL!
00:51 <Destiny> Can't say I have.
00:51 <Ganondork> wat
00:51 <Turo602> Who has played with their **** and thrown it at someone's house?
00:50 <Hero of Time> And you end up waving your hand in front of it
00:50 <Destiny> oh god AHAHA
00:50 <Ganondork> looks like you guys see my piss
00:50 <Ganondork> it don't flush?
00:50 <Ganondork> I never go through motions
00:50 <Hero of Time> V
00:50 <mandym287> and it still doesn't flush
00:50 <mandym287> I hate when they don't sense you, so you go through to motions again
00:50 <Hero of Time> I didn't even know it was auto-flush
00:50 <Destiny> ,]]]
00:50 <Kazumi> seriously wut
00:49 <Hero of Time> And auto-flush scared the s*** out of me
00:49 <Turo602> It's an ******* thing not to see your child.
00:49 <Hero of Time> So I stood up
00:49 <Ganondork> the awkward moment when a baby comes out instead of poop
00:49 <Kazumi> oh god what did I walk into
00:49 <SixPortsofVain> Vain: Sunshine......
00:49 <Turo602> Because you just gave birth to it.
00:49 <Hero of Time> But I forgot to lock the door
00:49 <Destiny> I can't stop laughing
00:49 <Hero of Time> One time I sat down
00:49 <mandym287> Because... SCIENCE
00:49 <Ganondork> why are you observing your poop
00:49 <Hero of Time> But auto-flush says no
00:49 <Ganondork> Mandy
00:48 <Kazumi> Go to bed
00:48 <Hero of Time> I prefer to flush the poop and tp at the same time
00:48 <mandym287> they flush before I can see it
00:48 <Kazumi> What are all of you doing up so late
00:48 <Turo602> Who likes to see what they have given birth too before flushing?
00:48 <Destiny> Dude, I'm a girl.
00:48 <mandym287> I wanted to see how I did
00:48 <Ganondork> LMFAO
00:48 <Ganondork> LOL IT DIDN'T CENSOR
00:48 <mandym287> Another reason to not poop in public restrooms.
00:48 <SixPortsofVain> > ::>
00:48 <Ganondork> why are youfgggggggggggg in a public area?
00:48 <Hero of Time> V
00:48 <Ganondork> Destiny...
00:48 <mandym287> V
00:48 <Destiny> I hate auto flush, who whipes while sitting down?
00:48 <Turo602> v
00:47 <Ganondork> AUTO FLUSH IS A TROLL
00:47 <Turo602> Hahahaha!
00:47 <Hero of Time> I hate when the toilet is auto-flush
00:47 <Ganondork> LOL MANDY
00:47 <Ganondork> EWWWWW
00:47 <Destiny> You are already doing--
00:47 <mandym287> I don't know how many times I peed myself in first grade
00:47 <Turo602> LOL!
00:47 <Ganondork> is our love forbidden, Destiny?
00:46 <mandym287> Lol, Terbium. When I was in first grade, I was afraid of automatic flush toilets, so I never went at school
00:46 <Destiny> Because we are both part of a harem(?)
00:46 <Hero of Time> It made my fart box bleed
00:46 <Hero of Time> I pooped earlier
00:46 <Thareous> Kazumi, check your profile.
00:46 <Ganondork> why you forbidden
00:46 <Turo602> Felt 100 times better.
00:46 <Destiny> Also, GD, Kazumi and I are forbidden to date.
00:46 <mandym287> Follow it every single day
00:46 <Turo602> I held it for a whole day once.
00:46 <mandym287> I have a pee schedule at school
00:46 <Hero of Time> And then you're up until 1 in the morning taking a dump you've been holding for 15 hours
00:45 <Turo602> I don't, I have a record.
00:45 <Ganondork> but only if it's an emergency
00:45 <Destiny> Kazumi tell them I was laughing hard
00:45 <mandym287> the magical poop
00:45 <Ganondork> I take a leak in school
00:45 <Hero of Time> But then right before you go to bed, it returns
