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Blogs only for adults

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Because of how the blogs are managed as their own forums due to the loss of a proper blog add-on, the most that I believe can be done is requesting some viewing permissions and restrictions on your own blog section. Unfortunately it would have to be all done manually, unless there is a way to have a hidden usergroup made that checks the age listed on your birthdate, and then only have that usergroup able to view the section.

Though that's all hypothetical about how implementation would work, though I'm not sure how necessary it is for an age restriction. The Mature Discussion board is viewable to all signed in members and if the topics are too heavy for someone, regardless of age, they can page off (or even request their access to be revoked).


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We don't have the ability to age restrict certain forums or blogs. When writing blogs or forum posts it is best to keep in mind that people of all ages are here.

If some of the content you are presenting such as videos contain frequent cursing (or some other content you feel doesn't break the forum rules but may not be completely appropriate for some younger people) you are able to place the video in a spoiler tag and give a language/content warning.

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