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Game Thread Cryptid Mafia

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Johnny Sooshi

Just a sleepy guy
Nov 1, 2011
a Taco Bell dumpster
Darkness...horror...things that go bump in the night...we take these for granted at times, and when fear is nameless it can shake us to our core. But what happens when what you told yourself isn't lurking in the shadows is actually there? What happens when the monsters come out to play? Well, I suppose we'll just have to find out for ourselves...

Though it is a few days past Halloween, what the mortals of this world don't know is that we aren't limited by a single day. We rule the mystery in their minds, the ambiguity of their audience, the fear in their every footstep. However, it seems that recent information has brought forth some disturbing information. A darkness not of the realm of monsters and cryptids, corrupting their very essence and causing them to turn on one another. There is no fix for this, and so I ask you, in this group, find those among you who have been destroyed by this power, and remove them from this plain. For the sake of your kind, it is all you can do.

Please read all rules and make sure to send any questions as PMs to me! Asking me in thread is not useful for an urgent answer as I may not always have time to check. I do have email notifications on for PMs and will try my best to respond if I receive one.

  1. All PM'd questions will be answered in a PM response, and may be answered in thread as well, if applicable to the whole game.
  2. Please be respectful to players. Games can get heated, and I would hate to have to remove player for toxicity. Keep the game fun and clean, and we'll all have a great time!
  3. Outside communication, unless otherwise specified in your Role PM, is forbidden. If it becomes clear that any is occurring, the player will be immediately removed.
  4. Do not delete or edit posts. Any posts found edited or deleted will also result in a player being removed.
  5. Day periods will last approximately 72 hours, or when a player has reached a majority in votes. When a day period has ended, the game will enter twilight, at which point all votes cast will be frozen.
  6. All night periods will last approximately 24 hours. If players have a role that can be used at night, they must PM me in order to use their power.
  7. Votes and Unvotes must be conducted by bolding the word "Vote" or "Unvote" and the name of the player being voted, like so:
    1. Vote: Johnny Sooshi
    2. Unvote
  8. Players with the most votes at the end of a day will be lynched.
  9. Ties in voting will result in a No Lynch
  10. A No Lynch is an acceptable vote, and must receive a majority to pass. If a No Lynch has more votes than the highest voted player, but not a majority, the No Lynch will not pass and the highest voted player will be killed by default.
  11. A player may not be lynched by a single vote. In the event that Rule 10 comes to past and the highest voted player only has 1 vote, the result will be a No Lynch.
  12. You may role and name claim as much as you like. However, you may not use screenshots, copy-paste, or otherwise use any direct language from your role PM as evidence of your role.
  13. All possible roles will be shown below. These roles are only possible, and do not indicate if a specific role is in the game. Potential roles only indicate that it is possible for that role to exist within the game.
  14. After death you may no longer post in the game thread.
  15. Do your best and have fun!

  • Vanilla Town
  • Town Cop
  • Town 1-Shot Cop
  • Town Tracker
  • Town 1-Shot Tracker
  • Town Neapolitan
  • Town 1-Shot Neapolitan
  • Town Gunsmith
  • Town 1-Shot Gunsmith
  • Town Bodyguard
  • Town Doctor
  • Town Jailkeeper
  • Town 1-Shot Paranoid Gun Owner
  • Town Vigilante
  • Vengeful Townie
  • Innocent Child
  • Friendly Neighbor
  • Town Mason
  • Fruit Vendor
  • Town Miller
  • Town Rolestopper
  • Town Roleblocker
  • Town Hider
  • Weak Town Hider
  • Town 1-Shot Commuter
  • Town 1-Shot Bus Driver
  • Mafia Goon
  • Mafia Tailor
  • Godfather
  • Mafia Roleblocker
  • Mafia Jack of all Trades
  • Serial Killer

Living Cryptids: 13
@Spiritual Mask Salesman
@Morbid Minish
@Moe the Moblin
@The Sun Fan

The first day will last a bit longer just so that I can approach the first night at a comfortable time.

Day 1 Begin!

Day 1 Will end Wednesday, November 11th, at 11:00 AM, EST.
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Jan 19, 2018
If you don't identify as the default options of Male/Female, you may enter your gender here.


Jan 19, 2018
If you don't identify as the default options of Male/Female, you may enter your gender here.
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