00:45 <Turo602> I like dumping in the comfort of my own home.
00:45 <Ganondork> no...I still gotta go
00:45 <Turo602> I never use the bathroom in school
00:45 <mandym287> Lol
00:45 <Hero of Time> And then you get home and you don't have to go anymore
00:45 <Ganondork> V
00:45 <Turo602> We have 4 minutes
00:45 <Ganondork> THIS BURNS
00:45 <Ganondork> AND I WAS LIKE
00:44 <Ganondork> I HAD TO GO SO BAD IN 3RD PERIOD
00:44 <Turo602> Same here. 00:44 <Hero of Time> because we only have 6 minutes between classes
00:44 <Ganondork> OH GOD YES
00:44 <Turo602> I've been working on it all day.
00:44 <Hero of Time> I hate when I have to hold a poop in all day at school
00:44 <Turo602> Come on!
00:44 <Ganondork> I never go and take a **** outside of my house
00:44 <Thareous> 'Course he will.
00:44 <Destiny> No thank you
00:44 <Turo602> I made it from scratch
00:44 <mandym287> And then end up holding it all day because public restrooms suck for pooping
00:44 <Kappa> lol yep that's the kind of advice we give our children
00:44 * Turo602 offers Destiny a nice warm cup of fart
00:44 <Ganondork> ilu
00:44 <mandym287> I hate when I leave for school and have to poop
00:44 <Thareous> Strawberry Avalanche: Oh, isn't it? No it's not stop saying that!
00:44 <Ganondork> Destiny
00:44 <Hero of Time> Or at least make sure someone else is home while you poop
00:43 <Destiny> He won't come to tell you
00:43 <Hero of Time> After ordering something online, wait at least two weeks to poop.
00:43 <Hero of Time> Important Life Lesson:
00:43 <mandym287> http://pancake-community.webs.com/evil-laugh.wav
00:42 <Thareous> He has yet to reply, though.
00:42 <Thareous> I asked Kazumi how hard Destiny was laughing. :>
00:42 <Ganondork> someone like Nicole or Xinn's voice on you would be awkward
00:42 <Destiny> I'm pretty sure Wyatt has files of my laughing
00:42 <mandym287> I have a different laugh every day, I swear
00:42 <Ganondork> I think your voice fits you
00:42 <Hero of Time> They just had it sitting in the back room
00:42 <Turo602> They leave so quickly.
00:42 <Destiny> and yes mandy
00:41 <Destiny> Oh god no I don't
00:41 <mandym287> so he became constipated
00:41 <Turo602> I hate how they don't give you enough time to wipe your ***.
00:41 <mandym287> And he didn't poop for that entire time
00:41 <Ganondork> Destiny actually has a nice laugh
00:41 <Thareous> Chocolate Surprise: Oh please let us talk like this!
00:41 <Hero of Time> But then I just gave up and went to the post office
00:41 <Hero of Time> I waited two weeks for them to mail the soundtrack again
00:41 <mandym287> Then we'd have Neon-laugh.wav
00:41 <mandym287> He should record it, and speed it up
00:41 <Ganondork> DestinyxKazumi
00:41 <mandym287> Were you voice chatting at the same time, Neon?
00:40 <Turo602> Why can't we just ask you?
00:40 <Destiny> ask Kazumi how hard I was laughing
00:40 <Tony> I remember that xD
00:40 <Ganondork> OH GOD
00:40 <Thareous> Vanilla Creme: But talking like this is so cool.
00:40 <mandym287> XTRUSION DELUSION
00:40 <Tony> HoT didn't you tell us that in ye ol SB?
00:40 <mandym287> Yes, Antimony
00:40 <Ganondork> LMFAO
00:40 <Thareous> Strawberry Avalanche: No, stop it now. I said no StoryBook.
00:40 <mandym287> we couldn't talk about such mature topics in the IRC
00:40 <Tony> Oh was this the story of him and the OoT soundtrack?
00:40 * Ganondork falls on the floor laughing
