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Spoiler Fi Theory?

Feb 5, 2012
Okay, so I know at the end of the game, you put the Master Sword back and Fi's supposed to go into this eternal slumber. Do you think she's still residing in the sword, not conscious but there, as all the future Link's eventually acquire the sword?
(Sorry if I got some fact wrong - still on my first playthrough of Skyward Sword, but the internet spoiled parts of it for me. >///<)
Feb 23, 2011
Yes, she's in there alright; at least, that's what has been hinted at. Take Ocarina of Time for instance: At the end, when Link has felled the beast Ganon, the Master Sword glows brightly, as if it were responding to Link. Several other instances where the sword glowed radiantly has been shown throughout the series. While it has not been confirmed, one could assume that the glow from the sword is none other than Fi's conscience - reacting to Link. After all, in Skyward Sword she did say that she and Link would meet again in the future (paraphrasing). You can look at it as a sort of retcon by Nintendo.

There's also the Queen of Fairies. :rolleyes: jk
Apr 7, 2012
I agree with Wolf Sage, in Ocarina and Wind Waker where the sword glows and someone (zelda) says "the master sword is at full power, finish gannon off!!!"


perhaps the great spin attack is a skyward strike just fi unconsiusly using her powers


I wonder if, possibly, when Nintendo releases the final game in the Zelda series (if there ever is one), we might see the return of Fi? Perhaps there will be the final reincarnation of Link who has the power to reawaken Fi from her slumber within the Sword. Maybe she has built up power over the centuries (millenia?) and Final Reincarnation Link has to release a massive Skyward Strike on Final Reincarnation Ganon(dorf). Maybe Demise's spirit has returned and possessed Ganon(dorf). Who knows?


Canadian Girl
Jan 29, 2012
Somewhere in Time
Fi is the sword, so in turn, she still lives on inside the sword. Her spirit continues to live, sleeping deep within the Master Sword.

And I love FluttershyIsGod's theory on a final LoZ game, that would be pretty cool...


Yeah I'd like to think she's still in there in all the other games.

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