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Ocarina of Time Am I the Only One?


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Jul 8, 2012
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Am I the only person who found the Forest Temple really freaking creepy? I hear people talk about the temple in the graveyard as creepy, and I am by no means denying that it was, but something about the forest temple really freaked me out. It freaked me out probably more than the graveyard temple.

I honestly couldn't shake the feeling of complete isolation in this place, maybe it was the music or the worn-down, over-grown scenery, but it felt so... isolated and empty. Even with Navi around, I felt totally alone and it was pretty unsettling to me.

Did you find the place unsettling too? Or am I just weird?
Mar 15, 2013
The forest temple was a little freaky for me, but not because the reasons you stated, the wallmaster freak me out :p

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I actually really liked the unsettling feeling of the Forest Temple. The eeriness and isolation of the temple set the mood really well. It gave the feeling of something unexpected around each corner. The Poes, the Stalfos, the Bubbles, the Wallmasters, the music, the atmosphere and appearance of the temple, and even the falling ceiling in that one room all combined to give the Forest Temple an unforgettable feeling of anticipation and eeriness. I was definitely unsettled by it, but I enjoyed that feeling, and I really enjoyed the dungeon.


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Jun 15, 2012
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I think the music played a big part in the Forest Temple's creepiness. Those scary voices in the background of the poes....
Not to mention that twisted up corridor and the falling ceiling.
Yeah, I agree, the place has a strange, abandoned feeling to it, but I wouldn't say it scared me too much.


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Nov 8, 2009
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The whole creepiness of the Forest Temple was very atmospheric and quite good. The music puts the tone in the right direction and the whole dungeon seems to be crafted like a haunted mansion fo sorts. I absolutely love the art and design in the temple.

The Forest Temple also gives a good start to the whole adult idea. The childhood dungeons were a little more standard and per say "childish". The threats are much more menacing. The dungeon is sort of saying to us that "Hey, this just got real."


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Jun 18, 2011
You're definitely not the only one. The Forest temple is extremely eerie, and the whole wallmaster hanging over you and grabbing you if you stand still too long :S


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Jan 16, 2013
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I always thought of it as more weird than creepy. Its not trying to frighten you. Its just trying to entertain you with its amazing puzzles and creative atmosphere. The shadow temple is where the scare is.


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Feb 25, 2013
I didn't find it as much creepy as intriguing when I first went through it. The wallmasters and the Poes moving through the pictures are really the only things in there that creep me out.
I like the ambience. Just the right amount of mystery and caution, which was what I was feeling when I first entered all those years ago.
it was pretty unsettling and rather unlike any other dungeon in the game and having to go through it right after 'growing up' made it seem like something very off-kilter and different in a tense way where you really didn't know what was coming. Pretty effective. =]


Jul 1, 2012
In terms of a Zelda game? Definitely, this was probably one of the darker dungeons of the series, maybe to an extent one of the darkest settings. You have this theme of a what seems to be an abandoned mansion lost hidden deep within the forest, literally in the middle of nowhere, just the location and surroundings were kinda creepy. Inside who had this creepy theme of a haunted setting but also this forest theme, which made it seem like the place was abandoned and now taken over by the surrounding nature.

Of course the enemies of the dungeon directly relate to the more creepy enemies of the franchise; Poe's, wolfos, bubbles, stalfos, redeads etc. Then we have the main boss being Phantom Ganon, in my opinion this was definitely one of the darker creepier boss fights of the series. The whole idea of rushing to aim at Phantom Ganon made the boss fight really intense and this added to the whole creepy theme of the enemies/bosses.

For me though one of the most important ways that a setting or dungeon can get across its message to the player is through the music theme and the atmosphere that it creates. The dungeon theme of the Forest Temple was definitely one of the most memorable tracks in the series, it created this intense feeling of being lost and puzzled at the same time. It created this deep atmosphere which gave you the sense of being in the current situation Link was in, he was indeed exploring a creepy dungeon deep within the dark forest, riddled with dark corridors and creepy enemies of the dead. Overall the music just added to the eery atmosphere of the entire dungeon, so definitely in respect to Zelda games this was one of the more creepier settings.

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