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Funny or Memorable IM or Shoutbox Conversations.


Braava Braava
Feb 18, 2010
Soul Sanctum
Something i witnessed as i tabbed into the forums.... It is the single greatest thing ever.

5:39 PM - Satan:
ravioli ravioli give me the formuoli
5:39 PM - G-King:
They will never gain new ones doing what they do
5:38 PM - G-King:
existing fans
5:38 PM - Curmudgeon:
5:38 PM - G-King:
All their games appeal to the same people


The game is on!
[2015-07-23 21:36:34] LittleGumball: OH BOY
[2015-07-23 21:56:18] Pendio: Read that in Mickey Mouse's voice XD
[2015-07-23 22:13:55] LittleGumball: you're supposed to c:
[2015-07-23 22:26:33] PatCat: Don't tell Pendio what he's "supposed" to do :P
[2015-07-23 22:27:04] LittleGumball: don't tell me not to tell Pendio what he's supposed to do
[2015-07-23 22:27:36] Pendio: Don't tell Pat not to tell you not to tell me what I'm suposed to do!
[2015-07-23 22:27:40]PatCat: Don't tell me not to tell you not to tell Pendio what he's supposed to do
[2015-07-23 22:27:43] Pendio: lol
[2015-07-23 22:28:08] LittleGumball: help
[2015-07-23 22:28:11] LittleGumball: i need an adult


Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male

  • 9:31 PM - Repentance: Although there was that one girl who thought that only black people could get AIDS and said it on television
    9:31 PM - Repentance: when she got AIDS
    9:31 PM - Azure Sage: lmao
    9:31 PM - Repentance: I thought that was an African disease, you only see black kids on the TV
    9:31 PM - Azure Sage: some people man
    9:33 PM - Repentance: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=bqTz0mH_Oc0
    9:33 PM - Azure Sage: The petition goes on to say that the chain's logo "stereotypes European Americans as people who sit on chairs and lean against what appears to be a bourbon barrel, claiming we are all a bunch of alcoholics."
    9:33 PM - Repentance: She calls Africa a country too
    9:33 PM - Repentance: "I didn't realize a white person had ever had it"
    9:34 PM - Repentance: That's the video of it I just linked.
    9:34 PM - Pendio replied to thread Funny or Memorable IM or Shoutbox Conversations.
    9:35 PM - Dan: She probably caught it from an African
    9:36 PM - Azure Sage: lmfao
    9:39 PM - Repentance: I doubt anyone like that would ever sleep with an African. she thinks they are a different species
    9:40 PM - Dan: Didn't you say once you wouldn't date someone if they slept with a black person? ;p
    9:41 PM - Azure Sage: sounds like mases. why else would he ban ventus :ananger:
    9:41 PM - Dan: Rumors about Random Guy being black were also quite big back then
    9:42 PM - Dan: No wonder he hid under that mask in his videos
    9:42 PM - Dan: Some say Random guy is Ventus


The game is on!
12:52 AM - Dan:
Zorth I need you to get rid of someone, I'll pay you 400ZD gold

12:56 AM - Zorth:
no, only fence paint accepted

12:57 AM - Pendio:
I will get the job done for 800ZD gold.

12:58 AM - Mellow Ezlo:
Pendio: I'm just chewing on my nuts

12:59 AM - Kingofhuklebery:

12:59 AM - Kingofhuklebery:
I'll get rid of them.

12:59 AM - Kingofhuklebery:
And their family members and closest friends.p

12:59 AM - Kingofhuklebery:
For free.

12:59 AM - Dan:
All the paint has been stolen though

12:59 AM - Kingofhuklebery:
All records will vanish.

12:59 AM - Kingofhuklebery:
This person will have never existed.

1:00 AM - Kingofhuklebery:
So who is it?

1:00 AM - Dan:
I need you to assassinate Axle the Beast's son Pendio

1:00 AM - Kingofhuklebery:

1:00 AM - Kingofhuklebery:
No. Pendio has immunity from assassins like me.

1:00 AM - Kingofhuklebery:
He's too awesome.

1:01 AM - Dan:
Huk you are too precious to get lost in action

1:01 AM - Kingofhuklebery:
Also, them I would have to assassinate Ari too.

1:01 AM - Dan:
You're like an overgrown man bear

Link Floyd

ᵒⁿ ᵗʰᵉ ʳᵘⁿ
Sep 23, 2014
7:16 PM - Ari: :cool:
7:15 PM - Dan: Unfortunately the station gets taken over by totalitarian aliens that look like humans unless you wear rad sunglasses.
7:14 PM - Ari waits patiently for the regularly scheduled program to return
7:13 PM - Dan: We'll be back after these commercials
7:13 PM - Linkdude74: slugsy
7:12 PM - Ari gasps dramatically
7:12 PM - Dan: A bricklayer based in leeds
7:12 PM - Dan: Than Paul Simon
7:12 PM - Dan: Is none other
7:12 PM - Dan: My pigtailed friend
7:12 PM - Dan: That
7:11 PM - Dan replied to thread What is Your Mood at the Moment?
7:11 PM - Ari: lol who is that
7:10 PM - Dan: http://axlethebeast.com/images/blog/2013/08/WhereHaveIBeen-MonstersMyFriend-Intro.jpg
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Spiritual Mask Salesman

