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Zelda Art Dragon Roost Island Charity Video!



Hi All!
Just wanted to share my youtube video I uploaded today.
Please show your support in the fight against cancer by Liking/Subscribing and sharing the video to your friends and family!
You can even purchase the audio track via the link in the video's description. All the proceeds will go to Cancer Research Institute!

Dragon Roost Island (Epic Couch Arrangement) - YouTube

Thanks For Reading!!!


(I realise I made a double post of this sorry!!)
Nov 26, 2008
(I realise I made a double post of this sorry!!)
No problem. Just try to let us know next time. You can report your own post with the report button in the lower left of the post to notify a mod to remove it, so only the one in the proper section stays. :)

Holy COW MAN!!! I love it!! Best cover of the song I've seen.
^ Yeah, was gonna say... I clicked on the video, and to be honest I didn't really expect much, but this is really, really good. I'm seriously impressed. It sounds really, really nice in general and definitely rivals the original song if you ask me. I also especially like the later portions simply because they're something very different and frankly original but based on the vibe of the Dragon Roost Island theme, and so well that they mesh perfectly.

Very nicely done! ^^


Thank you so much everybody! I've got really negative feedback from another forum but this has literally made my day Thanks!


Wow this was so good man! I'm jealous of all the instruments that you have at your disposal. I made a cover of Dragon Roost Island as well a while ago but it's a rock version.

I really love the improv in the middle, it's very creative and catchy. Btw, is that a custom Epi Les Paul?

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