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General Modern Favorite Zelda Race?



For me it's a tie between Goron's and Koroks. I really like Kikwi as well, and for some reason Zora were never very appealing to me. What about you?


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Dec 19, 2011
Temple of Light
Mine are definitely the Zora's. I love the way they look and their ability to breath underwater and on land. I woud love to do that myself.
Ever since OoT the Gorons for sure. Darunia was my favorite sage in that game and the Gorons as a whole were just awesome and fascinating in that game. Plus of all the races you meet they were the nicest. I also loved how they called you "big brother" after beating the Fire Temple and rescuing one. Plus what other race has a character named after you?

The "Goron Hug" scene is one of the funniest in the series as well. Plus you get an ultra-powerful weapon from them.

The only time I didn't like them as much was in TP. I still did...but they just seemed different somehow. I was pumped when I heard SS had them. I loved all the Gorons that were in SS but was disappointed in the lack of them. I was hoping for another Goron City or something.

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