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Game Thread Bok's Fantasy Book Mafia

Mellow Ezlo

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Dec 2, 2012
Early town lean on SMS. This is way different from Pen Mafia X in which he wasn't super present and made incredibly lazy reads.

I have a bit of catching up to do which will come after I wake up (again). I generally feel pretty good about a lot of the players atm which has me a little paranoid but it's still early.
It's too early to even meta read him so I'm wondering why you even bring this up, especially after pointing out you are anti-meta?
Tbh it was meant to be a bit and I mistakenly thought it would be read that way.

Morbid Minish

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I have some thoughts but I need to check some things first. But at the moment SMS and Tristan are sticking out to me. I'm not entirely sure if it's in a good or bad way yet. They're just piquing my interest.

Chevy had some posts a bit back, the ones about it being his fault if he were mislynched, which actually sounded pretty genuine. Especially the post replying to Rag asking why it would be his fault and not the ones misreading him where he said because he got himself into the situation of being misread. I feel like scum is more likely to shift blame off of themselves, and town is more likely to feel bad for playing in a way to make town mislynch them.


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I don't have meta
my sides

I ultimately agree with your overall perception of the Chevy - Mikey - Johnny interactions, but your mentioning of paranoia got me thinking; I'm admittedly a touch paranoid of ExLight this game. The last two games where I tried to get more involved ultimately ended in a victory for ExLight and his merry band of cool friends, so I'm feeling a bit cautious; yet once again not having any major impressions of his work so far.
hi uwu
I see that exnoia is kicking in (:
catching up with the thread now but so far I haven’t got many things pinging me so I’m not sure what to say
kinda annoyed at me being the leading wagon and all votes either being rvs or jokes but not too desperate yet because we still have like two days
god how i missed 72h+ day phases

I’ve been going back and forth on Chevy because while he seems quite scummy I can see probably see him doing that as town. On one hand I don’t really remember him tunneling before and if anything it goes against his self proclaimed meta of “flipflop a lot”, but on the other hand the push just seems so nonsensical (based pretty much on superstition) that I feel inclined to see it kinda as townie? I feel like if he was being coached he’d have better guidance than that lol.

I feel like the Chevy discussion might be a dead end because beginners are usually harder to read due to their unpredictability and tendency to get experimental so idk if I really want to waste much energy here

It's too early to even meta read him so I'm wondering why you even bring this up, especially after pointing out you are anti-meta?
I kinda like this post
has punch to it

We'll see how things progress though. I'm not fetting anything from Ex's posts just yet
yea sorry umu
i commented mido’s similar feelings here

Interesting. Mikey-Mezlo scumbuds?
you might want to try making a rainbow list so you realize how fast you might be jumping ahead of yourself lol
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Mikey the Moblin

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Aug 31, 2014
southworst united states
lol no they don’t
he still hasn’t rolled scum and based on other games he’s likely to sheep stronger players, so assuming he’d let himself be coached is perfectly fair
"hey chevs don't make an association between mikey and mezlo too early it'll look weird"
no lol are you kidding me

someone can read as being coached and maybe you can pick up on that at times but making a read on the absence of coaching is just so nonsense I really can't get behind that at all


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"hey chevs don't make an association between mikey and mezlo too early it'll look weird"
no lol are you kidding me
coaching is used to prevent these weird looking things from even happening in the first place lol

“you could scumread x for y reasons” and “step back a bit, there’s too much heat on you” are some things I could see a veteran scum telling him that he’s clearly not doing lol


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Sep 29, 2020
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Based on what exactly?
Mez pretended like he was gonna townread Mikey but said "It's meta, and that ain't like me so I won't!" I feel like that "haha, what if you're town not really though" is a scum tactic.
his self proclaimed meta of “flipflop a lot”
That you talked me out of tyvm

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