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Mellow Ezlo

Spoony Bard
Dec 2, 2012


Srishti is annie is eduarda right?
May 28, 2010
Ontario, Canada.
Facebook Conversation said:
This is like one of those relationships where one person extremely loves someone but the person they love is like ew go away
It's legit that

wow you're odd and i'm gummy
I'm legit offended
Don't compare me to odd
It's not funny
I don't get it
he seems nice ;-;
why is everyone like this to him
He's a cute little fluffy play toy :333
I'd be less offensive if you told me you'd laugh if someone cut off my face
Idk why we hate odd xD
I just laughed xD
That escalated quickly
Why don't you love me :c
also "I'd bee less offensive"
I'll make you lasagna
I'm on phone shut up hater
....... does spelling mistake while making fun of spelling mistake
Beeeee <3


The Good Samaritan
Mar 20, 2012
Canberra, Australia
why we hate odd - a novel by me

chapter 1

i went onto odd's profile one day and my eyes immediately melted , my face melted, my body melted, the earth melted, the sun melted, big bang #2, new planetary system, nope.avi, that melts two, and then everything burns in the eternal flames of hell

the end

pls liek subskib reblug retwet shayre if u cri errytiem
Apr 5, 2015
I love how the shoutbox here goes from top to bottom. I guess that I have made some friends on my first day already.

[04:15:30:UTC] Jimmy.F27 : What is Pixel Gun 3D by the way?
[04:15:15:UTC] Mellow Ezlo : I'm the most swagtastic of all though :cool:
[04:15:09:UTC] Sagitarius : I will assure you that I will keep a close eye on him on the hopes of him learning his past mistakes, and hopefully become an individual worthy of open arms here.
[04:15:06:UTC] Jimmy.F27 : Haha term
[04:14:58:UTC] Ayano Keiko : I'm the Swag Master General tho
[04:14:34:UTC] Sagitarius : Well, Agent Ohio seems to have taken a liking of I.
[04:14:26:UTC] Ayano Keiko : Almost as swag as me
[04:14:21:UTC] Terminus : https://scontent-lax.xx.fbcdn.net/h...=93891496691fdc86182465a899cc646c&oe=55A6D67D I have quality friends
[04:14:17:UTC] Ayano Keiko : You are so swag though Sagi
[04:14:08:UTC] Batman : I didn't stop after you posted on your profile on your own forum because I didn't see you post that link. I missed it.
[04:14:00:UTC] Sagitarius : Oh yes, I can very much relate to it. I actually have a friend like you who Junior-moderates on PG3D.
[04:13:35:UTC] Batman : And when you came here with a brand new account asking about Huk...well, I think you can understand my attitude.
[04:13:25:UTC] Sagitarius : There was this one fellow named Trolled, and he came back 11 times until VashX (our Administrator) gave him a permanent IP ban.
[04:13:07:UTC] Mellow Ezlo : And Huk himself tried to make an alt after he was banned, so I guess that increased the suspicion level a bit
[04:12:57:UTC] Sagitarius : Oh yes, we have had a couple on the Pixel Gun 3D Forums as well.
[04:12:51:UTC] Batman : It happens all the time
[04:12:35:UTC] Mellow Ezlo : Main reason I think he was sceptical is because it's far from unheard of for recently banned members on this site to make an alt pretending to be someone else
[04:12:35:UTC] Sagitarius : You are not a moderator, and thus lack any methods to comparing IPs, so there is no need to fret over having to have to be abrasive with an outsider. ^_^
[04:12:24:UTC] Crus@der77x : Oh, the irony. :rolleyes:
[04:12:16:UTC] Crus@der77x : I should theme my next Mafia game after the Ryu ga Gotoku series.
[04:11:59:UTC] Sagitarius : It is the job of The Dark Knight to be sceptical of another, especially when after someone has been banned. No hard feelings, I know that I would do the same as you.
[04:11:43:UTC] Batman : We can talk about our mutual interests over a nice meal.
[04:11:42:UTC] odd300 : :eek:
[04:11:31:UTC] Batman : Can I buy you dinner?
[04:11:16:UTC] Sagitarius : I am back from the conversation with the moderators. Also Batman, I accept your apology.
[04:11:05:UTC] Batman : That's racist.
[04:10:54:UTC] Crus@der77x : The Yakuza?
[04:10:37:UTC] Mellow Ezlo : Definitely Huk
[04:10:34:UTC] Mellow Ezlo : "Asian gangs bombing Mcdonald's"
[04:10:28:UTC] Ayano Keiko : yep, that's huk
[04:10:11:UTC] odd300 : Awww, thanks.
[04:10:01:UTC] Batman : So, if you really are not KoH, Sagitarius, I'm sorry I accused you wrongly. It was just suspicious. But I think if you're legit, you got the answer to your question.
[04:09:46:UTC] odd300 : I also found this ~ http://puu.sh/h3bBN/7a9a3f9216.png
[04:09:42:UTC] Ayano Keiko : odd, if you were president, id shoot you
[04:08:37:UTC] odd300 : :kawaii:
[04:08:23:UTC] snakeoiltanker : replied to thread The Picture Thread
[04:08:23:UTC] odd300 : <3
[04:08:11:UTC] Batman : odd, you're the real Batman.
[04:07:46:UTC] Batman : Thar, there's is nothing better in the world than nitpicking trivial issues.
[04:07:36:UTC] odd300 : http://puu.sh/h3ax8/7aed8b1357.png Well, I did see this in their SB.
[04:07:28:UTC] Djinn : I'm disappointed at the lack of an angry mob with torches....
[04:07:16:UTC] Batman : He'll figure out what's going on
[04:07:15:UTC] Crus@der77x : Better things to do than nitpick about a trivial issue.
[04:07:14:UTC] odd300 : wat
[04:07:07:UTC] Batman : I think we need odd300 on the case.
[04:07:01:UTC] Pendio : :c
[04:06:54:UTC] odd300 : Nah. ;p
[04:06:52:UTC] Crus@der77x : But if it can't be validated, then tough luck.
[04:06:46:UTC] Pendio : Is Odd up for the game perhaps? ^-^
[04:06:35:UTC] Crus@der77x : The only matter that isn't "validated" is this IP shenanigan.

