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Apple or Android?


May 18, 2013
I prefer IOS. I never owned an android phone, and every time someone asks to do something on an android phone, I just never get it.
Oct 14, 2013
Android devices have great hardware. It's mostly good and does the job fine. It's the google made Android that is flawed. Every other device ships with a different version of the OS. Also I just don't like how the OS operates. It's just not fun to use. I'd like to see google totally remake android into something useable that all the devices can launch on. So you know you'll get the latest version of it when you but your device.

iOS on the other had became stale and stagnant when Scott Forstall was booted from Apple. He was the noose around the neck of iOS. Him gone allowed iOS to modernise itself and now it's a rather solid platform. The only downside is many people want to create content on iOS. In ways that it is not really designed for. iOS is best for consuming content, not creating it so much. The ecosystem here is the real winner.

Android cause of the multiple hardware vendors just don't have the one unified, bug free, exploit free ecosystem it needs to have to be a very good OS. As much as it kills competition, I do with the smaller android device makers die. That way the fewer larger android device makers can have devices that are more compatible with each other and compitable with the latest versions of Android. Google could have back in the day, pitched their OS to MS and exclusively been an MS device OS. That way you'd have the full MS software ecosystem, a lot less device fragentation and both google and mS would have benefited.


Hello Sweetie!
Jun 18, 2011
I have to go with Apple with this one. I absolutely see how Android is superior in many ways if you go into the technical specs and all that, but I've simply had a better and more streamlined experience with Apple products (though I seriously hate Macs - only had bad experiences with those). Yes, the batteries aren't removable and that sucks, and the battery performance will eventually mean I'll have to upgrade to a new product (though for me personally, I think I will end up upgrading for other reasons before the battery would force me to), and there is really no way to add extra storage to the device.

However, the last Android phone I had (Samsung Galaxy 2) was constantly running out of space, I could put almost nothing on the 16 Gig memory card I had added, because it needed to be stored on the phone's internal storage in order to run. The interface was clunky in some ways, and I felt like I was always searching through everything to find the particular setting or folder I needed, and the google app store just wasn't doing it for me.

Moving over to the iphone just made things easier in many ways, and made extra sense for me to do because I already owned an ipad (and ipod before that), and could share my purchases between the devices. I like the app store better, I find the settings easier to navigate, I have not yet had trouble with storage like I had on my old android phone, in general I just find it to be a better experience.

Matt, I can agree with you that for a lot of people it's probably a lot about status, though not all who use the brand names actually do it to get status, it just becomes a natural thing to say because it's what it is. I think the reason people aren't doing the same thing on the other side of the spectre is because there are so many different brands involved under the same umbrella. I think people specify Mac because the Mac experience is different than the PC experience because you are dealing with a completely different OS, meaning you're generally dealing with different software than people expect when you say computer or laptop. And it's the same with ipod, ipad and iphone, it's a different OS than people expect when you say phone, different app store than people expect, and so forth. If people say tablet, you will generally assume android, because in our minds ipad is differencified from tablet, even though both are a tablet product.


Fuzzy Pickles
Mar 27, 2015
United States
Apple is the superior product if you aren't some pompous wanna-be techie. If you simply want a phone that works, has an extremely user-friendly interface, connects to your other devices, file sharing, etc., Apple is the way to go.

I've never called my phone my "iPhone™" instead of "my phone". So, @Matt, sorry, but not all Apple fans are like that.

Ok, so now let's get serious. If someone someone were able to put iOS on a Samsung, I would get that in a heartbeat. I hate the iPhone. The quality of Apple products used to be far far superiour to anything the competition could churn out, but the last two iterations of iphone that I've owned have been awful. I've had a few hardware problems with my current iphone, and I had a REAL bad one with my last one. Everyone did, to the point that Apple fixed the phones for free.

