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Favorite Thing About Skyward Sword?



What is your favorite thing about Skyward Sword? Mine I would have to say would be the quests. Some of those couldn't get me to stop laughing (the one with Cawlin's letter the most). :)
Nov 24, 2011
The cut scenes. I just couldn't wait to see the next one as they were emotional, action packed and some just outright funny. I shed more then one tear watching a few of them. :')

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Jul 12, 2011
The story. It was so in depth that sometimes it brought a tear to your eye. (There is already a thread just like this one)


Jan 19, 2011
A few things...

- The Sand Ship (IMO the best Zelda dungeon ever!)
- The side quests (Especially the Fledge one!)
- All the lovable characters, like Groose, who you actually end up liking, and Krawlin (I think) who is so funny.

P.S I love the Tingle doll in Zelda's room, and the hand in the toilet! You can't have a toilet in a Zelda game without making that reference.


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May 26, 2010
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The gameplay. Probably the best the Zelda series has ever in its life seen.


I adored Fi. Most people didn't like her, but I thought she was great...especially at the end...

That and I really enjoyed the soundtrack
Sep 23, 2011
Pacing. There is stuff to do between dungeons throughout the entire game. Even the ending doesn't feel rushed like it has in past games.
Dec 4, 2011
From a technical point of view: time shift orbs. That was an awesome concept. Everything around you changes while you carry this tiny orb. I thought the crystals were cool, but when I finally got a moveable orb, that was pure genius.
Other than that, I liked how its story is less childish. You really get the feeling of evil when Demise makes his pre-battle speech. Ghirahim too, for that matter.


Looking for Gratitude Crystals :lol: I would spend at least 2 hours looking for Gratitude Crystals in between new areas or dungeons :D
Jul 6, 2011
I'd have to say the cutscenes,story, and the character development! In the beginning I hated grooses guts! But by the end I was begging for him to comeback! He is my favorite zelda character at this time! I hope he makes a return.


I haven't seen anyone mention the Sandsea concept yet, which I found amazing. The Sandsea system is possibly the most revolutionary gaming element since Portal, and I would love to see something similar (a dungeon underwater in the past yet underground in the present?) in future games.

Oh, and did anyone else notice that when present day organisms traverse into the radius of a timeshift stone, they cease to exist, yet Link and his possessions are left unfazed by the effects?

Edit: and the shield system. It's great having specialized shields which you can work to upgrade. I also love the whole shield durability system... it adds depth to the gameplay. For another thing, it was much more rewarding to receive the Hylian Shield in this game than any other, where it was basically just given to you.

I also love the shift in graphic style. I felt WM+ was a bit gimmicky at times, but I felt, overall, it was a nice addition, with a few kinks that will hopefully be worked out by the time the next game comes out. I'm still waiting for 1:1 sword and shield mechanics, with the speed and exact angle of each swing factored into in-game movement.

Guaranteed last edit: The one big problem in this game for me was stabbing. Almost every time I moved the remote in a forward thrusting motion, Link would do a vertical spin attack instead. This was very irritating when fighting all the bosses that required stabbing to defeat.
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Jun 18, 2011
So far my favorite bit was actually PULLING the sword out (I've only done two dungeons so far, so it's still early in he game for me), rather than just hitting a button and watching a cut-scene... I really liked the feel of actually pulling the sword out of the stone...

Other than that, I like seeing some elements from previous titles, like the gratitude crystals (even though it doesn't open up new train tracks here :P), collections of items (though I don't know yet what they are gonna be used for, lol), the airshop, etc...

And gameplay is fun, tho the first boss was kinda annoying to fight, simply because I just couldn't manage to do that whole "make him reach in one direction and strike him from the other side" thing cause my sword kept striking from the same side, no matter what I did...

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