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If I was a wizard this wouldn't be happening to me
May 20, 2012
Sub-Orbital Trajectory
[12:07:48 AM] Beckanator: You're not big on intense rides aye?
[12:07:53 AM] Eric the Red: No
[12:08:31 AM] Eric the Red: I'd projectile vomit and combined with acceleration I'm pretty certain I'd knock somebody out with my digestive fluid


If I was a wizard this wouldn't be happening to me
May 20, 2012
Sub-Orbital Trajectory
[2/11/15, 10:21:36 AM] Eric the Red: If I had to draw my own logo it would look passable but seams would show
[2/11/15, 10:22:33 AM] Eric the Red: Good ****ing god there was another US shooting .-.
[2/11/15, 10:23:02 AM] justweavilelol: sweg
[2/11/15, 10:23:45 AM] ipa-vaiva: that comment could not have been in a wrose spot
[2/11/15, 10:23:56 AM] Eric the Red: perfect timing sir
[2/11/15, 10:24:10 AM] justweavilelol: probably should have read the chat first

Azure Sage

March onward forever...
Staff member
ZD Legend
Comm. Coordinator
1:27 PM - Azure Sage: lmao
1:27 PM - Wolf Sage: whoops lol
1:26 PM - Azure Sage: Witherspoon transforms anthropomorphic flatulents
1:26 PM - Trio the Punch: What a tasty fistula!
1:25 PM - Wolf Sage: Where are the fellas? :`v`:
1:19 PM - Trio the Punch: When The Acropolis Fell...
1:19 PM - Trio the Punch: Whoah, Totally Allowed Foulmouthing!
1:18 PM - Wolf Sage: Wrathful terrestrial are fierce!
1:18 PM - Azure Sage: wild twerking adds fear
1:18 PM - Trio the Punch: Whip That Ass, Fella
1:18 PM - Azure Sage: whistling tarantulas are forthcoming
1:17 PM - Wolf Sage: Wherever the air flows...
1:16 PM - Trio the Punch: Wednesday's Tomorrow... Actually Friday!
1:16 PM - DarkLink7: what the absolute f
1:15 PM - Wolf Sage:Walter T. Allen-Fitzgerald
1:15 PM - Trio the Punch: Whistle to a Frenchmen,
1:15 PM - Azure Sage: wingdings textile additional furnishings
1:15 PM - Trio the Punch: Wrestling Tyrannosaurs And Farting
1:14 PM - Wolf Sage: willfully tenacious alien foreigners
1:14 PM - DarkLink7: tRiO NO
1:13 PM - Trio the Punch: Withered Testicular Arthritis Flower
1:13 PM - DarkLink7: ?
1:13 PM - Azure Sage: walruses toggling antecendent flamingos
1:12 PM - DarkLink7: wtaf
Feb 23, 2011
[11:02:59 PM] Ker-chan: i saw an obese middle age man cosplaying lightning once
[11:02:59 PM] Keri-chan: he was in front of me in line at burger king at youmacon one year
[11:08:43 PM] Keri-chan: omg
[11:08:46 PM] Keri-chan: what a emote
[11:10:08 PM] The: I magically grow 16 eyes and 14 mouths whenever I find something really funny lol


Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male
    1. 12:27 AM - Justac00lguy:
      I mean I guess they're good for crime, but just invent a silent helicopter for God's sake

  1. 12:26 AM - Justac00lguy:
    This is the 6th day in a row now, **** off
  2. 12:26 AM - Beauts:
    he's a pinball wizard, there has to be a twist, that pinball wizards got such a supple wriiiiist
  3. 12:26 AM - Justac00lguy:
    Seriously I'm sick of police helicopters

Snow Queen

Mannceaux Signature Collection
Mar 14, 2013
Grand Rapids, MI
Transwoman (she/her)
im dead

