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Beginning of the 9th TP manga, translated


Apr 16, 2021
Now, does this go in Media or here? I'm just gonna put it here and see what happens cus I'm not entirely sure.

Anyways, this was translated back in March, right after I read book 8. It's the first few pages of book 9, sourced mainly from the Japanese Amazon preview of it.
I used Jisho and Lexilogos to find the letters, and Google translate to translate them (with the exception of some of the Kanji, which is sometimes easier to research separately). I did a lot of "troubleshooting" when translating so it's as accurate as I could get it, but there was a panel or two that didn't really make sense so this may not be completely perfect. I guess we'll see when book 9 comes out over here (September 14).

Here's the link to the Google doc. There's a couple of things that were left unfinished, and I can't translate them now without my computer but the majority of it is done.

Please note that the manga is very different than the game and that there's spoilers for it here, so if you plan on reading the manga and don't want any spoilers then best to CTRL + W

If you're gonna comment anything related to this that mentions spoilers, please put a spoiler warning. Also, if you're talking about anything after these pages then I haven't seen it, so please let me know if that's the case before I click on it.

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