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Favorite Browser Extensions

Apr 10, 2010
What are your favorite web browser extensions for Firefox/Chrome/Safari?
Here are some of mine. These are for Firefox, but might be available for other browsers too:

AdBlock Plus: Blocks ads from sites completely

DownloadHelper: Download videos from YouTube and many other video sites

Personas: Lets you theme your browser easily. I think this is built into Firefox by default now

Screen Capture Elite: Capture screenshots from entire pages. The updates on this are slow, and it doesn't work with the newest version of Firefox.

FlashBlock: Blocks Flash completely. Replaces flash objects with a play button that only run when you click it

NoScript: Prevents sites from running Java and Javascript unless you allow it

FlagFox: Displays the flag of the country the site you are on originates in. Simple and just for fun, but cool.

Niko Bellic 817

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Apr 24, 2009
I like Adblock plus too as well as Facebook timeline remover for Chrome when it used to work. Some of my other favorite scripts include one that changes Youtube back to the "Youtube Broadcast Yourself" format and the facebook enhancer, which makes facebook easier to navigate.


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Feb 8, 2011
All of these extensions are those I use on Google Chrome.

AdBlock Plus: Completely removes those annoying advertisements--even full pop-up ads--from pages and allows them to load faster.

Theme Creator: Let's you customize the browser by uploading pictures to certain sections. Haven't experimented with it myself, but I expect it to be like customizing a Zelda Dungeon profile.

Google Dictionary: This is my favorite extension out of them all. You can click on the sidebar button and a menu will drop down, which search works may be typed into. The Dictionary comes up with several definitions, and even provides synonyms at times. But the real beauty comes from double-clicking a single word. In this case a message appears above it with a definition, and it has a how-to-pronounce feature right next to the word.

I'm not into browser extensions all that much, but I might check more out soon. I just don't want to clutter up everything right now.

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