00:40 <SixPortsofVain> Derezzidara: When can I blow this place up?
00:40 <mandym287> This it why I missed the SB
00:39 <Destiny> AHHA
00:39 <Destiny> I CAN'T
00:39 <Ganondork> LOL
00:39 <Ganondork> I CAN'T STOP LAUGHING
00:39 <Hero of Time> Saying I had to go to the post office to get it
00:39 <Destiny> laughing so hard right now
00:39 <Hero of Time> So they just left and put a note on the door
00:39 <Turo602> and I ate it
00:39 <Ganondork> LOL
00:39 <mandym287> here it comes
00:39 <Hero of Time> I was pooping
00:39 <Thareous> Chocolate Surprise: But it is so interesting.
00:39 <Hero of Time> But when mine came
00:39 <Ganondork> holy ****
00:39 <Hero of Time> So apparently you had to sign off to get the OoT soundtrack
00:39 <Ganondork> Destiny is so interested
00:39 <Thareous> Vanilla Creme: You know that won't happen.
00:38 <mandym287> I remember in Spanish class everyone was discussing their poop schedules
00:38 <Turo602> FART!
00:38 <Destiny> Please tell me it, HoT.
00:38 <Destiny> No, shh, I want to hear his story.
00:38 <mandym287> He has bowel movements too often
00:38 <Hero of Time> lolololol
00:38 <Ganondork> GDI
00:38 <Ganondork> STOP POOPING
00:38 * Turo602 points at GD
00:38 <Ganondork> HOT
00:38 <Destiny> Tell me this story, HoT
00:38 <Destiny> HAHAH
00:38 <Destiny> LLOLL MANDY
00:38 <Turo602> He started it!
00:38 <Hero of Time> lolyes
00:37 <Ganondork> ...
00:37 <Thareous> Okay, we're going a bit far here.
00:37 <Kappa> are you guys bi?
00:37 <Destiny> Okay, you guys are done.
00:37 * Turo602 tongue punches Hero of Time's mom in her fart box...
00:37 <mandym287> Holmium, remember when you missed the OoT3D soundtrack because you were pooping?
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Mad haters lmao
May 26, 2010
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10:01 AM <VanitasXII> idk lol
10:01 AM <Kybyrian> who doesn't want aimbot and a full auto M14
10:01 AM <VanitasXII> seen an aimbot use SPAS12 and he killed people from extremely long range in one shot..
10:01 AM <Kybyrian> of course
10:00 AM <VanitasXII> aimbotters in MW3 love the M14 as well as UMP45.
10:00 AM <Kybyrian> and the M14 in MW3 is awesome too
10:00 AM <VanitasXII> oddly enough, i could trigger tap ANY other gun EXCEPT that one
9:59 AM <Kybyrian> with ext mags
9:59 AM <VanitasXII> oh God not the FN FAL
9:59 AM <Kybyrian> 2.9 KDR I believe
9:59 AM <VanitasXII> i actually can't remember what I had on the Galil. my little bro and I would absolutely destroy in BO but I forget what we ran
9:59 AM <Kybyrian> FAL, I used the FAL most in Black Ops
9:59 AM <Kybyrian> I also used M16 w/ holo in MW2
9:59 AM <blue-eyes> FAMAS was my best gun in Black Ops
9:58 AM <Kybyrian> Silenced Galil was good
9:58 AM <VanitasXII> I love AUG w/ iron sights. It worked far better than with any scope, imo
9:58 AM <Kybyrian> I think I changed a lot
9:58 AM <Kybyrian> Commando, Galil, AUG, can't remember what I frequented
9:57 AM <Kybyrian> I personally used the AUG HBAR with grip because it was like a more versatile AR with a better clip
9:57 AM <VanitasXII> i used Galil/AUG in BO, also Commando whenever I had it
9:57 AM <Kybyrian> I think in MW2 people abused UMP 45 silenced w/ Cold Blooded
9:57 AM <Kybyrian> Really the FAMAS? I think I generally used the AUG or something like that
9:56 AM <VanitasXII> I have M4A1 w/ Silence and Breath (breath helps me out a LOT)