[04:06:18:UTC] Pendio : Looking for two more players
[04:06:12:UTC] Kirino : eh idk, maybe
[04:06:05:UTC] Batman : It's just a little suspect when an account gets made claming to be a "friend of KoH's" only to ask in the SB why KoH was banned. And yes, I see that now Pancake. I guess I missed that in the SB.
[04:06:00:UTC] Pendio : Sign ups are open right now ^^
[04:06:00:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : eats more poppycorns
[04:05:58:UTC] Ayano Keiko : And Huk could not have been a mod anywhere, I'm sorry
[04:05:49:UTC] Sagitarius : Yes, that is the case.
[04:05:47:UTC] Kirino : When is it, Pendio?
[04:05:41:UTC] Ayano Keiko : Batman he literally posted a message on the other profile proving it was him
[04:05:36:UTC] Kirino : He said he came to check out why KoH was ban because he's considering banning him on his forum I believe or maybe because he just wants information
[04:05:27:UTC] Djinn : maybe when Saggitarius gets angry he transforms into the incredible Huk
[04:05:25:UTC] Curmudgeon : >thatr
[04:05:19:UTC] Crus@der77x : >Skype
[04:04:54:UTC] Batman : Mellow, conversations on Skype led me to suspect he was KoH, beyond what was said in the SB.
[04:04:51:UTC] Pendio : Hey Kirino, is Mafia not anything for you anymore, or would you like to join my Skyward Sword Mafia game? :)
[04:04:48:UTC] Mellow Ezlo : Ya, safe assumption I think, considering that's exactly why he said he joined lol
[04:04:47:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : the other forums sagi created a sagi here to ask about huk on his site
[04:04:26:UTC] odd300 : and contact Ari.
[04:04:10:UTC] Batman : I gues
[04:04:08:UTC] Batman : ?
[04:04:06:UTC] Batman : And evidently there's evidence now that ZD's Sagitarius really is the other forum's Sagitarius. So I suppose the most likely scenario is that the two are friends and the real Sagitarius logged on just to ask ZD why we banned him.
[04:03:53:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : :)
[04:03:52:UTC] Ayano Keiko : Mezlo, we are the same person
[04:03:46:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : have matters been resolved then? hakuna matata?
[04:03:32:UTC] Mellow Ezlo : I'm reading through the archives right now and I don't really see a real logical basis on which to assume that Sagitarius and Huk are the same person
[04:03:07:UTC] Mellow Ezlo : As much as I don't really like Huk, I'm gonna give him the benefit of the doubt on this one
[04:03:01:UTC] Kirino : It's okay, Batman. :)
[04:02:40:UTC] Batman : I'm just confused :(
[04:02:37:UTC] Ayano Keiko : I only asked if the ip was hawaii and Kitsu said no
[04:02:18:UTC] Ayano Keiko : Batman, that's the only reason he came here
[04:02:18:UTC] Djinn : this is exactly the type of thing that gets people to want things like minimum posts for SB access
[04:02:12:UTC] Batman : And Kitsu said the IP doesn't match the IP of Sagitarius on the other forum. According to Pancake.
[04:01:46:UTC] Sagitarius : Very well, apology for instigating a mild arson.
[04:01:43:UTC] Batman : Because an account gets made and the first thing it does is come to the SB and ask why Huk was banned, @ Kirino
[04:01:34:UTC] Ayano Keiko : Why would Huk make an alt to make it clear he is in association with huk to fund out the obvious reasons of his banishment
[04:01:27:UTC] Vanessa28 : If you have questions talk to one of the admins but stop using the SB for this
[04:01:15:UTC] Kirino : Why do you really believe he's KoH Batman, lol
[04:01:06:UTC] Sagitarius : http://pixelgun3dforums.com/index.php?members/agent-ohio.4605/
[04:01:05:UTC] Vanessa28 : Enough now
[04:00:50:UTC] Batman : Sagitarius, Kingofhukleberry, KingofSagitarius, whoever you are...you've caused quite a stir.
[04:00:39:UTC] Kirino : don't see why as long as they don't let it affect their responsibilities
[04:00:36:UTC] Sagitarius : Well, I do tend to be friendly with all. If not, I would not be making an account here just to see if Agent Ohio (aka Huk or Koh) is really worthy of banning.
[03:59:55:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : is it bad etiquette for mods to be friendly with all their members?
[03:59:50:UTC] Sagitarius : I have another question to the moderators, do you have any perms to compare the IP addresses of two users?
[03:59:38:UTC] Djinn : not too surprising, friends make friends mods
[03:59:17:UTC] Batman : Well, now I'm just confused.
[03:59:16:UTC] Crus@der77x : Hypotheticals.
[03:58:59:UTC] Batman : So, he's either a mod of a forum, which would be insane. Or he's friendly with the mod, which is also insane.
[03:58:57:UTC] Kirino : @Batman
[03:58:56:UTC] Ayano Keiko : If he's a mod on another site we should make Blue a mod here

[03:58:54:UTC] Sagitarius : /me takes some popcorn.
[03:58:53:UTC] Kirino : http://pixelgun3dforums.com/index.php?members/sagitarius.706/
[03:58:43:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : grabs popcorn and awaits outcome
[03:58:40:UTC] Ayano Keiko : Huk can't evr be a mod
[03:58:36:UTC] Sagitarius : The same, and thus, my inquiry is over.
[03:58:17:UTC] Crus@der77x : Vote: Batman
[03:58:17:UTC] Kitsu : What did he tell you?
[03:58:11:UTC] Kitsu : We told you the reason for his ban.
[03:58:06:UTC] Batman : I didn't realize that ZD's Sagitarius posted a VM on the other Sagitarius's profile.
[03:57:54:UTC] Sagitarius : I have come here to inquire the moderators, particularly Kitsu on the reasoning to his ban.
[03:57:33:UTC] Ayano Keiko : Loz there's no proof its huk
[03:57:24:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : go all the way to when sagi and rep were chatting
[03:57:23:UTC] Kirino : So we know he at least has access to the account
[03:57:17:UTC] odd300 : http://puu.sh/h3ax8/7aed8b1357.png Why are you talking to yourself??????????!!!!!!!!!!!!
[03:57:16:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : do it
[03:57:11:UTC] Mellow Ezlo : Screw it, I'm gonna go take a quick peek at the archives
[03:57:09:UTC] Kirino : He posted a message on his own profile though
[03:57:06:UTC] Batman : It's okay Mellow.
[03:56:59:UTC] Mellow Ezlo : :confuse:
[03:56:57:UTC] Mellow Ezlo : I'm so lost
[03:56:53:UTC] Mellow Ezlo : idk
[03:56:52:UTC] Mellow Ezlo : Oh?
[03:56:45:UTC] Sagitarius : He is not, I am.
[03:56:42:UTC] Batman : I thought we agreed that he was using the guy's name
[03:56:35:UTC] Batman : How is KoH a moderator of a forum?
[03:56:31:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : KoH doesn't plan this far ahead to become MOD of a site and join it over 6 months ago
[03:56:17:UTC] Batman : If in some universe he's not, calling him KoH isn't the worst thing in the world.
[03:56:16:UTC] Mellow Ezlo : Nobody in their right mind would make Huk a moderator on a forum, so there's that...
[03:56:14:UTC] Sagitarius : Oh, let me hear it then.
[03:56:04:UTC] Batman : Well, there is good reason to believe that he's KoH.
[03:55:56:UTC] Sagitarius : I have nothing to fear, that's why.
[03:55:44:UTC] Ayano Keiko : Not sure why he hasnt been scared off yet lol
[03:55:42:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : I can understand caution but damn
[03:55:36:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : with no reason whatsoever to be quite frank
[03:55:36:UTC] Batman : Right
[03:55:35:UTC] Crus@der77x : You expect huk to be a mod?
[03:55:28:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : My concern is that you just called this dude out on being koh....
[03:55:25:UTC] Ayano Keiko : You guys and your speculation is so off putting lol
[03:55:24:UTC] Sagitarius : Well, he just liked my status.
[03:55:23:UTC] Crus@der77x : Sagitarius is a moderator there...
[03:54:53:UTC] Sagitarius : Very well.
[03:54:43:UTC] Sagitarius : KoH has made an account on the PIxel Gun 3D Forum, in which I am a moderator.
[03:54:41:UTC] Deku Shroom : ask Agent of Ohio to do a VM on your wall
[03:54:39:UTC] Batman : Doragon, what are your concerns?
[03:54:38:UTC] Ayano Keiko : http://pixelgun3dforums.com/index.php?members/sagitarius.706/ Because huk is pretending to be this person
[03:54:21:UTC] Mellow Ezlo : You can just do a brief summary so I don't have to go searching through the archives :)
[03:54:20:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : you are in my eyes...
[03:54:10:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : i was dazed and confused when it happened
[03:54:03:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : I dont even know
[03:54:02:UTC] Sagitarius : So, am I vindicated, or must I offer more?

