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Funny or Memorable IM or Shoutbox Conversations.


and Tonic
Nov 29, 2010
The Flying Mobile Opression fortress
I think Lee is probably my new best friend.

[4/25/2014 7:15:07 PM] Lee: I know what you have been doing.
[4/25/2014 7:15:20 PM] Djinn: egads!
[4/25/2014 7:15:36 PM] Djinn: ..wait, what was I doing?
[4/25/2014 7:16:20 PM] Lee: I know all about your little funtime with the trolls on the forum while trying to look innocent.
[4/25/2014 7:16:51 PM] Lee: And I can prove it to others.
[4/25/2014 7:17:16 PM] Djinn: uhh...you might have to be just a tad more specific, this kind of thing seems to come up a bit more often than you might think
[4/25/2014 7:18:32 PM] Djinn: what funtime and what trolls are you talking about?
[4/25/2014 7:19:21 PM] Lee: Your behavior has already been reported.
[4/25/2014 7:20:03 PM] Lee: You will know when the staff places you on trial for it.
[4/25/2014 7:54:19 PM] Djinn: ....so umm...uh


Angel of Darkness
Staff member
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Jan 31, 2010
Yahtzee, Supernatural
Angel of Darkness
:xd: Blackmail

1:37 AM <Djinn> oh please yes
1:37 AM <Vanessa28> Don't talk too soon. He might contact you about it
1:36 AM <Djinn> I'm more sad he did not pick up on the Rick and Morty reference
1:36 AM <Djinn> zip zop
1:35 AM <Vanessa28> me too and I always complain about people I dislike in vc's when they are present
1:35 AM <Djinn> makes things more interesting
1:35 AM <Djinn> yup, I only VC with people I never get along with
Big Octo Answered in thread : Hello Fellow Zelda Fan's!
1:34 AM <Vanessa28> <Djinn> same guy was trying to get me mad at Vanessa a day ago <--- that's why we VC because I dislike you
1:22 AM <Djinn> I have at least three more just as weird convos with that guy I could post


and Tonic
Nov 29, 2010
The Flying Mobile Opression fortress
The convo in question

[4/28/2014 9:26:14 PM] *** Chris added Djinn ***
[4/28/2014 9:31:33 PM] Lee: I have something to tell you
[4/28/2014 9:50:31 PM] Djinn: uh huh
[4/28/2014 9:51:29 PM] Lee: I hope you know that Vanessa is not really your friend.
[4/28/2014 9:51:36 PM] Lee: She does not like you at all.
[4/28/2014 9:51:59 PM] Djinn: uh huh
[4/28/2014 9:54:10 PM] Lee: She has complained about you a lot to many people for a long time.
[4/28/2014 9:54:44 PM] Djinn: uh uh
[4/28/2014 9:55:51 PM] Lee: For weeks she has been complaining a lot about how she cannot stand you and does not even like talking to you but you bother her all the time.
[4/28/2014 9:57:16 PM] Lee: You should stop trying to be her friend. She is nice to people that talks to her but she really does not like you and is always complaining about how you are annoying and pathetic.
[4/28/2014 9:58:21 PM] Djinn: uh huh
[4/28/2014 10:06:08 PM] Lee: Is that all you are going to say?
[4/28/2014 10:06:22 PM] Djinn: zip zop
[4/28/2014 10:06:33 PM] Lee: What?
[4/28/2014 10:06:41 PM] Djinn: bip bop
[4/28/2014 10:08:29 PM] Lee: ...
[4/28/2014 10:08:40 PM] Djinn: puddin' pop
[4/28/2014 10:09:16 PM] Lee: I am trying to help you and you are not going to take me seriously?
[4/28/2014 10:09:26 PM] Djinn: wubba lubba dub dub
[4/28/2014 10:10:24 PM] Lee: All you can do is troll when I am genuinely trying to help?
[4/28/2014 10:11:43 PM] Djinn: hey! wubba lubba dub dub means "I am in pain, please help me!" in the language of my people!!!!!
[4/28/2014 10:12:08 PM] *** Lee removed Djinn from this conversation. ***


and Tonic
Nov 29, 2010
The Flying Mobile Opression fortress
Who's ready for the latest installment??