13:33 - Snow Queen: Yuga is the worst Zelda villian imo
13:34 - G-King: clearly never seen Bellum Snow Queen
13:34 - Snow Queen: Bellum is that big pineapple thing right
13:34 - Snow Queen: From Phantom Sourglass
13:34 - G-King: tentacled pinapple
13:35 - Azure Sage: he's the villain that's sort of pineapplish
13:35 - Snow Queen: It's textured like a pineapple I swear
13:35 - Lemmy Koopa: i wouldnt mind learning more about bellum and his/its/pineappleself's origins
13:35 - Snow Queen: Well
13:35 - Snow Queen: He is in the sea
13:35 - Lemmy Koopa: dead
13:36 - Azure Sage: holy **** snow you killed me
13:36 - Mellow Ezlo: SPONGEBOB LIVES IN BELLUM??? :eek:
13:36 - Mellow Ezlo: Maybe that's why Bellum was so angry
13:36 - Snow Queen: You can hear muffled sponge laughs from within Bellum
13:36 - Lemmy Koopa: he's the ghost of the pineapple that got eaten by nematoads


Angel of Darkness
Staff member
ZD Legend
Jan 31, 2010
Yahtzee, Supernatural
Angel of Darkness
Dan and me were talking Dashie :P

[01:16:44] Sir Dan: Loving the boss fight
[01:16:56] Sir Dan: bowser is throwing footballs at mario, WHAT!?
[01:17:28] Angel of Darkness: It is cool. This is what made me buy the game. Dashie is a cool youtuber :P Geiko ain't no covering that hahahahahaha
[01:18:11] Sir Dan: yeah I found his commentary pretty funny
[01:18:20] Sir Dan: Bowsers ride is pimped
[01:18:51] Angel of Darkness: He is funny. The second time he fights bowser and bowser falls in the fire he says You have done this before so don't look so surprised :P
[01:19:31] Angel of Darkness: This guy even makes silly games fun with the comments
[01:22:05] Sir Dan: lol
[01:22:24] Sir Dan: Lava must be nothing to bowser
[01:22:30] Sir Dan: Like water
[01:23:02] Angel of Darkness: Bowser is not so tough as he looks :P But the game is seriously so cool and it looks great. It's one of my favs by far
[01:31:21] Sir Dan: I can't stop laughing at this guys voice over :')
[01:31:24] Sir Dan: It's brilliant
[01:32:26] Sir Dan: you showing off now
[01:33:27] Angel of Darkness: He is brilliant! He really makes the best comments ever and he ****s up so much but he is cool. His mario kart vids are so funny as well :P
[03:53:55] Sir Dan: I love it
[03:53:58] Sir Dan: I subscibed
[03:54:15] Sir Dan: I love how annoyed he gets with the characters
[03:54:20] Sir Dan: :')
[03:55:57] Angel of Darkness: he is so funny no kidding :D The way he is playing and his comments are hilarious!
[04:11:55] Sir Dan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JUj7eEmSxpw
[04:11:59] Sir Dan: I love it
[04:13:52] Angel of Darkness: Yeah I watched that a couple of times! He is so hilarious! You should check out his old school games or mario kart. **** you Donkey! I never play your stupid game no more! (rofl)
[04:15:35] Sir Dan: I'll take a look
[04:16:21] Angel of Darkness:
"you know what; **** the stamp! he is trying to get my **** " (rofl)
[04:21:08] Sir Dan: His comments kills me
[04:21:17] Sir Dan: I'm watching this classics one
[04:21:18] Sir Dan: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FQqMknTa9Kg
[04:21:31] Sir Dan: I love how he says "but back then they knew no better"
[04:21:37] Sir Dan: Regarding graphics
[04:24:36] Angel of Darkness: "I'm the Texas chainsaw masacres and I gotta kill whores I need to find some whores" hilarious!!
[04:26:41] Angel of Darkness: why do they make it so hard to kill *****es? (rofl)
[04:27:40] Sir Dan: He gets really angry at that one :P
[04:29:15] Angel of Darkness: He is so funny when he gets anrgy :P
[04:32:13] Sir Dan: Espcially when it's at animated birds or cute creatures. :P
[04:34:56] Angel of Darkness: Okay...NEXT!! :P