[03:54:01:UTC] Mellow Ezlo : Please enlighten me
[03:53:59:UTC] Batman : Did I miss something?
[03:53:54:UTC] Mellow Ezlo : So... how did you guys get the assumption that Sagitarius is Huk?
[03:53:42:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : ow much m ore proof do you effing need?
[03:53:39:UTC] Sagitarius : Actually, make that 11.
[03:53:36:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : his join date is 2014 and he's a mod on the site....
[03:53:30:UTC] Ayano Keiko : How is it huk lol
[03:53:23:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : I am
[03:53:19:UTC] Batman : Yes?
[03:53:16:UTC] Sagitarius : I also see that one of the guests is watching my profile now.[03:53:12:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : batman
[03:53:09:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : Batmna wtf
[03:53:04:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : ...[03:52:55:UTC] Batman : I'm sorry, KoH. I'm sorry you got caught.
[03:52:48:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : Sagi I'm so glad you stuck around
[03:52:34:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : ASDFAVFV
[03:52:18:UTC] Curmudgeon : you missed all the things
[03:52:13:UTC] Sagitarius : And Batman, I assure you that you will owe me an apology later for false accusation. ^_^
[03:52:08:UTC] Mellow Ezlo : Did I miss something?
[03:52:02:UTC] Mellow Ezlo : o_O
[03:51:53:UTC] Sagitarius : Uhm... in this forum or the Pixel Gun 3D?
[03:51:46:UTC] Batman : Mellow, Sagitarius is Kingofhukleberry.
[03:51:29:UTC] Mellow Ezlo : Is there an alt here or something?
[03:51:28:UTC] Crus@der77x : Post a post on your profile of your profile on another profile post.
[03:51:27:UTC] Ayano Keiko : This is illuminati **** rn im done
[03:51:19:UTC] Sagitarius : http://pixelgun3dforums.com/index.php?members/sagitarius.706/
[03:51:16:UTC] Ayano Keiko : Whelp
[03:51:10:UTC] Kirino : in order to confirm your identity
[03:51:07:UTC] Sagitarius : Done.
[03:50:56:UTC] Batman : v
[03:50:50:UTC] Deku Shroom : post a message, as yourself, on your wall of your profile on the other forum
[03:50:48:UTC] Batman : Post one on your own profile
[03:50:46:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : I=I'm done with that group if that is you dude not effing cool.
[03:50:40:UTC] Batman : visitors message
[03:50:35:UTC] Batman : Yes, KoH, do that.
[03:50:30:UTC] Sagitarius : May you define what "VM" is?
[03:50:28:UTC] Mellow Ezlo : WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON??? :hum:
[03:50:27:UTC] Batman : lol Jimmy
[03:50:15:UTC] Jimmy.F27 : Sagi, post a VM on your own profile on the other forum?
[03:50:00:UTC] Deku Shroom : oh, hey Huk
[03:49:57:UTC] Batman : Your character was very convincing.
[03:49:46:UTC] Batman : I agree with Curm.
[03:49:40:UTC] Sagitarius : I take it that my IP is saying that I am not from Honolulu?
[03:49:33:UTC] Curmudgeon : it makes me feel better to find out you were a character. i didn't want to believe someone as profoundly pathetic as huck really exists
[03:49:25:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : i'm with you ayano
[03:49:18:UTC] Deku Shroom : just to kind of touch up and see the impact that "KoH" had on the community, or he was just bored
[03:49:14:UTC] Ayano Keiko : I dont understand anything rn
[03:48:56:UTC] Curmudgeon : that's an unfortunate side effect, yes batman
[03:48:55:UTC] Batman : KoH's back!
[03:48:47:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : kls;jdfj mer i feel like a dumb**** now

[03:48:45:UTC] Jimmy.F27 : so what would he have achieved anyway? Knowing why he was banned. Thought that was pretty obvious...
[03:48:44:UTC] Sagitarius : Amature? I see.
[03:48:43:UTC] Mellow Ezlo : [03:48:33:UTC] Batman : Through glorification of Hitler and an an affinity for gore furry porn.
[03:48:21:UTC] Batman : They're all saints who work to better humanity.
[03:48:12:UTC] Curmudgeon : lol
[03:48:05:UTC] Batman : Polyglots can never be idiot assholes. That's just a biological fact.
[03:47:41:UTC] Ayano Keiko : I think the ip proves enough
[03:47:32:UTC] Curmudgeon : polyglots can be idiot assholes too
[03:47:16:UTC] Curmudgeon : there's no way we can prove huk is who he says he was when he was here
[03:47:14:UTC] Batman : He seemed to have amazing skills with German.
[03:46:53:UTC] Curmudgeon : so he knows japanese
[03:46:37:UTC] Batman : The Huk Chronicles: Vol. 2: The Alt
[03:45:54:UTC] Mamono101 : His Japanese doesn't look machine generated.
[03:45:54:UTC] Crus@der77x : Huk is fluent in German.
[03:45:44:UTC] Curmudgeon : you're working off the assumption that his dumbassery here was the real him and not some character
[03:45:21:UTC] Jimmy.F27 : It baffles me how he corrected my typo so quickly then
[03:45:18:UTC] Curmudgeon : or maybe huck here is a lie
[03:44:57:UTC] Jimmy.F27 : Hmm
[03:44:55:UTC] Ayano Keiko : Ok then it's a dupe
[03:44:41:UTC] Kitsu : the IP is not from Hawaii, no
[03:44:35:UTC] musicfan : Suspect*
[03:44:22:UTC] Ayano Keiko : If the IP isnt hawaii it's a dupe
[03:44:19:UTC] Jimmy.F27 : He pointed out my typo, correctly, instantly
[03:44:05:UTC] musicfan : Or he faked failing to hide it so he would not be a suspected
[03:44:02:UTC] Jimmy.F27 : google translate does not know japanese
[03:44:01:UTC] Batman : It's so amateurish lol
[03:43:56:UTC] Batman : So he could ask a question about his friend
[03:43:52:UTC] Ayano Keiko : Is the ip from Hawaii
[03:43:52:UTC] Batman : And pretended to be him
[03:43:48:UTC] Batman : He used that person's name here
[03:43:43:UTC] Batman : Yeah, it's obvious he's not the real Sagi on the other forum.
[03:43:39:UTC] Curmudgeon : google translate does
[03:43:33:UTC] Jimmy.F27 : Does huk know Japanese?
[03:43:20:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : true deku
[03:43:09:UTC] Crus@der77x : How would you know he failed to hide his IP?
[03:42:56:UTC] Deku Shroom : or he just used that guy's name and link?
[03:42:44:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : and the guy was a mod on the other site man he was cool af :(
[03:42:37:UTC] Batman : I don't follow what you mean.
[03:42:23:UTC] Ayano Keiko : And seeing as huk failed several times to hid his ip here how would he on another site
[03:41:49:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : *thank you
[03:41:39:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : thank ayano I saw that too
[03:41:20:UTC] Ayano Keiko : Seeing as he'd have to had an account on another site for a year that he could make a dupe on to make up this entire story is not possible imo
[03:41:10:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : well. not trust but kindnessmaybe.. hrm.
[03:40:53:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : he was just covering bases, i thought he was a cool dude :( ... was I wrong in thinking this? my standards of trust need to be evaluated if so
[03:40:20:UTC] Batman : He's not the sharpest tool in the shed.
[03:40:02:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : he asked the mods (rep and kitsu responded) about why he was banned and if there was an account agent ohio here...
[03:39:41:UTC] musicfan : Wether or not he was mafia
[03:39:37:UTC] Batman : Kingofhukleberry was banned a few weeks ago for posting a gore and pornography site in the SB. He tried to make several accounts afterwards, but he didn't disguise his IP. He disguised it this time.
[03:39:00:UTC] Deku Shroom : what did you want to know about Huk?

