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Dreams thread.


Apr 16, 2021
I had a dream I hung out with chevy, ketchup, and mikey at my dad's pawnshop. I felt all excited and nervous to see them in real life. I vividly remember going up to chevy for the first time and asking him to guess who I was with like a grin or something?? lol
Was I a person or a dog? I once had a dream that I was hanging out with Chevy and Goro at my old school, but Chevy was a wolf and Goro was a bunny lmao


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Was I a person or a dog? I once had a dream that I was hanging out with Chevy and Goro at my old school, but Chevy was a wolf and Goro was a bunny lmao

We were all just normal people. I can't remember exactly what you looked like, but I remember just by looking out you, you gave off the vibe of being ketchup? If that makes sense. Dreams are weird. Like the way you spoke and the general vibe you gave off was accurate and reminded me of you. Everyone gave off the vibe of who they were, even if I can't recall the exact appearance of you guys.

It would've been pretty neat if we were our 'sonas or something. Though I don't know about Mikey... He could be a moblin lol

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I had a dream that the first three hours of Tears of the Kingdom leaked on youtube and those 3 hours were almost entirely a single cutscene that started with Zelda holding a funeral for her father and those who died in the Calamity and Link was there but he already looked like his new look with the hair down and toga thing, and the Champion Successors were there but it was Sidon and Yunobo and Urbosa and Revali for some reason. And then there was a sudden appearance of two Volvidons from Monster Hunter and the group left to engage them and during the battle Link spoke his first dialogue which was to gruffly say "No." when intercepting the monsters. And then we got the sky islands appearance except they were stated to be even larger than BotW's base world. And then because the video was a leak, Nintendo sued anyone who watched the video by tracking youtube accounts that viewed it. Classic.


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Guys. It finally happened. I had a dream of splatoon.

It all started when I booted up the switch and saw that @Fraxinus was online playing splatoon 3. I really wanted to battle with him in a match, so I also started the game. And just so you guys know this dream version of splatoon has a few extra gimmicks the real game doesn't have. First off, when I was choosing a match there was a little screen that popped up that showed if any of my switch friends were online or in a battle. And if I wanted I could request to join that certain battle before it started to play with them. And I did.

But this battle was a bit different from your average splatoon match. Instead of teams, everyone was looking out for themselves. And we had HP. As you hit others with your ink, their HP slowly went down, and the last three inklings/octolings left were the winners. Oh and once you run out of HP that's it, no coming back. So the number of players dwindled further and further until there was only four left, me and frax included. I tried to splat them, but I had the least HP left of all of them so they all surrounded me and splatted me completely. So frax and the other two won. Congrats frax <3

And somehow throughout the battle frax was posting in the sb how surprised he was to see me in the match. He was like 'oh there's a request to play in the battle...' 'oh it's echo!' 'wow'

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