Not all those who wander are lost...
Oct 8, 2011
40 lights off the Galactic Rim
ZD member theRAPIST Bill taught me a few lessons. Sorry for the weird numbers, but I don't feel like touching this up. Reads from bottom to top.
  1. Batman:
    Did I say soul mates? I meant bed mates.
  2. 8:22 PM - Zorth:
    I believ in teh ghost. It is like soul but the different
  3. 8:22 PM - Storm
    replied to thread Ballad of The Earth Maiden Take Two
  4. 8:22 PM - Beauts:
    I'm going to sleep
  5. 8:22 PM - Zorth:
    I dont believe in the soul, but still it is sort of true
  6. 8:22 PM - Spirit:
  7. 8:22 PM - Zorth:
    yeah, totally weird bruh.
  8. Batman:
    Maybe you and theRAPIST Bill are like soul mates.
  9. 8:21 PM - pkfroce
    replied to thread How Often Do You Knock **** Over Like a Stupid Idiot
  10. Batman:
    Yeah, that's super weird.
  11. 8:21 PM - Trio the Punch:
    Watch eht.
  12. 8:21 PM - Trio the Punch:
    It's great.
  13. 8:21 PM - Beauts:
    oh well idk
  14. 8:21 PM - Zorth:
    Bill is accidentally gone forever. He somehow got merged with my account, dunno why
  15. 8:21 PM - Trio the Punch:
    It's a movie.
  16. 8:20 PM - Beauts:
    you're determined to make me watch this show
  17. Batman:
    I need to talk to theRAPIST.
  18. 8:20 PM - Beauts:
    lol trio
  19. Batman:
    Zorth, get Bill in here.
  20. 8:20 PM - Beauts:
    My neighbours gking
  21. 8:20 PM - Beauts:
    And Because our houses are **** 70s jobs the house shakes
  22. 8:20 PM - Trio the Punch:
    Beauts watch God Bless America. Do it right now on Netflix today now.
  23. 8:19 PM - G-King:
    who is slamming doors?
  24. 8:19 PM - Beauts:
    Why can't they shut the ****ing doors thry slam them all the time
  25. 8:19 PM - Zorth:
    impossible, I spread my religion by the knife. You spread yours through the black science man. The knife wins
  26. 8:19 PM - Trio the Punch:
    Make their kids watch them die Beauts :)
  27. 8:19 PM - Beauts:
    brb I'm going to kill my neighbour
  28. Batman:
    He will join me
  29. Batman:
    Wait and see
  30. Batman:
    Zorth, I will turn theRAPIST Bill against you.
  31. 8:18 PM - Wolf Sage
    replied to thread How Often Do You Knock **** Over Like a Stupid Idiot
  32. 8:18 PM - ReveredPartisan
    replied to thread What are the theories you like best?
  33. 8:18 PM - Fiery Klongo:
    like what?
  34. 8:18 PM - Zorth:
    No, my egyptian inspired proto-norse roman hybrid deutero-agnosticism is the one and only religion
  35. 8:18 PM - Fiery Klongo:
  36. 8:18 PM - Fiery Klongo:
    "8:17 PM - Batman: Ancient Nordic rituals are bunk."
  37. 8:18 PM - Beauts:
    hiii g-king yeah this isn't a hoax this is really beauts friend she was hacked she's.she's not really dead guys
  38. Batman:
    My Atheo-Islamism is the true religion.
  39. 8:17 PM - Trio the Punch:
    Rituals are all bunk.
  40. 8:17 PM - Fiery Klongo:
    hey whats up?
  41. 8:17 PM - Justac00lguy:
    Dunna dun dun dun
  42. 8:17 PM - Justac00lguy:
    Because I got high
  43. Batman:
    Ancient Nordic rituals are bunk.
  44. 8:17 PM - G-King:
    hi beauts's friend
  45. 8:17 PM - Pendio
    replied to thread The Voyage to Salem
  46. 8:17 PM - Justac00lguy:
    Because I got high
  47. 8:17 PM - Justac00lguy:
    Because I got high
  48. 8:17 PM - Zorth:
    ancient nordic rituals allow you to pay off gods
  49. 8:17 PM - Zorth:
    you should be thanking him
  50. Batman:
    Don't make me call the Swedish authorities.
  51. 8:17 PM - Fiery Klongo:
    oops i meant :)
  52. 8:17 PM - Zorth:
    he doesn't owe you any money, if he decides to cleanse your sins by stealing it is not a crime
  53. 8:17 PM - Beauts:
    Guys beauts is dead this is her friend
  54. 8:16 PM - Fiery Klongo:
  55. Batman:
    No, you stop it!!!!11
  56. 8:16 PM - Trio the Punch:
    My family is torn to pieces about it but we had to eat somehow :)
  57. 8:16 PM - Zorth:
    stop it! I WILL ignore you!!
  58. 8:16 PM - G-King:
    wbat did he go for?
  59. 8:16 PM - Fiery Klongo:
  60. 8:16 PM - Ari
    replied to thread How Often Do You Knock **** Over Like a Stupid Idiot
  61. 8:16 PM - Fiery Klongo:
    That always sucks
  62. Batman:
    Zorth, only if you tell Bill that I expect the money he owes e
  63. 8:16 PM - Beauts:
    that's terrible trio :)
  64. 8:16 PM - Trio the Punch:
    I had to sell my little brother guys :)
  65. 8:15 PM - Vanessa28:
    :) :( :) :(
  66. 8:15 PM - Beauts:
    But when I smile there isn't any rage to keep the forums together
  67. 8:15 PM - Vanessa28:
  68. 8:15 PM - Vanessa28:
  69. 8:15 PM - Fiery Klongo:
  70. 8:15 PM - Beauts:
    smiley link is so cute :) we should all smile more :)
  71. 8:15 PM - Fiery Klongo:
    I am Fier-ERROR
  72. 8:15 PM - Zorth:
    Batman, stop attacking me
  73. 8:14 PM - Beauts:
    Lol true :) I appreciate it
  74. 8:14 PM - Vanessa28:
    - Beauts: Well usually vee any time I say anything at all I get accused of bullying <--- I like 99% of your posts :P
  75. 8:14 PM - Zorth:
  76. 8:14 PM - Ari
    replied to thread Locked In: A ZD Fan Fiction
  77. 8:14 PM - Beauts:
    I was looking at your avatar today
  78. 8:14 PM - Zorth:
    I do, he is from the same village as me
  79. 8:14 PM - Wolf Sage
    turns around and walks out.
  80. 8:14 PM - Spirit:
    wow this anime lady is hot 0.0
  81. 8:13 PM - Beauts:
  82. 8:13 PM - Wolf Sage:
    /steps in.
  83. 8:13 PM - Fiery Klongo:
    Watsup guys?
  84. 8:13 PM - Trio the Punch:
    This place is such a moist barrel of laughs.
  85. 8:13 PM - DarkLink7
    replied to thread Ballad of The Earth Maiden Take Two
  86. 8:13 PM - Beauts:
    Well usually vee any time I say anything at all I get accused of bullying
  87. Batman:
    Zorth, tell Bill I'm sorry. I know you know him very well.
  88. 8:12 PM - Vanessa28:
    No silly you don't have to shut up
  89. 8:12 PM - Pendio
    replied to thread Locked In: A ZD Fan Fiction
  90. 8:12 PM - Zorth:
    Bill is gone.. for good
  91. 8:12 PM - Beauts:
    I'm used to being told to shut up you see
  92. 8:12 PM - Zorth:
  93. Batman:
    I just hope Bill forgives me for making fun of his username.
  94. 8:12 PM - Beauts:
    oh ok
  95. 8:12 PM - Vanessa28:
    Batman and Bill both I meant Beauts
  96. 8:11 PM - Beauts:
    I didn't even say anything
  97. Batman:
    Bill needs space. He's merely trying to start over on ZD and I think we should all respect that.
  98. 8:11 PM - Lemmy Koopa:
    harassing someone for their username is so ****ing shallow seriously wtf
  99. 8:11 PM - Vanessa28:
    seriously guys come on
  100. 8:11 PM - Vanessa28:
    Guys knock it off
  101. 8:11 PM - Lemmy Koopa:
    if it bothers him, you should stop. i dont understand why that's so hard
  102. Batman:
    Internet prey :(
  103. 8:11 PM - Therapist Bill:
    Then apologize, and I won't
  104. 8:11 PM - Lemmy Koopa:
    can you please stop
  105. 8:11 PM - Therapist Bill:
    How do you even know that, are you some kind of internet predator ?
  106. 8:11 PM - Beauts:
    oh no not the ignore list
  107. Batman:
    For the love of God, please no.
  108. 8:10 PM - Lemmy Koopa:
  109. Batman:
    No, please no.
  110. 8:10 PM - Therapist Bill:
    So you are insulting my mother's nationality now too`?
  111. Batman:
  112. Batman:
    Be easy on me
  113. Batman:
    I'm slow. And have mental issues caused by living 5 years in Israel.