[03:38:34:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : ...have I been duped :( I feel weird guys what just happened
[03:38:24:UTC] Ayano Keiko : I believed him
[03:38:23:UTC] Kirino : bye bye KoH =^(
[03:38:13:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : :( bye Sagi :\
[03:38:04:UTC] Batman : Bye KoH :(
[03:37:51:UTC] Sagitarius : I have just come here to confirm whether his words were lies or not. My job is done, and I shall be taking my leave.
[03:37:49:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : ...am i the only one that believes sagi...
[03:37:48:UTC] Batman : Even though it's banned
[03:37:45:UTC] Batman : I think your other account is still quality poster of the month.
[03:37:19:UTC] Sagitarius : http://pixelgun3dforums.com/index.php?members/sagitarius.706/
[03:37:12:UTC] Kirino : he goes by Sagitarius now
[03:37:04:UTC] Kirino : yeah, he got a name change
[03:37:02:UTC] Batman : I need to know a good one myself.
[03:37:00:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : his name is agent ohio i think on there
[03:36:59:UTC] Sagitarius : And he is Agent Ohio now.
[03:36:56:UTC] Batman : Which proxy are you using KoH?
[03:36:49:UTC] Sagitarius : It was a figure of speech. I am not well-informed of the past, unfortunately.
[03:36:36:UTC] Deku Shroom : weird, KoH isn't a member on your forum?
[03:36:22:UTC] Kirino : how do you fail history
[03:36:13:UTC] Kirino : Deutschland
[03:36:12:UTC] Batman : KoH, your disguise is not even remotely convincing lol
[03:36:03:UTC] Kirino : and that one where he said
[03:35:54:UTC] Sagitarius : I know not, I have failed History.
[03:35:52:UTC] Kirino : I liked the one about the Jews
[03:35:47:UTC] Batman : All of them
[03:35:36:UTC] Kirino : What is everyone's favorite Hitler speech?
[03:35:17:UTC] Batman : No big deal. It's nice to see a familiar face is all.
[03:35:14:UTC] Sagitarius : And Kitsu, may I ask you a favour?
[03:35:05:UTC] Batman : I was just welcoming you back, KoH.
[03:34:57:UTC] Sagitarius : Here is my resume. --> http://pixelgun3dforums.com/index.php?members/sagitarius.706/
[03:34:53:UTC] Ayano Keiko : I like replying to cryptic tweets about people thinking someone is hot with "Thanks :)
[03:34:47:UTC] Deku Shroom : sounds like something HuK would say :coolsar:
[03:34:39:UTC] Batman : Yes, I am Sagitarius. And I don't believe you.
[03:34:23:UTC] Kitsu : Sagitarius, do you have a link to your forum?
[03:34:22:UTC] Sagitarius : And Batman, are you directing your chats at me? If so, I can assure you that I am not KoH.
[03:34:07:UTC] Ayano Keiko : Ventus just spammed in general
[03:33:49:UTC] Ayano Keiko : this forums
[03:33:41:UTC] Ayano Keiko : I spammed the **** out of this forums before tbh
[03:33:35:UTC] Batman : Watch any good Hitler speeches?
[03:33:33:UTC] Sagitarius : The first place has almost ten times the count of the #1 at our forum.
[03:33:17:UTC] Batman : What did you do in the time your account was banned?
[03:32:53:UTC] Sagitarius : I am very surprised by the astonishingly high message-counts of the members here.
[03:32:50:UTC] Batman : It's been a while.
[03:32:47:UTC] Batman : Hi KoH
[03:32:44:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : LOL not even intentional hehehehe i just meant it in comraderie :) hehehe
[03:31:24:UTC] Sagitarius : <-- Chapanese.
[03:31:12:UTC] Ayano Keiko : hmm?
[03:31:10:UTC] Sagitarius : Chap, heh. Funny, I am Japanese and Chinese.
[03:30:47:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : he came over earlier and was asking about why huk got banned and is a witty good chap and stuck around
[03:30:35:UTC] Kitsu : Huk was generally extremely obnoxious over here and did tons of inappropriate things, I was mostly annoyed with him and then ended up banning him because he linked to furry porn and **** like that.

[03:30:17:UTC] Sagitarius : /me checks the Notable Members and is surprised at what he sees.
[03:29:28:UTC] Sagitarius : I am one of the moderators over there.
[03:29:15:UTC] Sagitarius : He is now Agent Ohio of the Pixel Gun 3D Forum.
[03:29:13:UTC] Kitsu : no
[03:29:12:UTC] Batman : Kitsu, I think we have a huk alt.
[03:29:06:UTC] Kitsu : Uh
[03:28:50:UTC] Sagitarius : That you two respect each other, yet dislike one another.
[03:28:41:UTC] Batman : How do you know Kingofhuckleberry?
[03:28:13:UTC] Kitsu : what?
[03:27:56:UTC] Sagitarius : @Kitsu: I have heard from Huck that you two are essentially frenemies.
[03:27:51:UTC] Curmudgeon : I don't try to deny my oafishness. i still get rickrolled
[03:27:13:UTC] Sagitarius : Ubiquity is my ability over at my forum. Here, I am as helpless as a mere duckling.
[03:27:10:UTC] Batman : *doragon
[03:26:58:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : but it was greeeat
[03:26:56:UTC] Batman : 3gud5curm 'n' doragon
[03:26:56:UTC] odd300 : :bear:
[03:26:51:UTC] Curmudgeon : what a cad
[03:26:49:UTC] Ayano Keiko : :straightuptingle:
[03:26:43:UTC] Batman : :)
[03:26:33:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : batman you got me grr
[03:26:32:UTC] Ayano Keiko : That video took so long to load i forgot about it
[03:26:22:UTC] Kitsu : :hum:
[03:25:53:UTC] Batman : He's omnipresent.
[03:25:52:UTC] Ayano Keiko : Nah, I'm going to be on here unil Jamie kicks me out again
[03:25:50:UTC] Batman : Kitsu is here. He's also over there. Kitsu is everywhere.
[03:25:33:UTC] Sagitarius : Kitsu, are you still here by any chance?
[03:25:32:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : am i correct in thinking bicurious is an interest in both gender but not necessarily involved with both
[03:25:02:UTC] Sagitarius : Have a nice day, Ayano Keiko.
[03:24:43:UTC] Curmudgeon : lol batman
[03:24:03:UTC] Ayano Keiko : I'm bi too :))))))))))))))
[03:23:55:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : used to be bicuri
[03:23:54:UTC] Ari : ILU2 <3
[03:23:52:UTC] Batman : /me posted a new thread in General Discussion: How I started my own country in the Pacific
[03:23:35:UTC] Ayano Keiko : NIGHT ARI ILU <3
[03:23:32:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : i'm bisexual
[03:23:19:UTC] Ari : Thank you. :)
[03:23:08:UTC] Sagitarius : Take care, Ari.
[03:22:59:UTC] Ari : night! :)
[03:22:48:UTC] Ayano Keiko : im bicurious
[03:22:19:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : gn ari
[03:21:53:UTC] Ari : I'm leaving as well. It was nice meeting you Sagi! :)
[03:21:01:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : same
[03:20:57:UTC] Sagitarius : And have a good one sir.
[03:20:49:UTC] Sagitarius : Well, I am just a newbie here. I would be open for the first two weeks for advices and all until I can walk on my own two legs.
[03:20:46:UTC] Jimmy.F27 : Hmm, I have to go out now. See you guys later. Nice meeting you Sagitarius
[03:20:20:UTC] Luke's Wife : batman will back me up fite me irl
[03:20:17:UTC] Ayano Keiko : yall plebs
[03:19:44:UTC] DARK MASTER : I could compare it to nonsense.
[03:19:43:UTC] Ayano Keiko : Hollie fite me rn
[03:19:40:UTC] Kitsu : no, thebestzders is far better

