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Bringing Zelda to Mobile


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Given that Nintendo has been increasingly moving toward mobile development in recent years, there has been rumour that the Zelda series will have some kind of game or application developed before long.

Do you think that you could enjoy a Zelda mobile game? Do you think they'll do it?

I personally dislike playing mobile games, and am yet to enjoy any that Nintendo has released so far. So I don't think there is a large change I could get into it. I do think though that they will be bringing something out in the not too distant future, likely some kind of spin-off application rather than a fully fledged game. Otherwise they could bring something like Spirit Tracks to mobile devices.


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Jan 21, 2011
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I'm not really sure how it'd work really. I mean, Pocket Camp is sort of Animal Crossing lite, Mario Run is simple 2D Mario, and Fire Emblem Heroes is simplified Fire Emblem, but I can't really see how you'd dumb down Zelda enough for it to be mobile and still be related enough to the series? Maybe I'd have a better grasp of the idea once we see things like the new Mario Kart mobile game that's supposed to be coming soon, but even then, racing games exist on mobile devices already, so I guess it's still a weird thing to consider.

I know things like Oceanhorn exist on mobile devices, so I guess it's not like Zelda can't move over, but I just don't see them putting enough resources towards a game like that I guess? Not without charging a decent chunk, because I'm not quite sure how dungeon exploration games can be freemium without things like wait times that would push people away from it. I can imagine a dumbed down puzzle game, or maybe it'd take a Link's Crossbow Training approach, but focus on touch screen controls? I dunno. I'm not exactly a fan of mobile games, and never really sink my time into them, so a Zelda game, which is usually a time sink for me, on mobile doesn't really appeal to me.
I don't like playing mobile games either but if they were to do it I'd rather it be a free download and non canon.

I will never put money towards a mobile game but I would hate to miss out on a Zelda title, especially if it was canon and they went the route of Super Mario Run with a fee to download the full game.

It will definitely happen, of that I am sure. Nintendo have a proper mobile division now so Zelda mobile will happen.

As for what it could be... no idea.

Maybe a game based on Wind Waker where like in Pokemon go tou have to walk around when you travel, Link travels on his boat and different islands could be like PokeStops with different items that would let you pass certain obstacles.... i don't know.

I would totally want a non canon spin pff off though so i dont have to play it.
Jan 1, 2019
I will never put money towards a mobile game[..]
Why not? I have no problem paying for a (mobile) game as long as the price is fair. We already have way too much free to play games with 45 second ads every 1 minute of game play, and with 5 lives that you can buy extra if you do not want to wait 2 hours before you can continue playing...

Maybe I'd have a better grasp of the idea once we see things like the new Mario Kart mobile game that's supposed to be coming soon[..]
My best guess: auto-throttle and steering/drifting by tilting the phone itself. It has been done by multiple other racing games and works quite well for these kind of racing games which do not require precise steering or any breaking.

For a Zelda game, you could either go with an on-screen dpad - which sucks and Nintendo knows this so they will not do this - or with touch-style movement like animal crossing. The latter option would not give us the precision required to play a proper Zelda game. And we would still need some on-screen controls for sword and bombs etc. which I feel would only work if we returned to the NES-style Zelda where "A" would be the left side of the screen and "B" would be the right side.

On the other side, people are playing Fortnite on their phones and somehow find that playable, so, yeah...

A non-canon spin-off would make more sense to me. We already have had Link's Crossbow Training. Heck, if you can come up with a pokemon typing course on the Nintendo DS, everything is possible! Maybe Navi that replaces Siri/Alexa or something crazy like that...

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