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Game Thread Everything is Backwards!

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Mellow Ezlo

Spoony Bard
Dec 2, 2012
Goodbye everyone. I am not here to start my game and you are not here to play it! So let's not get started, shan't we?

A large group of bad guys has come to terrorize the city! What are they after? I don't know. Does that even matter? Probably not. Point is, there are not a lot of good people left who are capable of countering the bad guys! Now, just like normal people, the bad guys and good guys all have day jobs of course, so discussion will take place during the night phases; as such, the day phases will be when the thread is quiet and people are submitting their actions. In total, there are three good people remaining, while nine bad guys have come in an attempt to overthrow them. There are no indeps of any kind.

The good thing is the bad guys cannot tell each other apart; the good guys, however, can. So the bad guys must work together to determine who is bad and who isn't. You must get rid of the remaining good guys in order to see victory.

Now, one thing that is important to note is that players are not done playing when they die. There will be a graveyard chat open for all dead players in which they can discuss the game, and the dead players may collectively vote for a living player. The living player with the most votes from the dead players will receive one more vote in the tallies (so, in essence, the entire group of dead players acts as a single restless spirit). Take caution, however, as alignments are not revealed upon death. This means that a mixture of both good and bad people may be in the graveyard placing votes. If anybody would like further clarification on how exactly this mechanic works, please ask me!

Additionally, as outlined in the signups thread, two players will be selected at random at the start of each day phase to participate in a secret neighbourhood chat room, in which they are free to discuss the happenings of the game for the duration of that phase. New chatrooms will be opened every day phase while the previous ones will close.

Now with that important stuff out of the way, let's get into some rules!
  • Please know the typical ZD mafia rules
    - No editing or deleting posts​
    - Do not directly quote or screenshot any conversations with the game host, including your role pm​
    - Do not communicate about the game outside this thread except in designated discussion areas​
    - You all know the basic rules by now, if I forgot to mention any please follow them anyway​
  • There is no restriction on claims of any kind
  • Role names will be revealed on death, but alignment will not
  • You may vote for No Lynch
  • You may also vote Extension and votes for such will be counted separately from normal votes. Majority will be required
  • You do not need to Unvote before changing votes; please place all votes and unvotes on a separate line or I may not count them
  • Every player is required to make at least 5 posts per night phase. If this is going to be difficult for you for any reason, please pm me no later then 6 hours before EoD
  • Dead players may make one goodbye post after they die, but no information may be revealed. Additionally, the rule about communicating outside the thread applies to dead players as well
  • Do not directly quote anything from the neighbourhood chats; paraphrasing is fine
  • No posting of any kind will be permitted in the thread during the day phases
  • Players will not be lynched with just one vote
  • In the event of a tie, there will be a coin flip. If it is a one-vote tie, there will be a no lynch
  • All votes will be locked in LYLO; -LO phases will be announced at the start of the phase
  • Phases will be 48-24, but if popular demand says to extend this I have no problem doing so. Remember that single-phase extensions are permitted as well
  • Please @me if you need to ask me anything in the thread to make sure I see it
  • Have fun. This rule is punishable by modkill
Make sure you read the rules and this should be a fun game!

The Living (12):
  1. @Morbid Minish
  2. @Kirino
  3. @naga10
  4. @funnier6
  5. @Rubik
  6. @Johnny Sooshi
  7. @ExLight
  8. @Spiritual Mask Salesman
  9. @Poyzin
  10. @Ragnarokio
  11. @DekuNut
  12. @Mido
The Dead (0):
  1. Oh hey, nobody's here yet, look at you guys go!
So with that...

Night 1 begins!

You all may start posting and placing votes in here now. Because I started a few minutes later than intended, the night will end Saturday, April 25, 2020 at 1pm MST. This is a bit more than 48 hours from now. With 12 players alive, 7 votes will result in a majority lynch.

Good luck everyone!


Jan 19, 2018
If you don't identify as the default options of Male/Female, you may enter your gender here.
Vote: Exlight
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