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Chronicles of Ancient Darkness: Dark Signs RP (Sign Ups)


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Aug 22, 2011
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Set 6000 years ago, after the Ice Age and before farming, when the whole of north-west Europe was covered in forest.
The people in this time looked as we are today, but their way of life was very different. They did not have writing, metals or The Wheel, but they didn't need them. They were superb survivors. They knew all about the animals, trees, plants and rocks of the Forest. When they wanted something, they knew how to find it, or how to make it.

They lived in small clans, and many of them moved around alot: some only stayed in camp for a few days, like the Wolf Clan; others staying for a whole moon. Or a season, like the Raven or Boar clans, while others stayed put all year round, like the Seal Clan on the Seal Islands. The humans normally show off their clans by wearing the pelt of their animal across their shoulder and wearing tattoos.

Jump into the ancient world to find out what the past was really like!

== Based on the novels by Michelle Paver ==

Sign Up sheet:

Name: (character name)
Clan: (Boar, Raven, Wolf, Auroch, Seal, Sea Eagle, Whale etc. Look at above map)


Name: Flint (Female)
Clan: RavenClan
Skills: Tracking and hunting. Seeing in the dark.
Personality: Flint is quite friendly and curious and hates to be alone. She doesn't like fire but loves wimming and hunting. She can become very quiet at night and will be very shy towards others she meets at night.
Background: Faith grew up very well for the first 5 years of her life. She had a brother and caring mother and father, but on her sixth birth-night she heard her parents arguing about SealClan. It turned out that they had been planning to send her and her brother to SealClan to find mates but Faith's mothe wanted them to find mates in there own time. Her father eventually moved away to BoarClan. When she was 7 Summers old there was a small forest while her father had gone ot in a hunting group to fish in the river. They were all killed a few moons after her brother died from juniper berry poisoning. She grew up with the care of her Aunt and grandmother.

During her life Flint spent a lot of time out hunting. Over time, her vision at night greatly improved and can see very well in dark places like caves and tunnels, even underground!
Age: 16 summers
Others: She carries a small knife with her and a sharp flint stone, boths he had recived from her parents.
Appearance: Fairly normal skin, not too tanned not to pale. Green eyes, long black hair. Wears a necklace of flint pieces constantly in memory of her family and her clan tattoos are a little faded but still largely noticeable.


Ok! Can't wait! >:D

Is there a plot at all or are we just winging it?

Also, the original Flint (still my character of course!) she was half demon, when in a weak state she could become very aggressive as the demon would start taking over. She also didn't have a shadow? Could I use any of that in this Flint?

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