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Bizarre Self-Imposed Smashing Rules


Sage of Tales
Why, hello there, Zelda Dungeon. Sorry to disappoint you all, but I am still alive. *Evil grin.* I decided to return because I thought some of you might enjoy the sharing of some of the interesting self-imposed challenges and rules I've come up with of late for a certain already insane Nintendo game.

Unexpectedly got a Wii-U for Christmas, and even more unexpectedly, I got Smash Bros. as a gift and didn't have to buy it myself. It's kind of a gift for the household, actually... though the relation that got me the Smash Bros. got me a Link Amiibo. On screen, he's in the Fierce Deity outfit and I nicknamed him "Toki." (People who've read a certain weird fanfic of mine will know why).

Anyway, my people and I were Smashing yesterday, and we have all kinds of weird little "themes" we do to make our games interesting. My guy, his nephew and I do 3 players against a CPU and we do stuff like "All Swordmen!" "All people from hi-tech universes!" "All dark-characters!" "EVERYONE IS PINK!"

Well, in fiddling around with the 8-player Smash and finding out that, yes, I can play it one-player, I came up with a couple of "themes" for 8-player Smash. Maybe you've come up with the same thing? Maybe these ideas are new to you and can give you some fun?

So far, I only have two, I'm sure I'll come up with more:

The Seven-Nation Army: This is a challenge for one-player. You pick a character. Then you pick out CPUs one by one, each of the seven other characters representing a different "nation" - that is, a different game/game franchise. This is possible. And fun.

The Hunger Games: This can be played one-player or with other humans. You make "sets" of characters, one male "tribute" and one female "tribute" from different "Districts" (games/game franchises). Sadly, with only 8 players you only wind up with four districts and the limited array of female characters in Smash is also limiting, but it is possible. (Especially if you can chose a character's gender or can assume genders as with the Pokemon).

So, here are some stupid ways to have fun in Smash I've discovered.


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May 26, 2010
Hylian Champion
My self imposed Smashing rule for Smash Bros Wii U is to play any character vs LV9 Rosalina and Peach. It is the hardest thing I have ever done in the game so far, and that even includes facing people For Glory with 2s lag.


May 18, 2013
We always have the stage select to be on turns, so that everyone gets a chance to pick a stage.

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