See, Kybyrian can be an admin of a Zelda site yet still talk Call of Duty! Liking one doesn't cancel your love of the other! :)


Nov 12, 2010
Me and Atticus have such a healthy friendship

[10:52:10 PM] Atticus: LMFAO
[10:52:12 PM] Atticus: IMMA JUST HUG YOU
[10:52:14 PM] Atticus: YOU HUG ME
[10:52:16 PM] Atticus: I'LL HUG BACK
[10:52:21 PM] Atticus: AND THEN YOU'LL HUG BACK
[10:52:25 PM] Atticus: **** LOGIC
[10:52:31 PM] Keith: IT'LL BE SUCH A LONG HUG
[10:52:35 PM] Keith: SO AWKWARD
[10:52:38 PM] Keith: HEY ATTICUS
[10:52:48 PM] Atticus: YEAH
[10:52:50 PM] Atticus: LET'S HUG
[10:52:53 PM] Atticus: TILL 2069
[10:52:55 PM] Keith: Keith hug
[10:52:56 PM] Atticus: Atticus hug
[10:52:59 PM] Keith: Keith hug
[10:53:00 PM] Atticus: Atticus hug
[10:53:03 PM] Keith: Keith hug
[10:53:05 PM] Atticus: Atticus hug
[10:53:06 PM] Keith: Keith hug
[10:53:06 PM] Atticus: Atticus hug
[10:53:08 PM] Keith: Keith hug
[10:53:08 PM] Atticus: Atticus hug
[10:53:10 PM] Keith: Keith hug
[10:53:10 PM] Atticus: Atticus hug
[10:53:12 PM] Keith: Keith hug
[10:53:12 PM] Atticus: Atticus hug
[10:53:13 PM] Keith: Keith hug
[10:53:14 PM] Atticus: Atticus hug
[10:53:16 PM] Keith: Keith hug
[10:53:16 PM] Atticus: Atticus hug
[10:53:17 PM] Keith: Keith hug
[10:53:18 PM] Atticus: Atticus hug
[10:53:19 PM] Keith: Keith hug
[10:53:20 PM] Atticus: Atticus hug
[10:53:21 PM] Keith: Keith hug
[10:53:22 PM] Atticus: Atticus hug
[10:53:23 PM] Keith: Keith hug
[10:53:23 PM] Atticus: Atticus hug
[10:53:25 PM] Atticus: Atticus hug
[10:53:42 PM] Keith: Keith hug
[10:53:47 PM] Atticus: Atticus hug
[10:53:49 PM] Keith: Keith hug
[10:53:49 PM] Atticus: Atticus hug
[10:53:52 PM] Keith: Keith hug
[10:53:53 PM] Atticus: Atticus hug
[10:53:53 PM] Keith: Keith hug
[10:53:54 PM] Atticus: Atticus hug
[10:53:56 PM] Keith: Keith hug
[10:53:56 PM] Atticus: Atticus hug
[10:53:58 PM] Keith: Keith hug
[10:53:58 PM] Atticus: Atticus hug
[10:54:01 PM] Keith: Keith hug

Update: we are now more than friends.

