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Favourite Dungeon Music

Apr 4, 2012
The Skyview Temple theme is pretty relaxing, but I'll have to go with the past theme of the Lanayru Mining Facility. It's so...active and mechanical-ish sounding, but at the same time it sounds kind of ancient. Perfect fit! :D
Apr 4, 2012
I liked the theme for the ancient cistern. Lanaryu Mining facility made me kind of irritated after a while of listening to it though.

The great thing about art is that we can disagree. I absolutely loved the mining facility music.

I vote for the Earth temple.


The Altruist
Jul 23, 2011
Mishima Tower
I honestly love the Skyview Temple's music because it is just so relaxing. I like the Ancient Cistern for its creepy feeling in its theme. I also like the music in the first Tire Temple. That theme always gave me goosebumps in a good way. I just wished they made an Ice Temple.


May 10, 2012
another good one is this[video=youtube;mNW9DcG7fA4]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mNW9DcG7fA4[/video]

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