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Favorite Boss in Skyward Sword?

Apr 3, 2012
I forget sometimes
My favorite boss was Koloktos because 1: The boss looked both awesome and intimidating at the same time. 2: It felt so satisfying to slice off his arms with his own swords. 3: The music that played during the boss fight was amazing.
Apr 7, 2012
Ghirahim was a fun 1, even though he steels ur sword.......and i hate koloktos as when i battled him in the thunder dragon challenge, i waster around 10-15 mins because i had 1 heart at the start, and 1 at the end and barely made it even wiith the hearts from the pillars


The Destructive One
Staff member
Apr 4, 2012
Göteborg, Sweden
Koloktos by far, it was a hard and fun fight where you really had to use all your moves to avoid his quick but powerful attacks, and at the same time attack him with all your might
Apr 6, 2012
Koloktos would be the easy guess...but how amazing was the last battle with Ghirahim? As much as I disliked the repetitive amount of moblins throughout the entire game, the atmosphere and feeling of the last battle was something I hadn't felt since Majora's Mask. The feeling that everything's going wrong and it looks like you might not make it. Wow skyward sword was such a hyped game for me, a little dissapointing, but the last battle was one of the most thrilling throughout the entire series :)
-Paco Hood
Dec 29, 2011
United States
Koloktos definitly. The battle has AWESOME motivating music, and the battle is simply amazing. It's breath taking for a dungeon boss. The 2nd part of the battle is way more epic that the 1st part however.
Mar 31, 2012
USA :>
I really liked the bosses in this game, and I felt they were all a pretty good difficulty and certainly a step up in that regard from the too-easy bosses of some of the other games that we had gotten recently. It's hard to choose a favorite really, as I enjoyed many of them. However, if I force myself to choose one, I think I would probably have to go with the final, three part battle of the enemy horde, Ghirahim, and Demise (if that counts). I enjoyed the sword fighting aspect of fighting Ghirahim, and it felt much more like a personal fight than other boss battles. Really, any time fighting him felt like that, it’s just that that third time was quite an intense climax with his character. He made it a personal experience rather than just fighting a monster in a dungeon – not that I don’t enjoy that, but it’s interesting to have such a different feel to a fight. He also gave me a bit of trouble on his second phase, so I enjoyed having to figure out what I was doing wrong since it’s such a satisfying feeling to struggle and then turn the tables to win the fight. But the whole sequence of the final battle in each of its parts felt pretty incredible to me, and I loved the atmosphere Demise had. But honestly, like I said I loved pretty much all of the boss fights. Another one that sticks out in my head as being particularly fun was the Levias/Bilocyte fight – I thought the aerial aspect of it was incredibly cool even though I wish it had lasted much longer. :>


Jan 2, 2012
I think my favorite is Demise. I had a surprisingly hard time beating him, and when I finally did I felt so awesome :)

But I absolutely loved LD-002G Scervo and LD-003K Dreadfuse (I know they're mini-bosses). They were so much fun to fight.

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