But the software is better on Apple products. I stand by what I said earlier about pompous wanna-be techies. If you want to do all kinds of "cool" techie crap on your phone, yeah, go Android. But for those of us without as much free time, that just want a product that is easy to use and works, iOS is the better operating system. Same with computers. OSX is a far better operating system than Windows, unless you want to hack stuff. But if you want it to work, not crash, and not ask you 10000x if it's ok if a basic function occurs, then OSX is the way to go.

Non-phone Apple products are more reliable than the competition, they are easier to use, the end. I don't code, I don't hack, I don't download 100s of apps, so I use Apple. The fact that I can start a paper on my iMac, then finish it on my MacBook or my iPad is incredibly convenient. The fact that I can start reading an article on my iPad and finish it on my MacBook is also convenient. I understand that you can probably do that now with other operating systems, but as far as I know (and feel free to correct me if I'm wrong on this), iOS/OSX was the first to do this.

But the phone hardware on Apple phones has gone downhill. I also hate that new iPhones come out every 4 months. I take care of my stuff, and Apple products last a long time, so I've no time for silly things like upgrading my phone every year. It's absurd.
Dec 16, 2014
Milwaukee WI
half centaur
Android because Apple is one of the least respectable companies out there to me. I love how people criticize Sony for proprietary products when they aren't nearly as bad as Apple.
May 7, 2015
I can pretty much confirm what Matt's saying by stuff I run into at work. Not all iPhone users buy it for the picture of the fruit on the back...but a lot of them do.

And "superior" is highly subjective, especially the way folks use it. The reason iPhone "just works" is because it is locked down and there is only one real change in hardware configuration every year. You don't have other manufacturers making their own versions or interfaces. Some would argue that the extra manufacturer modification/customization is the strength of Android. It's all in how you perceive it.

Me personally, I'm a Windows Phone user, so I probably don't apply here. But if I had to choose, I'd go Android. Why? I don't see any OLED screens coming from the Apple side. :)

Viral Maze

Verb the adjective noun
Feb 5, 2010
My one biggest gripe about my iPhone: custom ringtones. I get Apple is pushing their own software, so I have to use iTunes to place music or files onto my phone (as far as I know), but selecting a song as a custom ringtone adds way too many unnecessary hurdles. Its like a 10 step process per song/tone, and leaves me with double files. One for the original song, and another for the ringtone version.

We put a man on the moon 47 years ago people, setting a custom ringtone should be more streamlined by now.


Sep 19, 2011
V2 White Male
The hardware itself is too expensive for me. Too scared to even try the software as I've had nothing but headaches with iTunes throughout the years. Maybe it's me being awful as usual with software but a few years back I somehow managed to synchronise my video game sound folder to my iPod, next time I went to listen to some tune I heard grunts, gun noises and car engines from Vice city. My only real experience with apple is iPods.
Jun 3, 2011
Android, because iPhones are way too expensive and like many Apple products, you're paying for the brand more than you are the device itself. Although my mother did win a free iPhone 6S from her job.


I play my drum for you
Jan 30, 2011
Tangent Universe
I currently have an iPhone, but I very much prefer the mindset of Android. Being more open to collaboration and externalization, offering more memory space on our phones, and the like. As a consumer, I feel that Android turns out the better product.
Oct 1, 2016
I find Android so much better than Apple. One main reason is that Apple tries to force you to upgrade your device. I, and I know multiple other people, have updated an "outdated" device to the latest and last version of the OS for the device, and the update makes the device unusable. It becomes incredibly slow, and the battery suddenly lasts not even an hour.


Captain Kick-ass
Oct 5, 2016
When I upgraded to my most recent phone, the guy that sold it to me described the difference as"Apple is for people who want a phone that does don't computer stuff, Android is for people who basically want a PC in their pocket."
I think that sums it up fairly well, and in addition, the newest iPhone's hardware is significantly outclassed by my Droid Turbo, now about three years outdated. Plus my battery doesn't explode. : P

Roger Rad

The Fabulous One
Oct 6, 2016
2 out of 2 android phones I had got their support and updates dropped about 3 months after I bought them. That was the point for me to switch to iOS. 2+ years of support and updates? No problem, yo! Although I think I'd like the Android interface more.

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