[9:51:14 PM] Lee: I thought these conversations were supposed to be in complete confidence.
[9:51:41 PM] Djinn: yea uh....I have no idea who the hell you are
[9:52:55 PM] Djinn: kinda throws a wrench in the whole staff/member confidentiality when you make an alt to complain at me, threaten me, or lie to me then refuse to tell me who you are...
[9:52:44 PM] Lee: This proves how worthless and corrupt you really are.
[9:53:13 PM] Lee: You take nothing seriously and abuse your privileges.
[9:53:49 PM] Djinn: my oh so coveted make a reply to a thread privilege?
[9:54:24 PM] Djinn whole lotta people abusing the crap out of that one.....damn...


AKA Patrick
Aug 13, 2013
Oh Wolfy:rolleyes:
10:38 PM <Wolf Sage> *tastes
10:38 PM <Wolf Sage> Kingdom Hearts II was a bit TOO easy for my testes...
10:38 PM <musicfan> Prob easy if I was not playing blind
10:38 PM <Wolf Sage> wow
10:38 PM <Wolf Sage> much easy
10:37 PM <Wolf Sage> such great game
10:37 PM <musicfan> Hard game
10:37 PM <musicfan> So kingdom hearts ii


Nov 12, 2010
[7:14:04 PM] Big Octo: wanna buy this box
[7:14:09 PM] Big Octo: one bedroom, one bathroom
[7:14:10 PM] Keith: I am tempted
[7:14:16 PM] Keith: What are the dimensions
[7:14:26 PM] Big Octo: 50 x 75
[7:14:28 PM] Big Octo: inches
[7:14:40 PM] Big Octo: comes with a free bucket
[7:14:54 PM] Keith: Does the bucket fit in the box
[7:15:00 PM] Big Octo: yeah
[7:15:03 PM] Big Octo: just barely, though
[7:15:16 PM] Keith: That baby must hold a lot of urine
[7:15:25 PM] Big Octo: Two gallons
[7:15:32 PM] Keith: Shieeeet
[7:15:34 PM] Keith: How much
[7:15:53 PM] Big Octo: For the box and bucket, we're looking at 550/month
[7:16:01 PM] Keith: What a rip off
[7:16:11 PM] Keith: I can find a box and bucket guy
[7:16:18 PM] Keith: Unless you lower it to 200/month
[7:16:51 PM] Big Octo: What other box and bucket guys do is they present the price of the box alone, and then they introduce the bucket and raise the price
[7:16:57 PM] Big Octo: the lowest I can do is 450
[7:17:03 PM] Keith: 375
[7:17:18 PM] Big Octo: 425
[7:17:25 PM] Keith: 420
[7:17:29 PM] Big Octo: 423
[7:17:32 PM] Keith: 420
[7:17:33 PM] Keith: Final offer
[7:18:04 PM] Big Octo: it's a pristine bucket, the lowest it'll go is 420.01/month
[7:18:25 PM] Keith: Only if you'll reimburse me that 1 cent
[7:18:28 PM] Keith: Times are tough
[7:18:53 PM | Edited 7:19:02 PM] Big Octo: I can make that deal. How does a 12-month deal sound?
[7:19:15 PM] Keith: It sounds like we're blazing now
[7:19:29 PM] Big Octo: sweet


AKA Patrick
Aug 13, 2013
7:03 PM <Fig> Doing that right now.
7:02 PM <AvatarFlygon> RUN FASTER
7:02 PM <AvatarFlygon> Go back and train harder.
7:02 PM <AvatarFlygon> No it isn't, Fig.
6:59 PM <Fig> That's enough training for the hour.
TL;DR: After an hour of training, Fig gets sick of it and turns into the Hulk.

Violet Link

takumi was a mistake and so are the S supports
Feb 18, 2012
insert fictional world
Memorable conversations between me and some of my Osu friends:



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