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Do You Play Board Games?


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Despite the move toward digital media and entertainment that has continued to expand in recent times there are still a large selection of board games available to choose from. Do you play often and if so, what do you play?

After not having played any board games in quite a long time I was invited to the home of a childhood friend yesterday and we played a cooperative game called 'Spirit Island'. The rules were quite intricate compared to anything I've played before (in terms of board games) and I quite enjoyed it as my first cooperative board game experience too.

In terms of other games I own a copy of the Zelda Edition Monopoly and have played it two or three times since I bought it. Also I own quite a lot of the Cards Against Humanity expansions but I suppose you'd count that as more of a card game than a board game.


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Occasionally. It’s a lot harder to play board games in person than it is to play them online, and at that point most people in our friend group would rather just play something like Civilization. When we do play in person it’s usually something rather basic like Catan.

Something that’s a ton of fun, though we’ve only been able to do it twice since it takes about 12 hours, is to get both the European and Pacific versions of Axis and Allies 1940 and play those using the special rules made for it. It’s not balanced at all and the game will usually end up going the same way regardless of what version you play in my experience, but man is it fun.

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Mar 23, 2013
Mostly in video game form these days.

These days I've been playing a lot of Scrabble with friends via Discord. Technically an adaptation of a board game, but still. I think the struggle is mostly getting a bunch of people to sit down and wait patiently as I deal out Uno cards.


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Jul 31, 2010
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Yeah, I still play board games. Not frequently, but it's something I grew up doing and whenever my siblings are up for it, we'll bust out either Sorry, Trouble, or Disney Pictopia. Monopoly used to be a staple growing up, but we've grown rather bored of its grueling length. Guess Who and Don't Wake Daddy were some fun ones too that we got back in recent years. We also tried playing Clue, but they hate it now because I always won.


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Jan 30, 2011
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All the time. My girlfriend and I are very into board games, and I've been trying to get involved more in local meetup groups (though scheduling can be hard). Our favorite is probably Disney Villainous, which is... Much better than any licensed game has any right to be.


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Jul 6, 2011
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I played quite a bit of chess when I was younger and some Cluedo or Clue as the Americans call it, but generally was more into video games than board games.


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Jun 22, 2016
monopoly and rumiklub- no idea how to spell it its basically put numbers in a sequence

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