CHIMer Dragonborn
Staff member
Comm. Coordinator
Site Staff
[21:41:42:UTC] Spiritual Mask Salesman : and damn nobody is replying
[21:41:23:UTC] Spiritual Mask Salesman : Maybe the only thing which can hold the fro is Axle's magical stank hat?
[21:40:49:UTC] the8thark : replied to thread Dragon Quest XI Coming to Nintendo NX
[21:40:40:UTC] Spiritual Mask Salesman : Maybe it smells like Axle's stank hat?
[21:39:57:UTC] Spiritual Mask Salesman : I wonder what Mases' fro smells like?
[21:39:33:UTC] Spiritual Mask Salesman : Magic...
[21:39:02:UTC] Spiritual Mask Salesman : it's the only explanation
[21:38:35:UTC] Spiritual Mask Salesman : It must be magical hair!
[21:38:19:UTC] Spiritual Mask Salesman : the thickness, the curls
[21:37:59:UTC] Spiritual Mask Salesman : they have common properties
[21:37:02:UTC] Spiritual Mask Salesman : oh yeah
[21:36:34:UTC] Azure Sage : axle's hair has similar properties as mases' afro
[21:36:25:UTC] Spiritual Mask Salesman : it's the only reason it doesn't melt his head
[21:36:05:UTC] Spiritual Mask Salesman : I'm telling you, it's his thick hair
[21:35:47:UTC] Spiritual Mask Salesman : 5:05 PM - Curmudgeon: melt anything except axle's head
[21:35:18:UTC] Spiritual Mask Salesman : 5:02 PM - Dan: It's gastronomical power can melt nearly any substance
[21:34:19:UTC] Shironagi : what the magic butt truffle?
[21:34:03:UTC] Spiritual Mask Salesman : only entity that's managed to nearly rival The Great Fro is Axle's smelly hat.
[21:33:28:UTC] Azure Sage : free him
[21:33:23:UTC] Azure Sage : https://40.media.tumblr.com/3f8eabd0722d76e3a8bb138cec8dad67/tumblr_nkux9mu9NL1qb5gkjo1_540.jpg
[21:24:54:UTC] Dan : Golly Jolly Forever
[21:24:42:UTC] Dan : And MattMV7's return to the music scene
[21:24:07:UTC] Dan : Merc's baby Batman!
[21:23:44:UTC] Dan : Huk's return as a mature adult!
[21:23:34:UTC] Dan : Yeah! Think of all the memes you will miss!
[21:20:58:UTC] Terminus : Jamie no you have so much to live for
[21:15:03:UTC] Repentance : lmao
[21:14:12:UTC] Dan : I had no idea you felt like this
[21:14:00:UTC] Dan : Jamie I suggest you look at the suicide thread
[21:13:37:UTC] Repentance : I'd lick the inside of his hat for $20
[21:13:37:UTC] Azure Sage : i don;'t want axle cooties on my tongue
[21:13:24:UTC] Azure Sage : ewwwww
[21:12:56:UTC] JC-Hurin : Would you lick the inside of it for £200?
[21:12:25:UTC] Azure Sage : do you think he sleeps with it every night
[21:11:54:UTC] Dan : According to his Sister's Uncle's Wikipedia page, he rarely takes it off.
[21:11:08:UTC] Dan : It does Jamie
[21:10:30:UTC] Terminus : I do every logic not at all
[21:10:22:UTC] Azure Sage : it smells like fence paint
[21:09:57:UTC] Repentance : I wonder if it really does smell
[21:08:38:UTC] Kitsu : that doesn't actually surprising
[21:05:49:UTC] Satan : made my eyes leed colors
[21:05:11:UTC] Curmudgeon : melt anything except axle's head
[21:04:20:UTC] Satan : :abomination:
[21:02:59:UTC] Dan : It's gastronomical power can melt nearly any substance
[21:02:57:UTC] TheRizardon : lol
[21:02:35:UTC] Dan : The only entity that's managed to nearly rival The Great Fro is Axle's smelly hat.
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Angel of Darkness
Staff member
ZD Legend
Jan 31, 2010
Yahtzee, Supernatural
Angel of Darkness
This is the best thing I ever read. And I mean ever. Hands down :D
  1. 7:29 PM - Satan:
    someone has to do it
  2. TheRizardon:
    why did you torture yourself?
  3. Satan:
    after playing flappy cheep cheep, i think i should retire as the devil and leave it to that game to take up my job. i'll just be satan, casual memer.


Angel of Darkness
Staff member
ZD Legend
Jan 31, 2010
Yahtzee, Supernatural
Angel of Darkness
This cracked me up. Sorry @Matt :P

[16:40:07] Matt: Some I found suggested draining it. Screw that. :P
[16:40:27] Matt: If that really is necessary, I'm having a doctor who knows what they're doing, with sterile equipment, do it.
[16:42:44] Angel of Darkness: doctor who knows Sorry...I couldn't resist (chuckle)
[16:43:00] Matt: I saw that one coming.


Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male
This made me bleed out of my nose with laughter.

4:47 PM - A Link In Time: I just looked at the Arcade and saw "Flappy Cheep Cheep".
4:47 PM - A Link In Time: ...
4:47 PM - A Link In Time: A Mario version of a cheap flash game that ripped off Mario.
4:48 PM - Dan replied to thread Zelda Dungeon Meetup - Halifax, Canada (Summer 2016)
4:48 PM - Azure Sage: does the arcade have flappy bird
4:49 PM - Satan: DONT DO IT
[11:02:32 AM] Beelzebub: u///////w//////u
[11:02:40 AM] Beelzebub: i'd ride ur broom all night satan <3
[11:02:45 AM] Satan: whoa
[11:02:58 AM] Satan: easy there
[11:03:10 AM] Beelzebub: oh don't worry, i'll go easy 'w`
[11:03:51 AM] Satan: what is happening
[11:04:02 AM] Satan: beelzebub making the moves on me like
[11:04:21 AM] Beelzebub: im smoove


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