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General Zelda Favorite Zelda Character


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Jul 27, 2010
The Wind Temple
Do I have to pick one for each category?

Favourite NPC: Midna (TP)
Favourite Boss: Ghirahim (SS)
Honourable Mentions: Groose (SS), Zelda (SS), Tetra (WW), Tatl (MM), Ganondorf (WW)


My favorite character is Midna. She has the best smile of the series to me and she is overall caring and she is from a group of banished people...also, she is a VERY useful character in Twilight Princess.


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Aug 28, 2012
I have only one downright favorite character. And one *meh* favorite. Guaranteed favorite is easily Pipit, secondary favorite is the Happy Mask Salesman.


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Oct 7, 2012
midna or Ghirahim. they are both so cool. and Ghirahim is fun to kill. Fave boss is Argorok, cause I <3 dragons.
Skull Kid.

He was an annoying little brat at the start of MM who stole your horse and turned you into a Deku Scrub. As you find out though, he was just a lonely kid possessed by an evil mask. I remember the scene where you see the drawing he made of him and his fairy friends in the tree trunk, I felt so bad for him at the end of MM. When he asked Link if they too could be friends? Nearly bawled my eyes out. I also like how they strongly hinted he was the same Skull Kid you meet in OoT, a very cool tie in. Who thought such a minor character in one game became a villain and tragic figure in the next?

I have a lot of characters who I like but he just spring to mind for me.


Oct 24, 2012
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My favorite Zelda character is The Twilight Princess herself, Midna! Some give her a bad rap, but honestly, there are far more irritating (and shallow) TLoZ characters than her. What's great about Midna is the way she grows and changes as a character throughout the adventure. She goes from a selfish little condescending brat with seemingly little importance to the star character! I mean, the game is named for the sidekick character! How often does that happen? And I don't know about you but I did not see that coming. By the end Midna has gone from a mild irritation to a tragic figure to a noble warrior, and when her importance and the secret of what she's been through is revealed it is difficult to blame her for her attitude when she and Link first meet.

Midna is the most loveable, charming (not to mention bad ***!), noble, and surprisingly complex character in the whole series. I'd love to see her make a return... if only...
Oct 22, 2012
Favorite Character: this might be the toughest question I've ever been asked and I can't pick just one so, Navi, Midna, Epona (come on you have to love her!), Talon, Nabooru, King Hyrule in WW, and Darunia. I honestly loved all the Sages in OoT but tried to keep my list short. I'd also like to say I love Sheik and Tetra BEFORE I found out they were Zelda. Something about Zelda is 2D to me. I'm not fond of her in any of her incarnation, though I like most of what I've seen of her in SS (though I haven't actually played it)

Favorite Boss: Queen Gohma from OoT. Though she is extremely easy and not remembered as fondly by most others. Her boss fight was iconic to me the first time. You step into a dark room, a few paces forward you're locked into this darkness and shuffling noises echo against the walls. You take a look around and are greeted by a single eye staring you down. This nearly made me wet myself back then. Plus, the first time I fought her I followed the simple pattern of slingshot sword the whole fighting making it just a bit lengthy my first time ( I thought Deku Nuts were useless until years later) but I learned you could stun her with those and then I learned the deku sticks did more damage than you're sword and this battle is the only one I ever saw myself really evolve in because I turned it from a grueling bout to taking her down before she could even make it back to the ceiling. My love is mostly nostalgia of the first time and how it set-up OoT so well but I haven't had any other boss give me a true wow factor upon stepping into their chamber.


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Oct 23, 2012
Favorite character: Anju, from Majora's Mask. She showed such dedication waiting for her beloved as the moon came crashing down.

Favorite boss: Bongo-Bongo, from OoT. His stage was delightful. Bounce! Bounce! Bounce!


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Apr 20, 2010
Hyrule Castle
Favorite character is obviously, Zelda. I love Zelda! She's pretty, intelligent, mysterious, funny, and wisdomable.:lol: Princess Zelda has always been my favorite character ever since I started playing Zelda. Something about her makes me like her so much. Her beauty is very amazing that it can put any man*cough*Link*cough* drool for her. She's a very special character for me.
Aug 18, 2012
My favorite character is the Horned Colossus Beetle from Skyward Sword (it has more personality than any Zelda character in existence because it wishes to walk around and sleep in a cage).
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