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Choose An Item To Upgrade To Weapon Status

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BotW gave us the bow not as an item to obtain but a whole new weapon type, and it was awesome. It added a whole new layer to combat just by being separate from the usual obtainable items. It wasn't even added to a category like how magic rods were put in the melee weapon slots, it got its own separate menu. While I'd definitely like to see more of that sort of thing, this thread is to talk about items you'd like to see turn into weapon types.

The whip is one of the first ones that come to mind for me. It can still retain some of the functionality it has as an item, of course, but imagine the way combat could change if it were introduced as a weapon, as well. insert Link Is A Belmont joke here

What are some items you guys think would be cool to see make it into their own dedicated weapon types?


Jun 22, 2011
You could have a variety of bombs. BOTW had circle and square already. You could add water bombs (underwater swimming would need to be added), a heavy bomb (that can weigh down switches like the Cane of Somaria), an electric bomb (could be used to temporarily activate electric switches), a directional bomb (kind of like a claymore but I'm thinking more for puzzle implications), a light bomb (creates a temporary source of light in dark areas), bombchus, and more. You could almost design a game with all the dungeon items being types of bombs like MM was with arrows.


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Jan 21, 2011
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Mole Mitts. I love when you can just punch stuff in games, and the mole mitts from Minish Cap, or whatever the equivalent in Skyward Sword would be really cool. Zelda doesn't really have anything like it, and it has a lot of potential.

Not really a weapon, but I'd like to see the mobility that Roc's Feather and Cape brought in the 2D Zelda games into a 3D landscape. Having the sword dive and other attacks from Oracle of Seasons brought to light could be fun. Again, not really a standalone, but I would love to see it used to give Link an alternate sword style.


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Feb 19, 2020
A variety of magic rods, all doing different things. Some could be from older games, and some new. They could go a long way in making puzzles more interesting.


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If it means making them all breakable than none. If it just means adding a button dedicated to that weapon then I can’t really see them adding anymore to it. you have your melee weapon and your ranged weapon, what else could they add? Maybe a magic spell system like in Zelda 2, but that would just be the sacred iPhone All over again. I guess bombs would probably be the next best thing, with a boomerang being another possibility.


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Jun 4, 2020
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maybe hookshots or clawshots could diversify battle a little. Some maneuvering, maybe pulling ennemies close or steeling loot/weapons.

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