[11:06:59 PM] Keith: I'm gonna find you one day
[11:07:01 PM] Keith: And be like
[11:07:06 PM] Keith: OMGZ UR ATEEKISS
[11:07:13 PM] Keith: LES MEK LOTSA LUV
[11:07:29 PM] Keith: And you'll be like
[11:07:38 PM] Keith: And I'll say
[11:07:39 PM] Keith: NO.
[11:07:47 PM] Keith: And you'll run away crying, and get hit by a bus
[11:07:53 PM] Keith: And I'll cry over your corpse
[11:07:56 PM] Keith: Saying
[11:08:16 PM] Keith: I WUN LUV U FOREVA; I'L LUV U 5EVA
[11:09:22 PM] Atticus: omg
[11:09:26 PM] Atticus: better love story than twilight
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Mar 20, 2012
Canberra, Australia
That's not 12 minutes. And it doesn't beat SK and Fi's 10-minute kiss.
D'aaawwwwww, someone needs a 12 minute hug! Get over here Locke. <3

[11:31:36 PM] Wyatt looks at his hands
[11:31:40 PM] Wyatt: Wyatt is growing fur
[11:31:42 PM] Wyatt: Wyatt has claws
[11:31:44 PM] Wyatt: Wyatt is a bear
[11:32:13 PM] Wyatt: Wyatt takes off his pants
[11:32:16 PM] Wyatt: Wyatt spaghetti flies everywhere
[11:32:47 PM] Wyatt: Wyatt picks up Axzle
[11:32:54 PM] Wyatt: Wyatt throw Axzle against a tree
What is this-
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12:08 AM <A Link In Time> You're mocking Spirit now with "=]".
12:08 AM <LegendOfZelda> yes we are!
12:08 AM <Thareous> You misspelled misspell. :bleh
12:08 AM <JuicieJ> I didn't know :/
12:08 AM <JuicieJ> oh
12:08 AM <Leela> He's mocking me =] :lol:
12:08 AM <LegendOfZelda> lol
12:08 AM <Wolf Sage> She uses "lol" a lot..
12:08 AM <Thareous> *misspelling
12:08 AM <VanitasXII> omg get out JJ
12:07 AM <A Link In Time> Sup, Leela. :lol: It's been awhile.:lol: How are you? :lol:
12:07 AM <JuicieJ> What's so funny about that
12:07 AM <Wolf Sage> v@LoZ
12:07 AM <VanitasXII> lol LOZ
12:07 AM <A Link In Time> lmao LoZ
12:07 AM * Wolf Sage barfs
12:07 AM <Leela> Hey LoZ :lol:
12:07 AM <A Link In Time> I recall mispelling Thar's username that way earlier.
12:07 AM <LegendOfZelda> Hey Leela :lol: what's up:lol: see ya!:lol:
12:07 AM <A Link In Time>
12:07 AM <Wolf Sage> Lemme guess, the omission of the "r" was intentional?
12:07 AM <VanitasXII> Nope, Leela.
12:07 AM <A Link In Time> You use that emoticon way too often.
12:06 AM <A Link In Time> Nope, Leela.
12:06 AM <Leela> Is Atticus here? :lol:

