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Final Boss of Skyward Sword?


Suupa Saiya-jin
Jun 8, 2011
IF Ghirahim is confronted many times , well that's you know, too much and boring! so what u come to me first time, then second time stronger, third time even stronger and so on....
That's lame and repeating plus shows a bit of downrating on the Character of the Villain!
Mind you that i'm not saying appearing many times, I'm saying confronted!

A Final Boss should make his appearance just to show the protagonist that he is here intimidating him and showing why he is the antagonist!

Fighting him too many times and in the end showing as the final boss is gonna ruin the game for me( Oh look its Ghirahim again!! -.-)

(on a side note... What if we fight all the Demon lords /or their manifestations ? 1vsMany! now that sounds challenging)

the green tunic

I think because it is the origin the master sword the last boss should be ganons farther or ganon as a child


Who needs a shield?
Jul 27, 2011
I think because it is the origin the master sword the last boss should be ganons farther or ganon as a child

But that's so boring! Plus Gannon's father is probably some drunk chillen in some pub. Also we have this great new villain to work with! I doubt he [GHIRAHIM] will be a boss in every dungeon, but more like the boss of the first, then you fight him again out of dungeon, then you fight him again at the end.


whoever the final boss is i actually hope it isnt a surprise ganon appearance like they kinda did in twilight princess. i was really hoping zant was the main antagonist but was kinda let down by ganon. even though i love ganon as a villain.

Majoras mask

Creepy purple guy!
Aug 22, 2011
Somewhere in the Lost woods.....
maybe he could have a transformation at the end. he could have a normal phase like the boss at e3 and also he could transform like onox in Oos when he turns into a dark dragon and vaati in Mc where he transforms into a floating eyeball thing and ganondorf into ganon in OoT. dunno, just an idea.....
May 30, 2010
Something completely different. The whale is probably just a tool, kinda like Helmaroc King back in Wind Waker. That is, if the whale is real to begin with and not just an ominous nightmare representing the terror yet to come.

It was confirmed that the Whale is indeed a good being.

And I don't think that Ghirahim will be the final boss. Judging by what we've seen of him so far, he seems more like the trickster type, more interested in toying with Link than in actually killing him. Link might even end up learning from him.

I heard that his personality towards Link changes throughout the game. If you see what Ghirahim says last before disappearing (he threatens to kill Link if he interferes again) you know he actually means it.

Maybe this bully from Skyloft.
Most likely not, judging from the demo his personality makes this theory very unlikely.

The final boss is probably going to be someone they have not shown us yet. I don't think that they would show us the final boss this early. Also you dont usually fight the final boss earlier in the game so I think its not going to be Demon Lord Ghirahim.

Who says a villain can't be shown at the begging of the game? This villain could be very active unlike most other villains would be.

I do believe in this case, Ghirahim is the villain seeing Nintendo already mentioned that Ganondorf and Vatti (and btw there is no connection between them despite there appearance and able to control wind) are not in the game. But hey, I may be wrong.

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