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Attempt to Be the Largest Thread in DGN History

LegoJKL said:
Here's a translation on the 3ds warnings.
1. Don't piss off the 3ds, or it will hypnotize you.
2. Don't let your 3ds charger wear necklaces.
3. The 3ds battery does not contain candy, so don't try opening it.
4. The 3ds will shoot lasers at your eyeballs.
5. The 3ds charger only works on older power outlets.
6. Do not trust your pet duck with your 3ds, as the 3ds is the duck's arch enemy.
7. No matter how many times the 3ds is thirsty, do not give it water.
8. The 3ds cleans q-tips.
9. Do not hurt your flowers.
10. Do not let your 3ds go tanning.
11. Do not try to sexually violate the 3ds.
12. The 3ds isn't a car, so don't try to put keys in it.
13. Do not let your 3ds fly in the air at a japanese airport.
14. Do not strangle the 3ds.
15. Do not put the 3ds in the printer, even if Paper Mario is what's being played.
16. The 3ds may be potentially dangerous.
17. Do not stick the 3ds in your anal glands.

Omigosh, I'm laughing so hard right now xDDD

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