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Forest Temple Theme

Mar 8, 2010
Ever since I've been young maybe six, I always loved this theme. I feel like there is something very unique about it. I just wanted to throw this out there and see if anyone else finds this song sort of like being in a trance or some minor form of hypnosis. Post your feeling about this song and how it affects you if you like. (BTW this is my favorite zelda song ever of all time)
Nov 26, 2008
If you meant to attach a song ULR it isn't there. Or did you mean the song that is played in the temple during gameplay? I'm sorry I don't understand.
He's referring to the main Forest Temple theme, the one that plays during the dungeon in Ocarina of Time. ;)

I loved this song too. The Forest Temple is my favorite dungeon in all of OoT, but I especially love it's music. Very trippy and interesting, like the dungeon, and it fits the area so well.

I don't know about how it made me feel. It was mysterious and strange, so I guess it evoked related feelings. I was a fan of the Forest Temple because it was so strange and surreal, with the ghost theme and atmosphere. And the song was the same. There was really no other song in OoT like it.

I also think the song went along with the role of the Forest Temple, in that it was the first dungeon done was Adult Link, during the whole... I dunno... "Reboot" of the game. The whole Young Link portion was a training area or introduction in some ways, but when you became Adult Link things amped up and it was really cool how the Forest Temple went along with that in every way possible. Difficulty, theme, style, atmosphere... flawless. :D


Young Link
Mar 31, 2010
Ilove it now but... when I first played it I was freaked out by the music, but now that I think about it it is pretty cool because if you talk to saria before you enter the temple she sais that she needs help because there ar monsters in the temple, she went there to check up on the spirits of the temple. To me the music sounds like the spirits crying for help.

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