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A Story of Hyrule (!!!!!!!!VOTING ENDS AUGUST 15TH!!!!!!!!!)

Oct 22, 2010
Ok, before I start, ther are a few rules...:

1.) Don't be nasty!!(like, perverty)
2.) Don't swear!! (cuss/curse)
3.) Be nice!! (unless it's absolutely necessary for the game)
and most of all...
HAVE FUN!!!! (yeah! XD)

Alright, the characters are as follows:

Benett (Me, Linkanon)
Oshawott (Eisu)

If you want to be a character, you may only be 1, you must give your username, and you must give a good description of why you want to be that character and why you think you would be good as that boy/girl. For example:

I'm Linkanon and I would like to be Link.

I want to be Link because he is a brave hero, and would do anything to save Hyrule! I think he's a very determined, brave kid, and I think I would be great as him because I am just like him: I'm very brave and adventurous. For example, one time I (insert short story that has something to do with you and why you want to be that character here)!

Thank you, and I hope you pick me!

It will be a hat-draw thing the voting is close September 1st.Also, my character will be Benett (A.K.A. Ben or Benny), Link's cousin, who I created and I'm making a sort of comic series about, and he's the "boy" and the "creature" is Oshawott. Whoever want to be Oshawott/whoever gets chosen, you will be my pet. So... yeeeah... I hope you all vote and have fun. Here's the story (again, voting endsSeptember 1st)...

Benett yawned. He sat up in bed and looked out the window into Satu City. "Wake up, Eisu! We're gonna go to the Tennis Courts early!" Benett's Oshawott opened one eye from his little bed next to Benett's bed. "Osha...wott?" Oshawott (or "Eisu" as Benett called him. no one knows why he does, but some people think it's a mix os "Satu" and "Eiji"). Benett got out of bed and got dressed in his tennis clothes and tennis shoes. He went out to his garage and grabbed his tennis racket nd tennis balls. Then, Eisu and Benett walked over to their neighborhood tennis courts. It was Sunday, so it was completely empty. "Alright, Eisu! Let's practice over there! Wait- who's that over there?" Benett pointed to a blue van and a white Tahoe. Seven farmilliar people stapped out of the cars. "Hey! Benett!" called Benett's friend Megan. "Hey, Megan! What're you guys doin' here?" "We wanted to hang out! So, out mom's took us here for a little while!" Benett's friend Max replied. "Sweet! How'd you know I'd be here?" Benett asked. "Oh come on, dude. You come here almost every day!" Cassie said. "Good point..." Benett saw a flash in the corner of his eye. He turned his head. "Benett, look out!" Jeniffer called. A pair of hands were coming out of a portal in the middle of the tennis court. They weren't gruesome and slimy like you'd expect, though: they were fine and about the same size as Benett's. "Wha- aaah!" Benett tried to pull away, but the hands were to small. "Benett!" his friends called. They all ran towards the portal and jumped in, just before it closed.


When Benett and friends woke, they were in a garden. "Wh-where am I?" Benett turned his head and saw his friends awake. "Er, where are WE?" Link turned his head the other way. A young girl about his age was standing on the steps. "Hello." she said. Benett saw her hands: the same ones that grabbed him. "Wh-who are you?" Benett stood up. "Why did you take us here?" "Actually, you're friends and pet jumped in themselves, but I am deeply sorry that I took you here." the girl replied. "Where IS here, exactly?" Benett eased up on the girl. He felt bad getting all mad like that. "I'm sorry, I've been rude. I've forgotten to introduce myself! Welcome to Hyrule, I am Princess Zelda."


And this is where all of us make up the rest! I hope you all have fun!


P.S. I'll give you A warning if you break a rule. If you break the same rule or another, I give you you're final warning. If you break any more rules, you're out of the game. Sorry, no exceptions.
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Graphic Designer
Feb 22, 2011
Hi, i'm zeldahuman and i would like to be Link.

Why you might ask? Well, i just so happen to have alot of courage and i love a good adventure! I'm simple-minded, don't talk much, and i really like helping people in need. Like, i remeber one time i ventured DEEP into the woods behind my old elementary school. I found an abandoned house as well as a fire-pit (which looked like it was recently used).

Anyway, i hope you pick me!
Oct 22, 2010
Well, (I hope) you're my friend, and I'll consider you while I get more entries(hopefully).
Jul 28, 2011
Tampa, Florida
Waz up, I'm ZeldaHunter and I would like to be Ganon/Ganondorf. Why? Well, we all know I am the most epic guy in the world :P So if I were Ganondorf I could crush Link at my will... Yeah okay the real reason is, I've always been a fan of him because of his personality and how he never gives up in trying to stop Link... even after failing at least 5 times. I fail a lot in trying to crush my oponet Ben after he stole my the girl of my dreams (sorry getting off topic) but I could never actually confront him or say anything... I tried and failed at least 5 times. So yep I hope you choose me :)
Oct 22, 2010
I'll consider you! Well, I can almost guaruntee I won't get very many comments... but I'm hoping!! If I dont get enough votes (as long as every character is filled, I'm fine), I'll made the deadline September 1st.
Oct 22, 2010
Ok, vthe end of voting (er, applying, I should really change that...) has been moved to September 1st. So... yeah.


Black Cat Royalty
Jun 22, 2011
On An Adventure
Hiya, and I'm Medli, who surprised herself in wanting to play as Link.

I would like to be Link because I feel Link is really a true inspiration. He fights for what he knows is right, always unafraid to risk his life for others. He always has such natural skill with a sword. He also is humble and like in WW when all the girls' fathers never knew he saved them, he never told them.(although I guess he didn't have an option...XD) An example would be.....um....well....I can't exactly give a story to match up to what link has done for the world. I can just say I've stood up for my friends a lot, and I'm most definitely not afraid to help, speak out, or stand out. I really hate the 'populars' who never know the end of school matters. It's just a freaking phase, like Link's life, in a way. So...yeah. Alrighty then. :D


Flirtatously Flirty
Aug 13, 2011
Hello, I am Nayru~Water Goddess. I wish to be Princess Zelda.

I love her appearance in Twilight Princess. She had great Leadership qualities, and had a sincere persona. I have great respect for her (She is after all, the care-taker of MY Triforce peice. . .) Although, Zeld ahas had some flaws in her past, she has helped with the sacred Bow and Arrow of Light. (that's a freaking awsome weapon!) i wouldn't mind having to hide form Ganondorf, I would enjoy wearing skin-tight clothing, and being dressed as a Sheikah. Please accept my offer on Zelda, Royal Princess of Hyrule. . .

Oct 22, 2010
alright, I will consider you both! :D also, please (this goes for EVERYONE!)dont try to be bennett, thats me.

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