:lol: emoticon overload. :lol:
More evidence. EVIDENCE, I TELL YOU!
1:55 PM <mandym287> IT'S BLUE BACON
1:54 PM <Linkdude74> Hmm. I think it'd be too dark
1:54 PM <Linkdude74> Ganon bacon?
1:53 PM <Beeker> MY BACON TREE.
1:53 PM <Beeker> O:
1:53 PM <mandym287> ADUYA
1:53 PM <Azure Sage> The most heplless meat in the market
1:53 PM <mandym287> ADUYA = hepl in spanish
1:53 PM <Josie> lol Azure
1:53 PM <Azure Sage> It's the King of Evil Bacon
1:53 PM * Ghirahimiscool discovers the sacred bacon tree
1:53 PM <mandym287> if Tasuke is help in Japanese, then... Ketasu is hepl
1:52 PM <Azure Sage> Flavored with the power of the Triforce of Power
1:52 PM <Azure Sage> Ganon bacon
1:52 PM <Beeker> Wonder what that would look like...
1:52 PM <Ghirahimiscool> Whats Gani?
1:52 PM <Josie> There might be Ganon bacon out there
1:52 PM * Azure Sage catches Gic like a boss
1:52 PM <Beeker> Crabpig?
1:52 PM <mandym287> might want to point out the crab thing for the dark world being yummy thing
1:52 PM * Ghirahimiscool trips and falls
1:52 PM <Atticus> roast me some gani
1:52 PM <Azure Sage> But crab is tastier than pig.
1:52 PM <mandym287> he already is tasty
1:51 PM <mandym287> he is already a pig
1:51 PM <Josie> Ganon is Ganon not a crab
1:51 PM <Azure Sage> :Q_
1:51 PM <Azure Sage> Suddenly, Ganondorf is more tasty than threatening...
1:51 PM <Atticus> lmao
1:51 PM <Azure Sage> lol
1:51 PM * mandym287 dies
1:51 PM <mandym287> so apparently "gani" means "crab" in Japanese. ¬_¬

Azure Sage

March onward forever...
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3:18 PM <Chilfo Freeze> Meh. ;)
3:18 PM * Azure Sage runs away like a crybaby
3:18 PM <Chilfo Freeze> gah, meh,
3:18 PM * Awesome glombs the asker of glimps in fact
3:18 PM <Chilfo Freeze> No, Azure!
3:18 PM <Chilfo Freeze> :kawaii:
3:18 PM * Azure Sage cries
3:18 PM <Chilfo Freeze> Awesome, why don't you glomp me, huh?
3:18 PM <Azure Sage> Meh? You're saying "meh" at my hug? :kawaii:
3:18 PM <Awesome> Azure in fact glomps Chilfo
3:17 PM * Chilfo Freeze ouch
3:17 PM <Chilfo Freeze> Meh, hi
3:17 PM * Azure Sage glomps Chilfo
3:17 PM <Azure Sage> CHILFOOOOOOOO
3:17 PM <Chilfo Freeze> pffft



Mad haters lmao
May 26, 2010
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ome to the Dungeon Gaming Network.
10:47:27 PM Dungeon Gaming Network Shoutbox [Archives]
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10:47 PM <VanitasXII> this shoutbox
10:47 PM <VanitasXII> LOL
10:47 PM <Trio the Punch> Not recover it
10:47 PM <Atticus> orly
10:47 PM <mandym287>
10:47 PM <Trio the Punch> Because that would drain more stamina
10:47 PM <mandym287> so you never actually know what they're doing in there
10:46 PM <Majora's Cat> atticus, I have just the cure
10:46 PM <mandym287> you can't see inside the house
10:46 PM <Hero of Time> http://narwhaler.com/img/ys/x/i-see-...man-YsX3vo.jpg
10:46 PM <mandym287> how do you know, Ununtrium?
10:46 PM <Trio the Punch> Wait, the lady who heals you doesn't have sex with you
10:46 PM <Linkdude74> First time I ever had that happen playing that game
10:46 PM <Atticus> My hate for OoT Water Temple shall never perish.
10:46 PM <mandym287> http://pancake-community.webs.com/po...and-yummeh.png
10:46 PM <mandym287> pointeh and yummeh
10:45 PM <Trio the Punch> The spear thing where the moblin legit rapes you
10:45 PM <Hero of Time> GDI
10:45 PM <Hero of Time> Make Link bang Navi
10:45 PM <Linkdude74> Yeah
10:45 PM <Atticus> lol, That's great Van.
10:45 PM <mandym287> you mean the lady who "heals" you?
10:45 PM <Trio the Punch> With a Moblin?
10:45 PM <VanitasXII> everyone does, LD74 ;P
10:45 PM <Linkdude74> I think I just made link have sex in Zelda II
I am 12 and wat is this


Not all those who wander are lost...
Oct 8, 2011
40 lights off the Galactic Rim
Skype chat between me and Arkvoodle: For mature audiences only.

