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Ocarina of Time Deku Tree Fail..


Apr 22, 2011
Hi.. Didn't see you there.. lol jk :lol:

I remember when I was 5 or 6 years old and I just got OoT for my N64..
And I can remember liking the game until I got into the deku tree..
The dungeon that was supposed to be the easiest in the game became the hardest one..

After you fall down into the basement level and have to get past the door with the web.. I had no idea how. :S
I just couldn't understand how to get rid of the web on the door.. :huh: FAIL
After weeks of pain.. My cousin showed me how to light the deku stick and bla bla bla...

And the ironic thing being that I completed the whole game on my own.. Without any help what so ever.
I didn't even have any trouble in the water temple.

My question being after this little tale.. Did this happen to anyone else, or just me?

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Jul 24, 2010
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Problems in the Great Deku are uncommon and that more people would have trouble figuring out how to break the web on the ground of the first room.

Normally, I would say that's an epic epic fail but considering that you were 5 or 6 I'd say no. If I didn't watch my dad play the game first I probably wouldn't have even been able to get through the Deku Tree myself.
Aug 8, 2011
Louisville, KY
I had so many problems with the Deku Tree, practically half the time I spent on the game was spent in there. And I'm more than twice the age you were when you had problems. So don't feel too bad.
Apr 16, 2010
It's very common to get stumped in a video game at a young age. When I played Wind Waker (my first Zelda) when I was 6 or 7, I got stuck on Gohma. I was stuck for so long, I ended up trading it in to GameStop. Don't feel too bad buddy.

The interesting part of this is that you finished the rest of the game without help after you beat this part. Maybe it was too simple and you were overthinking it. I dunno.
Aug 12, 2011
I had no problems with the original dungeon, but on the Ocarina Of Time 3D Master Quest i died faaar to often.... And this was aproxomatly the only time i died (or got game over, died plenty of time but got faeries :D)

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My friend didn't know you had to jump from the highest floor in order to break the cobweb to get into the basement. He told me it took him five years to get past that(most of which time he spent not playing the game at all). If he hadn't told me that story, I probably would've been stuck for a long time. :sweat: I did get stuck on my own in the room with the platform on the water and that rotating spike column. It took me awhile to figure out I had to dive, since I ignored Navi for most of that dungeon... :facepalm:


Apr 22, 2011
There are some Zelda games that have confusing yet so somple puzzles that we can't get past on our own.. good thing we have ZD :P

donkey kong

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Aug 10, 2011
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I had trouble in the spot where you have to burn the spider that reveals a floor where you fight the 3 deku scrubs in the certain order :P. I did not know how to burn it. :facepalm:


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Jul 25, 2011
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i remember my cousins couldn't get in the boss door cause they didn't try the order that you need to use. i had to remind them and i was 7 and they were 18 and 14. :P


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Aug 22, 2011
Northern Ireland
Oh yes i remember not being able to get through there until i turned around and seen the fire so i lit a deku stick and burnt the web though it only took me about a half hour


The Last Kilgannon
Jun 7, 2011
Haha this is my first real memory of Zelda. Me and my sister had the game when we were little but never figured out how to break the floor web and gave up on it. A year or so later I was staying the night at my neighbors house and my sister ran over in the middle of the night yelling "I broke the spider web" I immediatley knew what she was talking about, home and we played all the everyday after that till we beat it:)

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Jul 25, 2011
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Well... when I was really young. I didn't know how to defeat a deku scrub. I found out myself... eventually, but I needed some help with the rest of the game. From what you said I would say that you were just getting used to the game.


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Feb 20, 2011
I looked at the web on the main floor and just started mashing B to break the web under me. ZD had the answers as usual. The Fire Temple made no sense to me whatsoever, so I also had a hard time with that. The Water Temple was distressing, but all it took was memory of what was needed when and where. The slippery slope the the bosses room was the one I spent more time on than any room in the dungeon.


Wind Waker!
Apr 6, 2012
I realize that the floor under the water in that room is kind of hard to see. They fixed that in Ocarina of Time 3D, and they made the Water Temple x10 easier, and it always was pretty easy is you tried.

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