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Ever Died in the Game?

Dec 10, 2011
Pocatello, ID
I died quite a few times especially on my first playthrough. I died several times against Girahim the first time because I didn't know about using a shield bash while he rushed you. And Girahim gave me troubles at the end. However, Demise was very easy especially after watching the shiekah stone before battling him.


I died at least 5 times in the main game and about 3 times trying to get the hylian shield


Died completely, no. Died making sure I had a fairy in a bottle, yes, 3 times.
It's a challenging game yes, but dodging is easy enough and using the shield to stop attacks is useful sometimes as well. Just make sure your shield can take a beating. lol
Dec 19, 2011
I think I might of died once or twice, can't remember when or where. It's crazy how some of you remember the tiniest details about how many times and where you were. Props to ya though.


I died the first time I fought Girahim, once in sky keep before the first tri force room (in the room with the skeleton think and the bokoblins, went in with like 6 hearts, that was a mistake), and twice against demise before figuring out I needed to backflip when he charged me.

Now - did anybody actually kill Demise on the second chance you get to use the fatal blow. I swear it took me like 9 attempts at the fatal blow lol.

- Dave

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