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Favorite Sonic Character to Play


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Nov 29, 2010
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While making this thread I actually thought the Sonic series really has a much muuch larger cast of playable characters that have appeared in games over the years and a lot of them coming with much more varied abilities and gameplay styles. Sometimes they are very different from the standard Sonic speedy platform style all together. So in a main series Sonic the Hedgehog game, who is your favorite character to play?


I would definitely go for Espio the Chameleon, on top of being a ninja, he has the special ability of running on walls and ceilings as well as being able to go invisible for a few seconds in some games. And at least twice before he had a special attack of throwing a gigantic shuriken. Plus he's purple, that helps.


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Tails isn't my favorite character, but he's definitely the best to play in the definitive Sonic game--Sonic 3. The game's levels have a great exploration element, and playing as Tails opens up the levels.

That said, I usually play as Sonic & Tails, so I've rarely actually played as him.
Oct 26, 2013
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I like to play as Blaze, even though she's only playable in a handful of games. I like her mostly because of the character. She feels like the Rosalina of the Sonic universe to me somehow, maybe it's the quietness.


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Jan 30, 2011
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Depends on the game. In Sonic Riders, Jet all the way. I'm partial to Shadow in the 3D games, but nothing can beat Sonic back in 2D. In Sonic Heroes (my personal favorite) I spent most of my time as Teams Dark and Chaotix (with the speed character being my favorite from each).

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