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Majora's Mask Can ANYONE Describe the Weird Feeling of Majoras Mask?


Dec 7, 2009
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I didn't feel anything odd when I first played MM because I play even darker games, but after I started a new save file named "Ben" and things got very, very scary.

First of all, the Clock Town stairs were gone, then the texts screwed up, a loud scream could be heard constantly, and when I went into the Ikana Castle, the music was like playing backwards, a creepy "statue" appeared (I played the Song of Healing to recover some hearts and tried to slash it with the sword because I thought it was a new enemy) and, after a few seconds, I instantly died (even with full health).

This happened everytime I played on that save file and, for now, I stopped playing MM because I thought my game was compltely glitched. =/

Ok, that concludes the reason of my weird feeling.
Jan 24, 2011
hello! New user here! n.n

well I totally agree MM is definitely a dark and confusing ''odd feeling game'', starting by the fact that when you first start playing it you think ''oh but I remember all of these people!'' and when you reach and speak to them they're totally different people with diferent names but with the face of someone you do know from the past, second after a few games everytime majora's mask just came rolling into me at the intro I wanted to run the f*ck out of my livingroom, it's a game that makes you feel insecure about the destiny of your character and even asking yourself if this will even have a proper ending or you will be stuck like that forever, going back three days and seeing the tragedy slowly happening again and again...every place you visit is wrapped around this aura of mistery that doesn't quite resemble the places at other zelda games, especially because of the music, you can have a sunny, color-filled place and you go and it has the creepiest music ever and that makes you think already how something's wrong...this game is totally designed to make you feel somewhat insecure at all stages, and the three day lapse only makes it even more frustrating...that above is not an explanation of why the game is creepy only, but why I love MM so much! (even tho I got out screaming and shutting the sistem off everytime I had to re-do a dungeon all over again because the time wasn't enough xDD)


Jan 10, 2011
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I've never thought of it as creepy, just...unpleasant, I guess. Save Ikana, of course. That place was just...eerie at its (Ikana's) max. The thing is, it's heartwarming at the same time. So many moments in that game are insanely sentimental, which really strikes a balance, and is one of the main reasons it's such a great game. But it is despondent the whole game. You just don't really have any relaxed feeling until the very end, where the most thought provoking and heartwarming quotes ever in Zelda (and some of the best overall) are made. Just a wonderful game that can touch anyone's soft side. And bring out the anger in them at the evil that is Majora. This game has it all.
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May 26, 2010
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I think that feeling is the impending doom that is soon realized in nothing more than 3 days. It seems to be able to reach out to people, almost like it's telling you a message...


i don't get it either. in oot and former games, it was just kinda like, get from point a, to point b... but majora... majora, man, it made me feel like i was in it. i didn't realize i was mashing buttons on a plastic grey controller, it felt like i needed to save the world of termina. i didn't want to stop playing, because i didn't want all the characters that i met to die. and the music, the music was a whole different world. it moved me. i feel this feeling.... it's like a dream. i dream i hardly recall, that teases me with short glimpes, but i'll never understand it. something about majora's mask didn't feel like a video game, it felt like a sad nightmare, that i was stuck in. SO AWESOME!


yes this game gives me a feeling like no other game has. it is the greatest zelda i have ever played. im on the great bay right now.
May 16, 2008
Kentucky, USA
I'll describe the feeling of Majora's Mask as briefly as possible:

"A whimsical nightmare."

I like this. Majora's Mask feels like a dream. Not necessarily like you are playing a game set in a dream world, like Link's Awakening. We obviously know that LA is a dream, and it incorporates many odd things not seen elsewhere in the Zelda universe to let us know that its a dream, such as telephones. But MM feels like something you would dream up and experience first person. An odd, indescribable world that takes what we know about Hyrule and contorts it so that everything feels impossible, in a sense, to real-world comparisons.
Nov 5, 2010
I don't understand either! When I play MM it doesn't feel the same. The first Zelda game I played was Oot. I loved the feeling of playing it. When I first played MM, the feeling was totally different, but I was having more fun playing it. Something about the Zelda series is that once you start playing a game, you want to beat no matter what. When I first played Oot, I stopped playing it for like two months because i was creeped out with the shadow temple (I was only 7). But eventually I sucked it up and finished the game in a week. Sometimes it wasn't even fun. But I just wanted to beat the game so badly that I couldn't stop. But in majora's mask, every moment is fun, though some parts are creepy, it's addicting and EXTRA fun.

Night Angel

I think the feeling you get from playing MM is one of euphoria, you feel more present in the lives of the NPCs, but also incredibly absent, as you see them run through emotional events again and again that you yourself may have helped them already conquer. You begin to feel isolated and hopeless, as you see all the progress you've made reset, again and again. The goal seems out of reach and you feel as if you're nothing more than a ghost observing the poor people of a doomed world struggle endlessly with the death that waits all around them. And that's why I love it! More emotion than many video games ever made.


I don't suffer from it ..
Jun 17, 2010
In a word: Surrealistic. Not necessarily just a visually surrealistic, but conceptually surrealistic as well. If Salvador Dali were to create a video game, the result would be Majora's Mask or something like it.

Master Ian

It is a feeling of impending doom. You have three days to try to do everything before the end of the world. At the beginning of the first day you feel like you have all the time in the world. As time passes, you grow more and more nervous about what you can still do before going back in time. As dawn approaches after the final day, you get so nervous that you can't resist playing the song of time to save yourself. It is so similar to reality in that you want to see what happens when the moon crashes, but you are so scared and you know that saving yourself is just one simple song away so you go back in time anyway. Going back in time just means that you will have to go through this process over and over again. Some "natural instinct to survive" prevents you from not playing the song. However that same instinct is going to drive you mad because in reality you would spend eternity repeating the process over and over again. It is so hard to just accept death instead of giving yourself more time to do the same thing again. You are trapped in the same three days for eternity only because of an instinct to survive and a magical ability you have. This will never end and the knowledge of that drives you crazy.
Jan 17, 2011
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The things you see in Majoras Mask make you question your life. Sometimes the game does this indirectly, other times extremely directly. When youre getting the fierce deity mask, the kids ask you really direct questions. I played through the game again this weekend and they almost made me cry they ask such direct and personal questions like "What kind of people are your friends? I wonder, do those people think of you as a friend?"

T.T <-- My face after being asked that question by an assortment of pixels.

So the feeling is one of conflicting emotions, uncertainty, and wonder over whether you've actually lived your life.

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