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Boss Battles

Jul 22, 2011
do any of you guys think that like when they release the next zelda game not skyward sword the next won they should add like where you could do all the boss battles right after each other like queen gohma king dodogo and so right after beat them so like a boss run what you think please reply comment

mr luigi dude

i think it would be cool to have a boss battle game where it is like boss after boss
Aug 17, 2011
Melbourne, Australia
didnt they have a boss gaulet in one of the ocarina remakes? maybe MQ?

anyway i do enjoy when bosses are replayable like in MM you dont nessarily need guantlet type battle system but with replayable bosses you could do that if you wanted.

theres nothing better than kicking the behind of a boss you really struggled with with ease after you come back heaps better off
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harda toenail

In Wind Waker, you get to fight most of the former bosses over again towards the end of the game. Odd black and white graphics though.

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