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Game Thread Bok's Fantasy Book Mafia


Jun 19, 2010
Forgot to do this.


Vote: Libk

Not that it really matters now, since I just got ninja'd by two votes lol.


Jun 19, 2010
Kirino you are here, thoughts?
It's not something I especially like either. I would generally assume that scum would avoid instantly jumping on the end of a bandwagon that already seemed sure to win out, and I'm not really sure why he would as scum. At the same time, I'm uncomfortable giving such blatantly anti-town behavior a pass just because of that, even if I'm still town reading him overall.

I'm increasingly skeptical of Rag being scum given how quickly her wagon took off near the end, but I think her flip (assuming she gets lynched) will at least give decent info.


Jun 19, 2010
aaaaa 5 pages to read
do I get a tl;dr while I catch up?
There was a near tie between Rag and Libk, then the Rag wagon quickly came out ahead. Chevy instantly sheeped SMS and voted Rag with no real reasoning, and now people are suspecting him and might lynch him.

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aaaaa 5 pages to read
do I get a tl;dr while I catch up?
Aaaaa Ex hold me!

tl;dr I kinda pushed Min we had a back and forth and I feel better about Min than I did before. Min and Rag talked Rag's own meta, Rag did some wifom after saying she feels her play so far does align with her own scum game. I ISO'd Rag, was left agreeing with Min and Kirino that Rag hasn't doneanything spectacular or even in townie interest. Then Chevy ninja's and sheeps my ISO to vote Rag.


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Jul 12, 2011
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Oh. Well, either way, I don't like calling myself town, it just feels like scum covering their butt.

You go look at my post just after you asked for an explanation
In my mind, you should never call yourself town, it should always be obvious.

I misunderstood what you wanted an explanation on.

I don't like these posts, because imo town players should always be willing to say "I am Town" or some variation of that. Yes, mafia would want to say it too, but Town should just have no issue saying it.

Then again, this comes from a PoV that has played with roles where saying as much matters quite a bit.
Just to add a bit of enlightenment, Libk did the same thing in his last game, kind of gave up and self-voted and it looked really scummy, I was like so sure he was going to flip red, but he was town.
Yeah I was attempting something that I've made work in other games. Still not sure why, after pointing out many pretty decent tells, no one went after Mikey but that game is in the past. That said it's partially why I liked Mikey point out Chevy ignoring questions, though those have been answered.

  1. Rubik - null
  2. Mellow Ezlo - null
  3. Mikey the Moblin - town lean
  4. ExLight - null
  5. Spiritual Mask Salesman - null
  6. Johnny Sooshi - scum lean
  7. Chevywolf30 - town lean
  8. Morbid Minish - town lean
  9. Pen - null
  10. Libk - Town
  11. Kirino - scum lean
  12. Mido - null
  13. Ragnarokio - null
I don't think I've seen enough to really say anything string about anyone at this point. On a scale of 1 - 10, if 5 is null, 1 is scum, 10 is town, and of my lean reads are currently either a 6 or a 4. Just slightly in those directions.

I'm getting slight flashbacks to jojo with Mikey, could be the playstyle, but it's different enough this time and Mikey doesn't seem to be repeating or ignoring players like that game which pinged me early on. In fact, pointing out Chevy was a good mark in my book.

Johnny Sooshi is pinging me really weird right now and I'm not entirely sure why. There seems to be a lot of non commital posts coming from Johnny since the first 24 hours of the phase. Even his vote on me seemed really non committed and he said as much in his post voting me. I don't like it, it smells fishy.

I think Chev seems to be experimenting with a more forward playstyle with more posts and trying to get information. Even if they turn out to be scum later down the line, for now I like this even if I don't like the posts coming, but willing to let them get some more experience. I think it's more likely they're a new player trying something new as town.

Minish I just have a town lean on but it's hard to read minish for me. For now I like the posts from minish.

Kirino is also pinging me in the same way that Sooshi is. Seems very non commital and doesn't really want to jump on anything, though in this case the vote on me seems jumping on a potentially easy wagon.


I checked up on posts that came in while I was typing this and wow there's quite a bit here. I actually feel less good about Chevy after that vote and then the follow up reasoning. Especially when someone else stated earlier in the thread that scum like to point at their scumminess as a way to try and prove they're town. I don't recall who said that but I agree with this and don't like how quick Chevy voted.

I'll go ahead and do this.

Vote: Chevywolf30

I was willing to think maybe they were town trying some new playstyle out, but now it kind of feels like excited new scum. Putting Rag to L1 is crazy.

I'm also a little sus of Pen and Mido, though I like Mido's few posts. Pen has basically said nothing. They're null reads for me but I'd like to see more from at least Pen. I don't really care for day one either, but this one got serious quick. At least something from Pen in the form of serious post would be nice.

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