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Game Thread Fate/ZD Mafia

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Jan 19, 2018
The Holy Grail War has come to Zelda Dungeon!


You are a member of the greatest Zelda fan forum known to man, Zelda Dungeon. You have awoken to discover strange red markings on your hand signifying that you are to be a participant in the grail war. Each of you has summoned a servant from history or mythology that has some sort of affinity with you, be it because you have an item with a strong connection to them or because your natures are particularly similar.

A somewhat tall, handsome, bearded man with a lot of humility and self-confidence and a good sense of humor dressed in clothing typically worn by priests of the Church of Lorule Lounge approaches you as you're going about your day. He introduces himself as Father Rubik the Cubic, the one who will be overseeing this grail war as an independent arbiter. He then takes you to a building owned by the Church of Lorule and explains the nature of what is happening and the rules of the war. Should you violate any of the rules, with some discretion, he and his associates will be taxed with disqualifying you by eliminating both you and your servant.

Most importantly, he informs you that the grail war has been compromised. What should have only involved 7 masters and servants, one of each standard class, appears to have evolved into something involving at least 14 servants and masters, many of them from irregularly overlapping or unconventional classes. He's received word that a small alliance was formed that could threaten mankind itself should any of them manage to get their hands on the grail.

Most of the rules are pretty standard, but there are a few that are a bit different from usual.

(Subject to change)
Mostly Standard Rules:

Days are 72 hours.

Nights are 24 hours.

You may vote for extensions.

There is no restriction on claiming names or roles.

Hammering: If a number of votes greater than half the number of living players is placed on a single player, day will end and that player will be lynched. Even if a player's vote is worth more than one vote, it will not trigger a hammer unless the number of players voting for that wagon is greater than 50% of living players.

You may post during twilight if you were able to post in the previous phase (twilight is the time after the deadline has passed for a phase, but before the next phase begins).

You may vote for a "Rynch" (random lynch) or a "no lynch".

Tie votes will be resolved by removing the most recent vote.

LyLo/MyLo will not be announced.

Some information about the setup:

Town-aligned players wish to prevent the grail from falling into the hands of anyone nefarious by eliminating all threats to humanity.

Scum-aligned players must make up at least 50% of the living players to win. If this should occur, they manage to gain control of the grail and will use it in a way that will hurt mankind. The game ends immediately with their victory.

There are 3 players who are scum-aligned.

There may be anywhere from zero to three 3rd-party players in the game.

There is no cult. There are no game-ending jesters. There are no death millers.

There are not multiple scum teams.

Some slightly different rules:

Each player's role will involve a Master (a member of Zelda Dungeon) and a Servant (a character from mythology or history [in most cases one that has appeared in some Fate work]).

You may use two actions a night: a master ability and a servant ability. Scum can use either ability type to commit their factional night kill.

Giving information about your servant's true name may put you in danger. Do not share your servant's true name unless you're willing to assume that risk. Master name and servant class could have consequences, but not of the same magnitude.

When the game ends, there will be a winning faction and a winning player from that faction who wins the grail war itself. This player will be whoever is deemed to be the MVP of the game by myself and the dead chat observing the game.

On day 3, only votes that are bolded and colored will count as a vote.

1. Minish - @Morbid Minish
2. LG - @LittleGumball
3. Rag - @Ragnarokio
4. Ex - @ExLight
5. All Might - @All Might
6. funnier6 - @funnier6
7. Giri - @Giri
8. Johnny - @Johnny Sooshi
9. Naga - @naga10
10. Silverfish - @Silverfish
11. SMS - @Spiritual Mask Salesman
12. Kirino - @Kirino
13. Doc - @Doc
14. Pen - @Pen


Day One

Moe's dead. Guess we're playing mafia now.

Moe was:

You are Moe, town-aligned example PM.


Ability: Does something.

Skill: Does another thing.

Talent: Does a different thing.

Your servant is Lancer (Cú Chulainn).


You summoned Cu using your immediate death as a catalyst. You would have rejected him as a servant, but you're pretty sure he's a water-type servant because he's blue.

Gáe Bolg: Kill a player during the night. You may use this ability up to 3 times total on even numbered nights.

Day ends in 72 hours.
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Jun 7, 2017
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