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Spoiler Favorite Legend Of Zelda Villain.

Dec 19, 2011
Well I haven't finished MC so, i'm not really that informed of Vaati, but i think i like Majora, Ghirahim, and Vaati. Majora seems like he's pure chaos, Ghirahim is planned and sarcastic, but he'd be cool as his own villian. Vaati seems like a blend of the two.
Dec 29, 2011
i would have to say either ganondorf or majora cause their evil but sometimes calm(ganondorf in a few games)


Businessman of Legend
Apr 1, 2009
Definitely Ganon. He is the villain of the entire series, and just when when you think he's gone for good, he finds some way to keep coming back.
Nov 28, 2011
As a boss I really liked Onox, but as far as the character goes, Ganon takes it easy. Especially his earlier manifestation and his Wind Waker, shogun-like manifestation.
Dec 27, 2011
Ganondorf. Not only because he is sort of the main villain of the series, but also because he is awesome in every single way, specially his attitude.


Erus Per Tempus
Dec 6, 2011
Henderson, NV
I have to say Zant.

I have the FIRM belief that the main story of Twilight Princess is the power-struggle between Midna and Zant, and the 3 main Zelda Characters are actually plot devices for the two to act out on their power struggle. I always see Zant as a pauper, a low man on the totem pole of society. Going through all the steps of a monarchy and always getting screwed over for his class. Then he receives a vision from a powerful presence that he mistaken for a god, and is granted power as long as Zant fulfills his will. This god being Ganondorf. In this game I like to view Ganondorf as this world's Devil, because he's bringing out the worst in people and forcing, otherwise normal people with normal problems and pushing them to their extremes. It makes Ganondorf's presence at the end of the game where he is just sitting on a throne and letting events conspire much more potent because he is the puppet-master to the chain of events that happened.

To further Zant's complexity, there is a point where Ganondorf is about to die, but Ganondorf is apparently depending On Zant's life-force to remain alive. And that's why you see Zant snap his own neck in that quick cutscene, showing Zant making a sacrifice to end an evil man's life for the betrayal and facade that was put over his eyes. Shows a bit of a redeeming factor to Zant.

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