[03:19:29:UTC] Jimmy.F27 : Could you compare THEBESTZDERS to heaven?
[03:19:25:UTC] Ayano Keiko : good
[03:19:20:UTC] Ayano Keiko : I wish the din theme was
[03:19:00:UTC] Sagitarius : Any heaven-themed backgrounds?
[03:18:56:UTC] Ayano Keiko : Kitsu I'd rather be communist
[03:18:55:UTC] Ari : that one almost killed my phone
[03:18:36:UTC] Kitsu : the only theme you should be using is THEBESTZDERS :coolsar:
[03:18:29:UTC] Ari : test
[03:18:24:UTC] Luke's Wife : egg
[03:18:17:UTC] Jimmy.F27 : Should have a name of your current theme
[03:18:12:UTC] Sagitarius : Hmm, this makes our shoutbox primitive. Point goes to you guys. Tips hat.
[03:18:06:UTC] Jimmy.F27 : There is a link on the bottom left to the themes
[03:17:58:UTC] Ayano Keiko : no space
[03:17:53:UTC] Ayano Keiko : [i ]things[/ i]
[03:17:50:UTC] motorhead4646 : replied to thread Your opinion on Yuga
[03:17:42:UTC] Ayano Keiko : Ari
[03:17:41:UTC] Crus@der77x : @Ari: [i ]test[ /i]
[03:17:40:UTC] Jimmy.F27 : Yeah
[03:17:34:UTC] Ayano Keiko : Whit
[03:17:30:UTC] Sagitarius : Themed backgrounds I assume?
[03:17:23:UTC] Ari : [ cute ]
[03:17:12:UTC] Sagitarius : I see.
[03:17:04:UTC] Ari : why cant i do thisssssssssssssssss
[03:17:00:UTC] Jimmy.F27 : Since we have different themes, colour become hard to read across them all
[03:16:58:UTC] Ari : [itesti]
[03:16:56:UTC] Sagitarius : Testing Take 2.
[03:16:41:UTC] Sagitarius : Testing.
[03:16:38:UTC] Ayano Keiko : Not the theme I use
[03:16:22:UTC] Crus@der77x : White would work on pretty much any theme.
[03:16:19:UTC] Batman :
[03:15:49:UTC] Sagitarius : @Moderators: Which colour may I use here? It does get tough to distinguish my chats from the others.
[03:15:48:UTC] Crus@der77x : Please to stick around.
[03:15:20:UTC] Ayano Keiko : Sagitarius, you're p cool
[03:15:18:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : oops nope
[03:15:15:UTC] Jimmy.F27 : Yeah, you should stick around
[03:15:11:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : [red]derp[red]
[03:15:07:UTC] Batman : [heylookoverthere,hahaimadeyoulook]test[/heylookoverthere,hahaimadeyoulook]
[03:15:00:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : I like you Sagi :) no nuisance to me!
[03:14:57:UTC] Ari : Not at all!
[03:14:57:UTC] odd300 : #Red
[03:14:56:UTC] Curmudgeon : i hate the poop test
[03:14:55:UTC] odd300 : Fail
[03:14:54:UTC] Ayano Keiko : noob
[03:14:53:UTC] Jimmy.F27 : hmm
[03:14:51:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : EYYY
[03:14:50:UTC] odd300 : [color=#red]hue

[03:14:46:UTC] Sagitarius : I hope that I am not a nuisance here, given how I am an outsider.
[03:14:36:UTC] Ari : it doesn't work
[03:14:36:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : UNF

[03:14:35:UTC] Batman : [poop]test[/poop]
[03:14:35:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : YES
[03:14:32:UTC] Ari : [fites Ayano]
[03:14:31:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : eyyy
[03:14:07:UTC] Ayano Keiko :
girl fite me rn
[03:14:04:UTC] Ari : :(
[03:14:04:UTC] Sagitarius : [ i ] with no spaces.
[03:14:02:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : the same way you would do it on a thread post, yeah?
[03:14:01:UTC] Ari : u all suck
[03:14:00:UTC] Batman :

[03:13:56:UTC] Curmudgeon :
made you look
[03:13:47:UTC] Sagitarius :
U w0t m8?
[03:13:46:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : oh wait i got it figured out now
[03:13:44:UTC] Ari : can someone teach me how to do italics on the sb plz
[03:13:31:UTC] Ayano Keiko :
[03:13:27:UTC] Sagitarius : Ah, so Batman too knows the colour codes, I see.
[03:13:16:UTC] Curmudgeon : TEST
[03:13:13:UTC] Ayano Keiko : swag
[03:13:06:UTC] Sagitarius : I am actually going there in June.
[03:13:03:UTC] Batman : test
[03:12:57:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : batman explain your ways please :'(
[03:12:56:UTC] Sagitarius : /me knows how to operate on XenForo.
[03:12:48:UTC] Jimmy.F27 : Oh, that's cool. Have you lived over there?
[03:12:46:UTC] Batman : test
[03:12:42:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : that's so cool sagi :)
[03:12:37:UTC] Batman : test
[03:12:25:UTC] Sagitarius : I am of a mixed origin. I would say that I am half.
[03:12:21:UTC] Ari : @Doragon same
[03:12:12:UTC] Crus@der77x : Interesting.
[03:12:10:UTC] Curmudgeon : 5th rate at best
[03:12:07:UTC] Jimmy.F27 : Are you of Japanese decent?
[03:12:06:UTC] Curmudgeon : pshaw
[03:12:02:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : I, for one, do not know how. I've yet to learn how to italicize my words...
[03:11:55:UTC] Batman : Because this is a third rate website.
[03:11:50:UTC] Sagitarius : Japanese and English are both my native languages.
[03:11:35:UTC] Sagitarius : Why do you all not use colour codes? It is quite a common phenomena in my forum to see resplendence in the shoutbox.
[03:11:32:UTC] Crus@der77x : Did you take Japanese in class, Sagitarius?
[03:11:22:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : that teachers were awful
[03:11:18:UTC] Batman : I accept your apology, and you may not.
[03:11:17:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : uh wut? :( my highschool only offered extemely rudimentary spanish and even worse german
[03:11:11:UTC] Jimmy.F27 : And I will spend the whole of 2018 in Japan as part of my degree :)
[03:11:00:UTC] Sagitarius : I am sorry, but may I ask a question?
[03:10:49:UTC] Batman : dank memes
[03:10:49:UTC] Jimmy.F27 : I'm still a beginner at japanese, don't get to continue till I start it at Uni next year
[03:10:44:UTC] Batman : Hollie,
[03:10:32:UTC] Luke's Wife : how dare you make me read the term "dank memes" with my own two eyes
[03:10:30:UTC] Curmudgeon : D A N K M E M E S
[03:10:25:UTC] Fig : Unless he doesn't want that in which I'm sorry I offended him.
[03:10:25:UTC] Sagitarius : I am on my iPhone, I have grown accustomed to it whilst being a moderator over at the Pixel Gun 3D Forum.
[03:10:22:UTC] Batman : Imagine how it treats Japanese butchers.

