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Did Any Lefties Out There Have Trouble Playing?

When I first heard that Skyward Sword would of a left-handed option, I was very disappointed and skeptical of whether or not I'd be able to play the game without a lot of trouble. Surprisingly, when the game was released, I found no trouble playing the game with the Wii Remote in my right hand. Are there any lefties out there who struggled more than I did?

Of course, whether or not I'm able to play the game right-handed, I think Link should stay left-handed. :dry:


Braava Braava
Feb 18, 2010
Soul Sanctum
I'm a leftie and i didn't get the option i felt more comfortable using my right hand to play but then again apart from writing i'm as good as righthanded i use it more than i should ^^. but i found the controls unwieldy, jerky and on more than one occasion unresponsive while playing left handed and that freaking harp i swear to god i want to ram it over zelda blonde head, WORST MISTAKE EVER, you don't give a guy a harp unless it's to sell in the nearest pawn shop god alive its annoying i prefered the ocarina, flute, and hell even the spirit pipes compared to the friggin harp, do wish they worked on the left handed controls a bit more.


Mad haters lmao
May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
I had some trouble initially, because I had to adjust to the control stick being in my right hand rather than left (I usually play the other way around), but once I adjusted the game didn't feel any different. I get that it can really be an arrow in the knee, the WiiMotion Plus controls, but we just have to live with them!
Dec 30, 2011
Wait, you're supposed to be holding the nunchuck in your right hand? I've been holding it the other way the whole time. =\ Anyway, I haven't been having any problem with the controls at all.
Jan 1, 2012
No problems at all. The nunchuck in my left feels natural. I mean, analog controllers have the left analog used for movement and that's controlled with my left thumb. I can't imagine trying to use the nunchuck in my right and the wiimote in my left. That would be insane.


I always play with the Wiimote in my left hand, but I didn't notice any problems until I tried rolling bombs or activating switches with the whip. These problems had more to do with the required angle than anything else; I found myself trying to move my hand in unusual ways to compensate. This led to a bit of discomfort in my left wrist.

Eventually, I tried putting the Wiimote in my right hand for Hero Mode. I was amazed at how much more accurate things like the bug net were. However, I wound up switching back to my left hand after a little while because I have better reflexes and coordination with it. I noticed that switching back meant sacrificing more responsive controls, but I adjusted to that again quickly.

If I start playing again soon, I'm probably going to keep the Wiimote in my left hand until I finish Hero Mode just for the sake of better reaction time on my part. Then I will practice with my right hand in the more forgiving normal difficulty.

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