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Dec 19, 2011
The Earthbound series is the best RPG's ever in my opinion. My brother bought Earthbound when it first came out, scratch and sniff cards and all. I was probably 10 when I first played it. Since then I have replayed it multiple times and even beat Mother 3. I started the first Mother game but compared to the other it just isn't as good (in my opinion), but I will get back to it eventually. If any of you guys have never played these games, they are a MUST PLAY. They have the ability to change your life more than most any other game.
Apr 4, 2012
Oh god, what an amazing series. I played the one for NES, which I'll admit wasn't the best. But between Earthbound and Mother 3? I just don't know how such an amazing pair of games never got to be mainstream in the US. Even people that love the Smash Bros games usually end up asking "Who the hell are Ness and Lucas?" Such a shame.

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