[03:10:10:UTC] Fig : I'm just saying but if Term posted some dank memes on his videos, bam! More views.
[03:10:06:UTC] Curmudgeon : i can only imagine how iphone butchers japanese
[03:09:54:UTC] Jimmy.F27 : I hate SB on iphone
[03:09:46:UTC] Jimmy.F27 : iPhone autocorrected it
[03:09:39:UTC] Sagitarius : Oh?
[03:09:38:UTC] Ari : I can speak....French
[03:09:36:UTC] Jimmy.F27 : Oops
[03:09:34:UTC] Curmudgeon : i can only read none of that
[03:09:31:UTC] Crus@der77x : Teach me your ways.
[03:09:27:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : gotta love leanring kindergarten type language
[03:09:25:UTC] Crus@der77x : 10:08 PM - Sagitarius is fluent in Japanese.
[03:09:22:UTC] Sagitarius : オーストラリア*
[03:09:22:UTC] Curmudgeon : oh dear
[03:09:21:UTC] Mamono101 : 僕が出来るけど英語で話してくださいね。
[03:09:17:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : i can only read half of that :\
[03:09:14:UTC] Jimmy.F27 : オストラリア人です。
[03:09:11:UTC] Batman : Curm, when are we going to act on this sexual tension between us?
[03:09:00:UTC] Jimmy.F27 : Haha, I was just kidding
[03:08:58:UTC] Crus@der77x : Omoi!
[03:08:57:UTC] Sagitarius : /me is fluent in Japanese.
[03:08:42:UTC] Batman : ou mai gash
[03:08:34:UTC] Sagitarius : I am 6 minutes old.
[03:08:23:UTC] Curmudgeon : omai
[03:08:20:UTC] Sagitarius : あ、そうですか。では、日本語もお話し出来ますか?
[03:07:53:UTC] Crus@der77x : Oh my.
[03:07:48:UTC] Batman : Are you new Sagitarius?
[03:07:44:UTC] Sagitarius : The internet. :P
[03:07:44:UTC] Jimmy.F27 : 日本人です。
[03:07:31:UTC] Crus@der77x : Who gave you my skin??!?
[03:07:05:UTC] Sagitarius : And I have The Caped Crusader's skin as well.
[03:06:55:UTC] Batman : odd, you are my brother.
[03:06:47:UTC] Batman : Hey Doragon
[03:06:45:UTC] odd300 : I'm your brother? o:
[03:06:34:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : batman! :3
[03:06:25:UTC] Batman : What's up my brothers from other mothers?
[03:06:15:UTC] Repentance : aka ausie
[03:06:06:UTC] Sagitarius : I happen to have some skins from Sword Art Online and Sword Art Online II as well.
[03:05:58:UTC] Crus@der77x : Mamono101 is a pure-bred Japanese.
[03:05:23:UTC] Ayano Keiko : o
[03:05:19:UTC] Crus@der77x : Same difference.
[03:05:14:UTC] Azure Sage : at the end of the first season liz calls her it
[03:05:04:UTC] Azure Sage : it is, keiko
[03:04:56:UTC] Sagitarius : Oh, her.
[03:04:52:UTC] Ayano Keiko : Her real name isnt in the anime i believe
[03:04:44:UTC] Sagitarius : I have just finished Gun Gale Online.
[03:04:41:UTC] Ayano Keiko : Silica
[03:04:25:UTC] Sagitarius : I have not gotten that far, no spoilers please. >_<;
[03:04:23:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : and yeah I'm in a japanese class at my college and was attempting being clever :P
[03:04:22:UTC] Azure Sage : well, SAO in general thar not just II lmao
[03:04:06:UTC] Crus@der77x : Ayano Keiko is a character from Sword Art Online II.

[03:04:23:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : and yeah I'm in a japanese class at my college and was attempting being clever :P
[03:04:22:UTC] Azure Sage : well, SAO in general thar not just II lmao
[03:04:06:UTC] Crus@der77x : Ayano Keiko is a character from Sword Art Online II.
[03:03:55:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : i second rep and octo
[03:03:51:UTC] Sagitarius : Oh, I see. Number of Japanese he met: 0
[03:03:41:UTC] Repentance : We'd enjoy having you stay here. I love meeting new members.
[03:03:28:UTC] Ayano Keiko : I'm from Arizona :P
[03:03:25:UTC] odd300 : Neat.
[03:02:55:UTC] Sagitarius : I have a Zelda skin in Pixel Gun 3D.
[03:02:43:UTC] Sagitarius : And Ayano Keiki, pardon my inquiry, but are you perhaps Japanese?
[03:02:24:UTC] Repentance : Yeah I like him lol. Are you a Zelda fan?
[03:02:14:UTC] Sagitarius : We use a similar shoutbox, which is built into the forum. We too use the XenForo software.
[03:01:58:UTC] Crus@der77x : In propinquity with.
[03:01:55:UTC] octorok74 : Rep, this Sagitarius guy is really cool. We should keep him.
[03:01:52:UTC] Ayano Keiko : I wonder what I'd be like as a mod tbh lol
[03:01:20:UTC] Sagitarius : In our forum, only a select few could ever edit their chats, unfortunately. That is something which I would consider as being obsolete in juxtaposition to your shoutbox. Tips hat.
[03:00:49:UTC] Repentance : What shoutbox do you use at your site?
[03:00:39:UTC] Repentance : unfortunately it doesn't refresh for everyone else immediately following an edit. you have to refresh the page. I'm thinking of working on changing that
[03:00:18:UTC] Crus@der77x : Was a bit quicker when we could edit them by double-clicking a chat.
[03:00:06:UTC] Sagitarius : Dragon Princess, something that I would hear from a typical Webanese.
[02:59:39:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : it is quite nice :)
[02:59:14:UTC] Sagitarius : My word, this shoutbox does have its own pro as to allowing its denizens to edit their errors.
[02:59:14:UTC] Crus@der77x : Was referencing something, Doragon.
[02:58:52:UTC] Repentance : He was acting out as a result of one of his friends being banned prior to that.
[02:58:17:UTC] Sagitarius : So far, he has not done anything that I would consider as being vulgar and rudimentary for someone of his age.
[02:58:00:UTC] Repentance : obama
[02:57:51:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : what purpose crus
[02:57:28:UTC] Crus@der77x : I need a senator from Ohio.
[02:56:13:UTC] Repentance : No problem.
[02:56:11:UTC] Jimmy.F27 : Is he causing you trouble there?
[02:55:34:UTC] Sagitarius : Ah, that explains it. Thank you for the information.
[02:55:12:UTC] octorok74 : /me grabs popcorn.
[02:55:07:UTC] Repentance : He posted a website that depicted several hundred drawings of ponies being decapitated, engaging in sexual intercourse, and all kinds of similar things. and he did spew a lot of wwii propaganda as well
[02:55:06:UTC] Crus@der77x : Definitely Huk.
[02:54:58:UTC] octorok74 : This is total soap opera stuff here.
[02:54:56:UTC] Sagitarius : Pixel Gun 3D Forum sir.
[02:54:47:UTC] odd300 : omg
[02:54:43:UTC] Mamono101 : What forum are you from?
[02:54:34:UTC] Sagitarius : Would he be the one that spewed some propagandas on World War II?
[02:54:07:UTC] Repentance : King of huklebery is his username here.
[02:54:03:UTC] Crus@der77x : Huk.
[02:53:55:UTC] Repentance : Oh wow
[02:53:40:UTC] Sagitarius : He has stated that he was banned until June, and as a moderator I am curious as to what had traversed here to land him to our turf.
[02:53:19:UTC] Crus@der77x : Not a bot.
[02:53:19:UTC] Repentance : There is no one banned by that name here.
[02:53:11:UTC] odd300 : oh
[02:52:57:UTC] Sagitarius : I am a moderator of another forum (which uses XenForo as well, coincidently) and we have a new member by that name.
[02:52:34:UTC] Jimmy.F27 : Maybe it was a bot?
[02:52:24:UTC] Crus@der77x : Huk Finn.
[02:52:00:UTC] Sagitarius : Yes.

