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Breath of the Wild A Main Playable Character Besides Link?


Nov 21, 2012
Yes yes!!
I would like to play as Impa, always have or maybe Zelda. Always thought they looked so cool and would be bada with a sword! :)


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Feb 8, 2011
Yeah, I don't really understand why Link is the only one who can defeat evil. If another villain takes the place of a prior oppressor and Link's incarnation isn't anywhere to be found, does that mean that nobody else will ever be able to take down the evildoer? That Hyrule's denizens would have to live in fear and doubt for years as they await the next Link?

It'd be amazing if Nintendo broke traditions with Link just once [to see how it goes] and replace him with an unexpected hero of sorts. All the while the land would be in turmoil, the fear evident towards almost anyone, and this character would accomplish tasks to help them overcome their apprehensions--as a system of voluntary sidequests of course. In this way he or she would be like Link, but not him exactly. And they would mainly set off to explore Dungeons, gather items, and ultimately face off against the antagonist, as before.
Nov 1, 2012
... instead of Link having to settle some family crisis, why not take on some other character to handle the crisis themselves?

I always wondered why Link was so nosy in OoT, always walking into other people's houses and then later solving their personal problems. If I were those NPCs I would be totally creeped out by Link. XD
Jul 1, 2011
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New char as main.: Never worked well before(Mario GBA sports games, Tales of Symphonia Dawn of te New World, etc.) but they migt get it rigt this time.
Female Link: Don't really see ths point of changing the gender, except for some romantic filler crap, or fanservixe.

Great idea. Play as Gnondorf. Destroy world. Laugh.


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Jul 7, 2012
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You should be able to play as... DEKU DRAHSID! (Or atleast that weakling compared to deku drahsid, deku link)

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