  114. 8:10 PM - Therapist Bill:
    Okay that's it, Batman! One more insulting attack from you and you are IGNORED
  115. 8:10 PM - Trio the Punch:
    Bill confirmed for Drum...
  116. Batman:
    Help me be more like you.
  117. 8:10 PM - Therapist Bill:
    Not here in the SB, people are way too mean
  118. 8:10 PM - Justac00lguy:
  119. 8:10 PM - Therapist Bill:
    Justa, I really don't want to say. Maybe we can talk in private about it, you were nice to me before
  120. Batman:
    Teach my your ways Bill. Make me better in every way.
  121. 8:09 PM - Therapist Bill:
    You seem a little behind. I have a connection of 28mbit, what about you?
  122. 8:09 PM - Justac00lguy:
    Who were you before?
  123. 8:09 PM - Dan:
    No he's not, any reasonable Therapist would see ZD is beyond therapy and have asked the web master to exterminate everyone using the site.
  124. 8:09 PM - Therapist Bill:
    Yes, I just said that? Are you having some internet troubles maybe you cannot read my messages in time ?
  125. 8:09 PM - Ari
    posted a new thread in General Gaming: Sonic Adventure 1 and 2
  126. Batman:
    and LOCKE
  127. Batman:
    He talked to MASES
  128. Batman:
    Bill's legit guys.
  129. 8:08 PM - Therapist Bill:
    It is the reason I left DGN for a while, I talked to mases and locke about it. I even almost had a staff job at the main site
  130. 8:08 PM - Trio the Punch:
    Oh okay so was it Ghirahimiscool then?
  131. 8:08 PM - Therapist Bill:
    I really dont want to say that, people will just continue attacking and bullying me
  132. 8:08 PM - Trio the Punch:
    Goddammit Batman.
  133. Batman:
    That was is previous username
  134. Batman:
    Haywood Jablomi
  135. 8:07 PM - Justac00lguy:
    What was your name beforehand?
  136. Batman:
    Nobody listens to Bill
  137. 8:07 PM - Dan:
    They think you smell
  138. 8:06 PM - Trio the Punch:
  139. 8:06 PM - Dan:
    They don't listen to you Bill
  140. 8:06 PM - Justac00lguy:
    Stop please
  141. 8:06 PM - Beauts:
    sorry bill
  142. 8:06 PM - Trio the Punch:
    Do you know the rapist Bill, the rapist Bill, the rapist Bill? Do you know the rapist Bill, who lives on DGN?
  143. 8:06 PM - Therapist Bill:
    Jimmy, or Justa. Could you guys please tell them to stop?
  144. 8:06 PM - Beauts:
    that last one was in the style of barney in how i met your mother btw
  145. 8:05 PM - Beauts:
    lmao "have you met the rapist, bill?"
  146. 8:05 PM - Trio the Punch:
    I kinda wish Borderlands was a different kind of game 'cause I love the writing but I don't at all like FPS gameplay.
  147. 8:05 PM - Dan:
    Just keep trying, are you playing it alongside your gf?
  148. Batman:
    Hello The Rapist, Bill.
  149. 8:05 PM - Beauts:
  150. 8:05 PM - Therapist Bill:
    Really immature
  151. 8:05 PM - Therapist Bill:
    It was a name change, I was haunted enough with people bullying me for being called "Yourasswillhurt"
  152. 8:05 PM - Spirit:
  153. 8:05 PM - Ari
    replied to thread King's Art
  154. 8:05 PM - Dan:
    What are you trying to do? :P
  155. 8:05 PM - Therapist Bill:
    Whats so funny?? I really dislike people finding hidden and wrong meanings in my name
  156. 8:04 PM - Beauts:
    was therapist bill always therapist bill or a name change?
  157. 8:04 PM - Trio the Punch:
  158. 8:04 PM - Spirit:
    died three times on the first bandits you meet
  159. Batman:
    The Rapist Bill
  160. Batman:
    Therapist Bill
  161. Batman:
  162. 8:04 PM - Spirit:
  163. 8:04 PM - Dan:
    The first game?
  164. 8:04 PM - Dan:
    Oh :(
  165. 8:04 PM - Therapist Bill
    replied to thread Worst video game sequels ever.

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