[02:51:54:UTC] Repentance : A banned member?
[02:51:53:UTC] Sagitarius : You may IP check me to confirm that I am not him, worry not.
[02:51:34:UTC] Crus@der77x : Lol.
[02:51:17:UTC] Sagitarius : Do you know any recent ban who goes by the name "Agent Ohio"?
[02:51:10:UTC] Repentance : I'd appreciate it. And oh wow that's a surprise (you spell colour in British English)
[02:50:44:UTC] Sagitarius : And I am Hawaiian, if you are wondering.
[02:50:39:UTC] Jimmy.F27 : Yes please
[02:50:31:UTC] Sagitarius : Shall I use the normal font?
[02:50:24:UTC] Repentance : ask away I suppose
[02:50:06:UTC] Sagitarius : I am merely here to ask a few questions to the moderators of this forum. After that, you are free to delete my account.
[02:50:02:UTC] Crus@der77x : Perhaps the green is easier to see on his layout.
[02:49:48:UTC] Repentance : are you British or canadian sagi?
[02:49:25:UTC] DarkLink7 : Ab
[02:49:21:UTC] odd300 : Are you one of Ventus's alts?
[02:49:14:UTC] Sagitarius : @DarkLink7: I use a colour code.
[02:49:14:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : Welcome :) and yeah it looks off to me
[02:49:08:UTC] Repentance : nice to meet you too. I will say your font is hard on my eyes
[02:48:59:UTC] DarkLink7 : Why is your text green
[02:48:49:UTC] Jimmy.F27 : Welcome
[02:48:46:UTC] Ayano Keiko : yo
[02:48:25:UTC] Sagitarius : My name is Sagitarius, and I have signed up mere moments ago. Pleasure to meet you all.
[02:47:56:UTC] Jimmy.F27 : We've had many SBs and I don't remember mini avatars in any of them
[02:47:49:UTC] Repentance : Not having something can't be obsolete. to be obsolete it has to be tangible.
[02:47:46:UTC] Sagitarius : Pardon my impertinent intrusion, that was my blunder.
[02:47:21:UTC] Sagitarius : ?
[02:47:01:UTC] Repentance : Well time to make a setting so you can disable the color tag for your profile lol
[02:46:55:UTC] Sagitarius : Yes.
[02:46:40:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : mini avatars in the SB?
[02:46:33:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : yep yep and I'mma nag like a real wife yo.
[02:46:23:UTC] Sagitarius : Not having mini avatars is a bit inconvenient and obsolete, if I may.
[02:46:06:UTC] odd300 : :eek:
[02:45:48:UTC] Sagitarius : It seems that this forum's shoutbox goes from top to bottom. That is new for me.
[02:45:15:UTC] Repentance : e-wife
[02:45:12:UTC] odd300 : Bit harsh. :goodness:
[02:44:56:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : meeeeehehehehehehehehe
[02:44:50:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : I'm just gonna call you out on it every chance I get cuz it's funny
[02:44:37:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : and yeah I'm aware hon lol
[02:44:32:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : true true
[02:43:56:UTC] Repentance : Well beauts is 20 and triforce is 24. but they don't even know each other lol and doragon I am kidding :p
[02:43:43:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : I'm pretty sure it can happen before or after.. I've never experienced it before though
[02:43:28:UTC] Azure Sage : idk about tk
[02:43:22:UTC] Azure Sage : beauts is in her 20s
[02:43:15:UTC] Jimmy.F27 : What's weird though is I didn't wake up, it felt like it happened as I was just about to fall asleep
[02:43:12:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : creepy still but rep you do wanna wife me sooo
[02:43:01:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : and vice-versa
[02:42:54:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : how old is beauts?
[02:42:29:UTC] Azure Sage : :eek:
[02:42:25:UTC] Doragon-purinsesu : yep yep, having people reinforce rather than objectively and skeptically approach the matter doesn't help either.
[02:42:24:UTC] odd300 : He's a vampire.
[02:42:04:UTC] Azure Sage : sexual harassment much


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The Skype chat for the MPL:

[4:19:40 PM] Slaxorus: what are you gonna stream trip?
[4:19:49 PM] PokemonTripHD: idk...
[4:19:52 PM] Eric the Red: Digimon Racing
[4:19:54 PM] Eric the Red: ;p
[4:20:00 PM] PokemonTripHD: don’t look at the bottom slax...
[4:20:23 PM] PokemonTripHD: brett
[4:20:25 PM] Slaxorus: I'm on my phone so I can't see the pic
[4:20:27 PM] Slaxorus: ignorant ass
[4:20:38 PM] PokemonTripHD: you can still load pics on your phone...
[4:20:47 PM] Slaxorus: maybe I don't feel like it :P
[4:20:51 PM] PokemonTripHD: lazy booty
[4:20:57 PM] Slaxorus: meh
[4:21:08 PM] PokemonTripHD: you literally just press one button
[4:21:14 PM] PokemonTripHD: the screen
[4:21:16 PM | Edited 4:21:18 PM] Eric the Red: He'll be streaming Hentai Dating Sim 2000 XXX :P
[4:21:25 PM] Slaxorus: you wait for the ****ing thing to load
[4:21:58 PM] PokemonTripHD: okay hold on there eric
[4:22:15 PM] Eric the Red: Sorry for spoiling it
[4:22:20 PM] PokemonTripHD: darn

