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Sign Ups ExLight's Custom Role Mafia


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W-w-welcome! Welcome! Welcome! Welcome to

ExLight's Custom Role Mafia Game
Non-Setup Rules:
Forum Rules also apply here. There are some exceptions when it comes to the Mafia section (i.e. double posting is allowed here), but make sure to try following pretty much the entirety of the community's rules for a healthy game experience. If you're unsure whether or not something is allowed you should definitely ask an authority of the subforum, or even me, to avoid potential issues with the staff, or with other members/Players.

• I'll ask for all the Players who signed up to be active, and I'll consistently prod them every now and then if I notice a drop. An average of one game relevant message every real-life day (24h) is the bare minimum I expect (so 5 messages in each 120h cycle). There's some subjectivity to this regarding how much content you had in your messages or how busy you have been though, and as such each case will be judged individually. If you feel like you haven't been able to participate in the game, please request to get subbed out. An inactivity that lasts a whole Cycle (1 in-game Day and 1 in-game Night will result in either replacement, pausing of the game, or modkill; as well as me being less likely to accept the user in future games I might host.

• Do not break any of the following unless explicitly allowed by the host in your Role PM:
> Do not talk about the game with Players (regardless of any of the parties being alive or not, replaced or not) or any other people that might potentially join or interact with it later on. If you get any privileged information about the game, please leave or avoid joining it.​
> Do not screenshot, directly quote, or copypaste any forms of communication between the hosts or the Players outside of the chat. Regardless of it being fake or not. Any mention/paraphrase of unnecessary host communication might be arbitrarily confirmed/debunked as a form to punish you for doing so, so please avoid trying to use them.​

• As the host I'm allowed to add or remove rules to prevent undesired events from happening at any point, and will do so if I notice any sort of loopholes; in case this happens I'll announce it both privately and publicly to make sure everyone is aware of it.

• Keep in mind that breaking any of the rules will have repercussions both inside the game and outside of the game. Have fun!

Setup Rules:
Please know your Mafia/Werewolf basics.

• Game can currently fit between 13p and 17p, and I don't think I'll change it. Anyone that joins sign ups past that maximum amount will be put into a Sub List for emergency replacements. If the first Player to die is Town, and it happened during the first Cycle (Day 1 or Night 1) I'll allow them to join the Sub List with priority if they want to.

• Setup will be semi-open, with a list of possible roles being provided, but only a part of them making into the game. The listed roles may or may not have their alignments randomized. Mafia Players will know which ones didn't make the cut so they can formulate safer fakeclaims around it if they want. Role information shows up upon death.

• Game will be divided in two Main Phases: 72h Day Phases (three real-life days) and 48h Night Phases (two real-life days). There will be some intervals between or around the Phase Updates where I'll have some lenience when it comes to some posting rules.
> Posting in-thread during the Night will be allowed under the condition that said Player has already submitted their Night Actions (if any) and locked it in, meaning they cannot change their target after they post in-thread during the Night. If they haven't submitted an action but posted during the Night, I'll consider it as having no targets, or - if they have a Compulsive modifier - I'll pick a target randomly.​

• Regarding votes:
> Please bold and put your votes in separate lines. Other forms of identification like underlining, italicizing, or different colors, are strongly appreciated. I mean it. I'll french kiss you and buy you a car if you do stuff like this.​
> Tied votes between Players will result in a random Lynch between the tied parties.​
> Voting for "No Lynch" is allowed. A tie between "No Lynch" and a Player will prioritize "No Lynch". Keep in mind this would normally allow Mafia to control the votes as soon as they reach Parity, but that this might not be enough to satisfy their wincon.​

• MyLo and Lylo will not be announced. This is not only due to them giving information about roles; but also because there are differences in interpretations of these terms between hosts, so to prevent confusion it will not be announced.

• The Host is also part of the game, voting and targeting them is allowed, although the results might not be what you expect.

Player List (13/?)
(If you don't see your name yet please be a bit patient!):

A. Laurentus​
2. KingOfDominaria​
3. Ragnarokio​
4. DawningWinds​
5. 15377​
6. Seanzie​
7. SoulAdvent​
8. Storm​
9. EchoLight​
10. Mint Elv​
J. Jinjo​
Q. Morbid Minish​
K. Paranoid King​

Sub List
1. Mellow Ezlo​
2. TheCapsFan​
3. Boo​
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> The Prodigy
> The Medium
> The Polyglot
> The Streamer
> The Cinnamon Roll
> The Matchmaker
> The Marketeer
> The Karateka
> The Clairvoyant​
> The Piñata
> The War General
> The Snake Charmer
> The Librarian
> The Defenestrator
> The Puppeteer
> The Synesthete
> The Slowpoke
> The Gremlin​
> The Tech Support
> The Bullfighter
> The Twins
> The Betrayer
> The Wiretapper
> The Gambler
> The John Doe
> The Necromancer
> The Slasher​

A reminder:
- 13-17 of all the listed roles above will be selected.
- Only the host knows whether or not roles that make the cut were randomized or not.
- Only the host knows whether or not roles are strictly attached to a specific alignment or randomized.
- This setup attempts to use custom original roles. Any role with the same/similar name or mechanics that you might've seen somewhere else is unintentional, a coincidence.
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