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Custom Boss


Just a relatable ghost trying to spook it up
Mar 8, 2011
lol idk XD Meme Hell
If you could combine any two bosses to create a new boss to fight, what bosses would you combine, and what would they create? EX: Morpha and Bongo Bongo would create a giant, slimy, one-eyed ghost monster where you have to rip out the eye and kill it. Yeah... anyway, what would you combine. Please comment!:puppy:


Links Secret Crush
Jul 13, 2011
are mini bosses alowed too?anyway:morpha and volvagia nothing just a flying morpha with its attacks(pops out of a water crater and grabs you and swings you around) stupid i know

I kinda like that idea....
but then again im just the crazy MC fangirl lol XD

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