I'm so funny


Till the roof comes off, till the lights go out...
Feb 23, 2014
[9:06:56 PM] Jamie: wanna clean for me?
[9:07:03 PM] Jamie: omg im so embarrassed for when beauts sees that
[9:07:05 PM] Jamie: lmao
[9:09:47 PM] Salmon: yeah I have a bunch of stuff all over my floor
[9:09:55 PM] Salmon: I have a clean path to my bed from the door
[9:10:04 PM] Jamie: ah
[9:10:06 PM] Jamie: its fine
[9:10:10 PM] Jamie: its soft
[9:10:11 PM] Jamie: lol
[9:10:19 PM] Salmon: lol what
[9:10:33 PM] Jamie: if i fall tragically and land on my clothes
[9:10:41 PM] Jamie: you wont be talking ****
[9:11:04 PM] Salmon: what
[9:11:18 PM] Salmon: oh do you not have carpet
[9:11:27 PM] Jamie: thin carpet
[9:11:34 PM] Jamie: but id say clothes are still softer
[9:11:41 PM] Jamie: if i slip on a well placed banana peel
[9:11:55 PM] Salmon: who is going to place a banana peel to trip you
[9:11:58 PM] Jamie: while i am taking off my shirt, and have my hands tied up from within
[9:11:59 PM] Salmon: in your own room
[9:13:21 PM] Jamie: and i fall into my piano bench, so i am forced into an unfortunate angle that has me going head first towards the ground
[9:13:30 PM] Jamie: and i land in a soft pile of used underwear
[9:13:33 PM] Jamie: you wont be judging me
[9:14:47 PM] Salmon: this is so unlikely lol
[9:15:02 PM] Jamie: so was 9/11
[9:15:09 PM] Jamie: but if they were prepared, it wouldnt have happened
[9:15:11 PM] Salmon: wow



If I was a wizard this wouldn't be happening to me
May 20, 2012
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You want to spam a gaming chat with UK politics? I'll have my revenge.

[4/21/15, 10:50:34 AM] Eric the Red: Look if you lot keep doing this I'm just donna copy paste the communist manifesto
[4/21/15, 10:50:43 AM] Jordie: Labour reduces uni fees which is tempting
[4/21/15, 10:50:44 AM] Eric the Red: :P
[4/21/15, 10:50:58 AM] Jordie: But they spend too much
[4/21/15, 10:51:52 AM] JustWeavile: meh
[4/21/15, 11:00:21 AM] Eric the Red: http://puu.sh/hlVY4/83866f4810.png l33t titan killrz
[4/21/15, 11:01:13 AM] JustWeavile: sweg
[4/21/15, 11:09:04 AM] JustWeavile: ash still streaming?
[4/21/15, 11:10:58 AM] JustWeavile: Lets keep the political talk flowing, come on guyyyyss
[4/21/15, 11:11:16 AM] JustWeavile: Obamas a **** president btw
[4/21/15, 11:11:34 AM] JustWeavile: A brain dead woman could do a better job
[4/21/15, 11:11:39 AM] Eric the Red: A spectre is haunting Europe — the spectre of communism. All the powers of old Europe have entered into a holy alliance to exorcise this spectre: Pope and Tsar, Metternich and Guizot, French Radicals and German police-spies.

Where is the party in opposition that has not been decried as communistic by its opponents in power? Where is the opposition that has not hurled back the branding reproach of communism, against the more advanced opposition parties, as well as against its reactionary adversaries?

Two things result from this fact:

I. Communism is already acknowledged by all European powers to be itself a power.

II. It is high time that Communists should openly, in the face of the whole world, publish their views, their aims, their tendencies, and meet this nursery tale of the Spectre of Communism with a manifesto of the party itself.

To this end, Communists of various nationalities have assembled in London and sketched the following manifesto, to be published in the English, French, German, Italian, Flemish and Danish languages.
[4/21/15, 11:12:10 AM] JustWeavile: k
[4/21/15, 11:12:19 AM] Eric the Red: you thought I was kidding
[4/21/15, 11:12:24 AM] JustWeavile: Obama was supposed to change things
[4/21/15, 11:12:25 AM] Eric the Red: I will put the whole thing here
[4/21/15, 11:12:34 AM] Jordie: Eric that was almost as boring as your videos
[4/21/15, 11:12:42 AM] JustWeavile: The only thing that changed was the colour of the president of the united states skin
[4/21/15, 11:12:43 AM] Jordie: #burnGingerBurn
[4/21/15, 11:12:53 AM] JustWeavile: gg.
[4/21/15, 11:13:00 AM] Eric the Red: The history of all hitherto existing society(2) is the history of class struggles.

Freeman and slave, patrician and plebeian, lord and serf, guild-master(3) and journeyman, in a word, oppressor and oppressed, stood in constant opposition to one another, carried on an uninterrupted, now hidden, now open fight, a fight that each time ended, either in a revolutionary reconstitution of society at large, or in the common ruin of the contending classes.

In the earlier epochs of history, we find almost everywhere a complicated arrangement of society into various orders, a manifold gradation of social rank. In ancient Rome we have patricians, knights, plebeians, slaves; in the Middle Ages, feudal lords, vassals, guild-masters, journeymen, apprentices, serfs; in almost all of these classes, again, subordinate gradations.
[4/21/15, 11:13:01 AM] Jordie: UK>ISA
[4/21/15, 11:13:03 AM] Jordie: ISA
[4/21/15, 11:13:05 AM] Jordie: USA
[4/21/15, 11:13:13 AM] Eric the Red: USA
[4/21/15, 11:13:14 AM] Eric the Red: USA
[4/21/15, 11:13:26 AM] JustWeavile: USA
[4/21/15, 11:13:27 AM] JustWeavile: USA
[4/21/15, 11:13:27 AM] JustWeavile: USA
[4/21/15, 11:13:27 AM] JustWeavile: USA
[4/21/15, 11:13:28 AM] JustWeavile: USA
[4/21/15, 11:13:29 AM] JustWeavile: USA
[4/21/15, 11:13:30 AM] JustWeavile: USA
[4/21/15, 11:13:33 AM] Eric the Red: sports stadium chanting in the distance
[4/21/15, 11:13:34 AM] JustWeavile: USA
[4/21/15, 11:13:35 AM] JustWeavile: USA
[4/21/15, 11:13:36 AM] Dangar: Hi
[4/21/15, 11:13:37 AM] JustWeavile: USA
[4/21/15, 11:13:39 AM] JustWeavile: USA
[4/21/15, 11:13:40 AM] JustWeavile: USA
[4/21/15, 11:13:40 AM] JustWeavile: USA
[4/21/15, 11:13:41 AM] JustWeavile: USA
[4/21/15, 11:13:41 AM] JustWeavile: USA
[4/21/15, 11:13:42 AM] Eric the Red: The modern bourgeois society that has sprouted from the ruins of feudal society has not done away with class antagonisms. It has but established new classes, new conditions of oppression, new forms of struggle in place of the old ones.

Our epoch, the epoch of the bourgeoisie, possesses, however, this distinct feature: it has simplified class antagonisms. Society as a whole is more and more splitting up into two great hostile camps, into two great classes directly facing each other — Bourgeoisie and Proletariat.
[4/21/15, 11:13:44 AM] JustWeavile:
[4/21/15, 11:14:22 AM] Eric the Red: From the serfs of the Middle Ages sprang the chartered burghers of the earliest towns. From these burgesses the first elements of the bourgeoisie were developed.

The discovery of America, the rounding of the Cape, opened up fresh ground for the rising bourgeoisie. The East-Indian and Chinese markets, the colonisation of America, trade with the colonies, the increase in the means of exchange and in commodities generally, gave to commerce, to navigation, to industry, an impulse never before known, and thereby, to the revolutionary element in the tottering feudal society, a rapid development.

The feudal system of industry, in which industrial production was monopolised by closed guilds, now no longer sufficed for the growing wants of the new markets. The manufacturing system took its place. The guild-masters were pushed on one side by the manufacturing middle class; division of labour between the different corporate guilds vanished in the face of division of labour in each single workshop.

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