[2:21:34 PM] Arkvoodle: I'm in full crisis mode right now
[2:21:58 PM] Arkvoodle: I have to sort out money, buses, clothes, hair, face, phone and other things all by saturday.
[2:22:02 PM] Arkvoodle: I have to time things just right.
[2:22:12 PM] Arkvoodle: And I have to make most of the planning on friday. @_@
[2:22:18 PM] Arkvoodle: FIRST OF ALL
[2:22:28 PM] Arkvoodle: Clothes arent' a huge problem. I can probably have an outfit sorted by tomorrow.
[2:22:40 PM] Arkvoodle: Secondly, my hat has gone missing and thus I cannot get my hair the way it should be
[2:22:59 PM] Arkvoodle: Third- it's sunny and now I have a literal **** tonne of freckles. Thanks sun.
[2:23:43 PM] Arkvoodle: Fourth- I have about $23, most of it's in change. $10 of it needs to go into my phone and $4.50 for the bus. That leaves $8.50 for other ****
[2:24:25 PM] LoZ: That's some real Mission Impossible **** you got going on there.
[2:24:38 PM] Arkvoodle: So, the biggest problem I have right now is sorting bus timetables so I can get to the location on time in accordance with the other person
[2:24:49 PM] Arkvoodle: If we don't meet up at rougly within 5 minutes of the other one, ****'s gonna blow up
[2:24:54 PM] LoZ: lol
[2:24:59 PM] LoZ: Good luck Bond.
[2:24:59 PM] Arkvoodle: I'm serious, LoZ.
[2:25:04 PM] Arkvoodle: **** will literally explode.
[2:25:09 PM] Arkvoodle: So.
[2:25:20 PM] LoZ: What the hell have you got yourself into?
[2:25:42 PM] Arkvoodle: I have to meet this person on saturday between 9 and 12. We must meet within 5 mintues of the other and then I must also arrange for my boss to deliver some documents to me that need to be read over, signed and passed back at that moment.
[2:25:59 PM] LoZ: This is some real movie **** lol
[2:26:09 PM] Arkvoodle: I can't have the person i'm meeting up with reading them, so they can go fetch me a drink which will take about 3 minutes
[2:26:16 PM] Arkvoodle: That leaves me 3 minu- i'm ****ing with you.
[2:26:24 PM] LoZ: I know you are lol
[2:26:27 PM] Arkvoodle: But srsly
[2:26:28 PM] LoZ: great story though
[2:26:30 PM] Arkvoodle: I do need to do most of that ****
[2:26:46 PM] LoZ: This convo is going on ZD :D
[2:27:22 PM] Arkvoodle: Meet up with person, meet up with boss, sign papers, give papers back, go with person, have fun and then go down to the winchester and have a nice cold drink while all of this blows over.
[2:27:36 PM] LoZ: Sounds fun.
[2:27:52 PM] Arkvoodle: It will be.
[2:27:59 PM] Arkvoodle: But seriously help me find my hat I need it. v_v
[2:28:09 PM] LoZ: I'll help you.
[2:28:14 PM] LoZ: I'll look around my house.
[2:28:16 PM] Arkvoodle: I'll get you on the next plane.
[2:28:21 PM] LoZ: deal
[2:28:27 PM] Arkvoodle: You leave in 10 minutes
[2:28:30 PM] Arkvoodle: Hurry up now.
[2:28:30 PM] LoZ: Oh ****!
[2:28:39 PM | Edited 2:28:48 PM] LoZ: *start badass background music*
[2:28:47 PM] Arkvoodle: I'm actually serious i'm booking you a flight right now.
[2:28:49 PM] Arkvoodle: Where do you live?
[2:29:04 PM] LoZ: Stupidassville, Texas.
[2:29:14 PM] Arkvoodle: Bueno.
[2:30:21 PM] LoZ: I found it. Unfortunately, it's covered in cow ****....don't ask.
[2:30:21 PM] Arkvoodle: You leave from the 02 Ranch Airport in Alpine, Texas in 10 minutes.
[2:30:32 PM] LoZ: Okay
[2:30:44 PM] Arkvoodle: You'll get on the 738 to Arkvoodania.
[2:31:00 PM] Arkvoodle: And then, you'll board the black bus, not the white one to get to the location.
[2:31:07 PM] Arkvoodle: You'll be briefed on the situation there.
[2:31:08 PM] LoZ: understood
[2:31:14 PM] Arkvoodle: I'm counting on you, Mr Loz.
[2:31:25 PM] LoZ: You can count on me. I won't let you down, sir.
[2:31:47 PM] Arkvoodle: By the way if you fail, your genetalia will be pulped and fed to you.
[2:31:56 PM] Arkvoodle: Good luck.
[2:31:57 PM] LoZ: :O
[2:32:00 PM] Arkvoodle: Arkvoodle turns off the screen
[2:33:00 PM] Arkvoodle: Arkvoodle turns screen back on
[2:33:12 PM] LoZ: *and catches LoZ masturbating.
[2:33:13 PM] Arkvoodle: Agent, pick me up a tea on your way there. Two sugars please and very little milk.
[2:33:17 PM] Arkvoodle: Oj
[2:33:18 PM] Arkvoodle: Oh
[2:33:20 PM] Arkvoodle: Oh god
[2:33:21 PM] Arkvoodle: Age-...
[2:33:26 PM] Arkvoodle: *takes picture*
[2:33:29 PM] Arkvoodle: Arkvoodle turns off screen


Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male
8:36 AM <Dan> No normal feat
8:36 AM <Awesome> and you shake it all about
8:36 AM <Awesome> put your head in
8:36 AM <Dan> you are speaking with the website itself
8:36 AM <Awesome> put your head out
8:36 AM <ZeldaDungeon> Double slap? ;o
8:36 AM <Dan> Watch yourself awesome
8:36 AM <Awesome> Put your head in
8:35 AM <Trio the Punch> Slap your slap your elbows you do it like this
8:35 AM <Awesome> wow you know it's late when we're actually having such a ******** conversation in the SB
8:35 AM <Trio the Punch> slap your elbows you do it like this
8:35 AM <ZeldaDungeon> Did I do it right.
8:35 AM <_VioLink_> gghg gb vrtngntx h gn gdj h) h fjfjfh zhzd k/ zh. J ZHN:
8:35 AM <ZeldaDungeon> abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz
8:35 AM <_VioLink_> like dis
8:35 AM <ZeldaDungeon> Oh, ohkay.
8:35 AM <_VioLink_> just,bash your keyboard
8:34 AM <Awesome> in an attempt to spell
8:34 AM <ZeldaDungeon> asdf
8:34 AM <Awesome> mash fingers against things in front of you
Heroine of Time Answered in thread : Writing Community Competition: Week 7
8:34 AM <ZeldaDungeon> How do type.
8:34 AM <Awesome> lesson 2: press enter
8:34 AM <Awesome> lesson 1: type letters
8:34 AM <ZeldaDungeon> Please teach me.



9:29 AM <JuicieJ> SS knows how to treat a gamer right
9:28 AM <Spiritofzant> **** you early morning grammar mistakes.
9:28 AM <Dan> XD
9:28 AM <Spiritofzant> But it still makes a lot of nice, moves around and has a hole.. tell her that too
9:27 AM <Dan> Will do JJ
9:27 AM <JuicieJ>
9:27 AM <JuicieJ> That SS is a video game
9:27 AM <Dan> Oh spirit ;p
9:27 AM <JuicieJ> Tell my obssessed girlfriend

My signature generating a hilarious conversation between Spirit and JJ XD
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