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Fan Fiction Writer Here, Wondering How Well This Works Out.

Jul 28, 2011
I have a fan fiction idea where all Links in a given timeline over a thousand years are actually one man who is the express creation of Nayru, Din, and Farore. Link's purpose being the divine prosecutor, or law enforcer, arbitrator of punishment, and execution. He is called upon in circumstances where Mortals are unable to prevent evil. He is immortal, but this aspect of his personality is sealed from his mind, and he only assumes his true form (which looks like Fierce Deity Link) when the golden goddesses will it. Normally this is battling Ganon, but he can appear to any violator of the divine laws set down by Nayru, Din, and Farore.

Does this make sense?


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Nov 24, 2009
Redmond, Washington
Yes, I think that can make sense, as long as it's clear that Link knows nothing of this and lives an otherwise ordinary life, outside the FD form. Demise referred to the "spirit of the hero", so we know that there's something tying all the Links together. I believe that something is that they share heroic qualities, but if you want to say that they were given those qualities then go for it.
Apr 4, 2012
I think it definitely makes sense, and it could make something extremely interesting and fun to read. I do agree with Locke, however, that certain things could make it fall apart, and his ignorance to his destiny should obviously be pointed out, but I think it could make a really great story if done right. I'd like to see it play out.
Feb 5, 2012
Speaking as a fellow fanfiction writer, I'd have one suggestion: expand. The plot sounds pretty good, but a bit confusing. I understand that this is just a summary so you're condensing it a lot, but summaries can be longer. If that's as far as you have, then make little notes when you get ideas. Expand on it, broaden it, make it as huge as Hyrule itself.

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