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Anyone Want to Battle?

May 11, 2012
Colorado Springs
I have been really wanting to battle and try out my team. So is anyone interested? I prefer a battle that is all out with no restrictions or clauses. So bring your very best. Few things to note that I will not allow moves on a Pokemon they can't actually learn, and stats for a Pokemon that arent possible. I also prefer a team not full of legendaries, but I would be ok if you want all legendaries. Everything else is fair game. Anyway though bring your very best, and I look forward to our battle. Oh and I call winning. XD


1st: What game? Really, all I have right now that is battle-worthy is my White.
2nd: Even though I've played pokemon for 7 years now, I still am a beginner when it comes to real competitive battling, so don't expect this epic battle, though I am learning more.
3rd: What times are you available, and which time zone?

I would love to battle against someone. I too, a team I am working on.
FC for White is: 4126 9785 8893
If not, then I do have my heartgold with limited battle-ready pokemon, but could still fight...
And to be honest, I'm not much of a "Using legends for all my fights" kind of person. I like to train them, but just for collection mainly.
Hope to battle you soon! :)

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